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  1. The reason I mention it being potentially overpowered is because if you can both be healing yourself and at the same time make yourself invulnerable at the press of a button, that seems to me like it'd be too powerful in a balance perspective. Like I said, I certainly wouldn't mind, but to say there's no synergy I disagree with. It's true that meathook and shieldmaiden don't have a cross synergy, but both have synergies with ironbride. Shield maiden has multiple synergies. First is the damage increase, second is the lifted status which works like a cheaper, quicker firing line i
  2. I find the dislike that some vent at bonewidow rather weird. The only point I would really agree with here is that sure, if you want to wield both her shield and use meathook at the same time, I don't really have anything against it, though honestly it's more of a disadvantage doing that than it would be a benefit. The only time it'd make sense is if you've got someone skewered and need sudden emergency invulnerability, but that is rare and could be considered too powerful. The benefit of meathook is self heal, which combined with rage makes you able to sustain energy forever. Havi
  3. Well, the butt can now be recoloured alright, but the glass parts on the helmet now does not match. I personally really liked how it looked with the original colour and would prefer it staying that way, though I will take the difference if it just applied to the whole skin. With the helmet and body now mismatching it's a little disheartening. Really hope this'll be fixed one way or the other.
  4. So far hadn't had any issues, but yesterday I started subsuming Lavos and no flower has appeared. I tried to view from different angles and ranges and the only thing I could find is this abnormal glow behind one of the infested bulbs in the upper left corner. Could be the flower hidden in the wall as I found was suggested in other posts, though it's tough to tell whether it's actually the flower glow or just a random convergence of light and room fog.
  5. Intentionally no, I doubt that, but leading up to the orphix venom update, they made the helmet separately changeable and I think the old skins were missed since they'd need special consideration. The easiest fix would be to simply have the skins give the helmet as a separate item, instead of having to figure out special case coding. It happens for both day of the dead and the snake skin.
  6. Same goes for the day of the dead skin. A complication of moving the helmet to a separate cosmetic option I figure. A work around could be to simply make the skins also give a matching helmet.
  7. Turns out there's still bugs with necramechs (specifically the voidrig and the arquebex) losing all affinity. It happened in the cambion drift after being downed and forced to revive since my friend was bugged, locked into their necramech unable to use abilities and thus unable to exit to pull me off the ground (though I doubt it's related). Both my voidrig and arquebex had been polarized just prior to the mission and were thus at rank 0.
  8. Since the last few updates (placing it around the release of deimos: arcana) we've experienced a huge hang/lag when returning to the dojo from a mission. Doesn't matter if you're host or client and happens every time. It might possibly be related to loading in decoration objects as you can watch things loading in slowly as it coughs and chokes. It's easiest to see if you leave the mission summary immediately upon return, while other wise it might go less noticed, though it's still quite apparant.
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