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  1. can you hotfix the persistent "electric malfunction" in Railjack A.S.A.P? its not only messed up UI inside Railjack, It also messed up UI outside Railjack, aka on ground mission.
  2. I have one converted kuva lich as an experiment. he was at rank 5 when converted, 5,5k shield, 15k health he has a kuva nukor with 26% magnetic bonus damage I was hoping that he can wipe out boarders, so I pair him with 2 engineer crews. so I go to void storm in veil proxima, 2 missions, all dissapointing. my dissapointment: 1. he has so low damage on his weapons and his abilities. when I came back from ground mission, there still a bunch of boarders, and my engineers are all bleeding out, so I have to revive my engineers and clear out boarders, to save the m
  3. Kuva Lich as Railjack Crew need immediate hotfix. As for now they are very very weak 1. Their weapons are very weak 2. Their abilities are very weak 3. They cannot heal over time and after several boarding attack they dies instantly without bleeding out time. And they are much more expensive to get compared to syndicate crews. So if their competency only as defender, at least make them useful, not useless as they are now.
  4. Thanks for the Hotfixes. I hope you guys fix the missing subsumed warframe flowers as soon as possible. I have subsumed 20 warframes, and only got 19 flowers, so 1 flower is missing somewhere in the helminth room
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