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  1. Hopefully we will get a polished version in episode 2 , less grind more fun and challenging . The rewards must worth the time and effort cause after all it is an activity that personalize the free to play model that Warframe known of its fair well rounded version of .
  2. Are we gonna see a hint at whats coming in the new night wave ? Probably not
  3. Hopefully the upcoming dev stream will address some of the long standing issues such as the lack of interesting fun to play lore involving events that gone from the game and never came back even as a codex entry
  4. Clan Name : TENNO HOOD Clan Tier : Storm Clan Clan Platform : PS4 Clan Role : Founding Warlord My PS4 Account : GameHood82 I started decorating the dojo since I created the clan last April 2018 . Working on expansions here and there so the work still in progress . Thanks for the opportunity . Best wishes for everyone .
  5. Hopefully that will refresh the desert that Warframe became on consoles nowadays .
  6. Well after 2200+ hours play time , I'm pretty sure i understand the system , do u ? Jumping up to seek justice for some youtubers out there who just want some content to make videos about is a bit naive . Locking content behind login system is not healthy practice for any game , but seeing DE trying to improve this system and make this content more accessible for more players is of course a welcomed change .
  7. Looking forward to it , and i hope them Youtubers and some of the partners stop nagging about it and misleading there subscribers . Its called progress with a system that holds back unique items in the game behind logging tribute that doesn't mean u play the game at all so any update to this system is welcomed . Let ur ego aside for once folks will ya .. Thx again DE
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