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  1. We had him trying to host and only I could connect the other 2 couldnt, we also had another person try to host and he couldnt connect.
  2. Hello tenno, My friends and I have the following problem. 3 Of us (including me) can connect just fine to each other whilst the 4th one cant connect, sometimes when he tries he will join the ingame squad but then even without pressing anything leaves the group. On his screen it doesnt say he is connected to us, all it says is "please wait". When we are trying to connect to him it only seems to work for me and my other 2 friends get the notification that they failed to join his session. He is from the uk same as another person in our friend group and has all his settings the same as we do, so I dont know what it could be that makes him disconnect, is there anybody that can help please? As he just got the game to play with us, I would love to keep him on it. Edit: He tried verfying and optimizing the game, restarting it as well. He has the launcher via steam.
  3. I was farming with a group ESO when we noticed that everytime we hit Zone 6 one or 2 of us gets stuck in the door and arent able to move away from either, nothing worked to get out, tried abilities and void dashing. How it looked when I got stuck: How it looked when someone else got stuck:
  4. I've noticed whenever I've been playing with a vauban since the rework that his second ability causes my game to have fps drops. No other Action / Ability in the game does this to me. I was wondering if there as a way to get around it till its fixed or if anybody else is experiencing this?
  5. okay it works with something else just the prisma one is borked 😞
  6. yeah I tried multiple times on different days
  7. I tried logging in and out again. Is there anything else I can do to try and change it? fiy I changed my pic like a couple months ago.
  8. Would love to also have this on orb vallis btw, not just cetus.
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