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  1. Having an issue with pets, specifically kubrows though not sure if other pets are experiencing similar. Whenever I go to pet my pupper the first time during an orbiter session, her head freaks out, starts spinning around like something out of a horror movie with excessive motion blurring. Second time you pet all seems fine, but so far it's happened every single first time I go to pet her.
  2. I like the new loadout UI, it definitely makes it a lot easier to figure out which is which, but seeing as it's getting a revisiting there's one thing that I'm still missing and that's a way to reorder the list. I have a very specific order to my loadouts (primes on top, order by theme and relation to others rather than name, etc.) and whenever I need to add a new slot or upgrade a frame from regular to prime it results in me having to manually copy-to through half the list to move everything else around it proper. It would be lovely to finally be able to rearrange the default order in a more elegant manner, whether that be by drag and drop or with the addition of a pair of move up or down buttons.
  3. Yep, got this issue as well. Went to help Clem, did a few other missions while in the relay anyway then when returning to orbiter I found the mission was still in my alerts tab and I'd gotten no reward for its completion. I played the mission as host together with one other person, though not sure if that has any correlation to anything.
  4. Also adding on to what DeZaruu already said, the grove is a random chance to spawn, but there's a higher chance in longer missions (size, not duration). I barely ever find it in the early exterminate because it's so short, but I pretty much always find it in the sabotage. Just equip an apothic, then search around each room, avoid the objective until you're in its room so you know which way you haven't gone yet and once you enter the room that links up with the grove, Lotus will announce its presense.
  5. The daikyu's holster position appears broken in the lander and in relays when equipped with the ormolu skin. Rather than sit in its usual folded up position on the back it remains fully unfolded and sitting as though glued to your tail bone.
  6. And more to the wagon. Turns out that the sheath is also bugged when you view yourself in the arsenal. Facing forward looks fine, but the moment you turn yourself around there's suddenly a second sheath hovering behind the model in the air, displaced in weird ways to the actual character, which also lingers after you switch to a different loadout, appearing with the colouring of it as it appeared in the former.
  7. Helium barrels shot by a client does not visually move for the host, causing a visual desynch when client-end and host-end helium barrels are no longer in the same location.
  8. The sheath of the sepfahn nikana zaw disappears after the first hit upon entering a mission. This is the case for anyone seeing their own zaw, however if a client is using a nikana zaw, they will appear permanently without their sheath to the host regardless of whether they've used the weapon yet while on their own end they'll have it until they use the weapon once. To recreate, simply equip and enter a mission, look at weapon, then swing it.
  9. I reiterate again, please remove the "apply 3 forma" challenge as well as the "gild an item" challenge. Both of these challenges are counter productive to the game, encouraging inaction. Literally the only item that I have polarised since the last forma challenge of past nightwave is wisp, nothing else since then. I got 5 amps lying in my foundry waiting to be picked up just because a gild challenge might show up. Yes you're not forced to wait, but the moment you punish people for playing the game you're doing it wrong.
  10. While I appreciate the "play but not necessarily win" qualifier... please no... conclave is hard enough to stomach when you go in willingly, I really don't want to be forced to bite that toxic apple on a regular basis.
  11. A few concerns in response... 12 mod transmutations seems like too much for a mere daily, a weekly maybe but not daily. Having an act that directly references the use of your operator seems like it'd be rather spoilery for newer players who have not reached this point of the game yet. While the challenge is decent I would advice against this. Lastly, the only acts I truly had a problem with in this season were gild an item and burn arbitrary 3 forma. As I've noted previously in the feedback thread the first should not exist as it encourages not playing the content as for the second, same, though if you really want to keep it should be reduced to 1 forma. The result of this round of nightwave is that I've stopped entirely gilding anything because of the thread of a gild act screwing me over the day after and as for forma, I haven't applied a single forma in 3 weeks because I am waiting for these acts. Please remove these...
  12. Personally I'm fine with the itzal for the speed freaks out there, it's nice to have that as a fun option, though I personally stick to my amesha instead. They each have uses and that's a good thing, as do k-drives. For instance, k-drives might be slower, but you still get significantly higher speed than bullet jumping or sprinting while having the ability to maintain your ongoing abilities. If I for instance play equinox, I can move from point A to B without losing the accummulated bonus from my peaceful provokation augment. That is a significant benefit to the k-drives even if it doesn't apply as a necessary thing to a lot of frames. That being said I would like it changed in such a way that the k-drive is your initial introduction as it is now, then the archwing comes in and takes over speed wise, but then you should be able to mod your k-drive so that it's faster than the archwing, unless you're using hyperion thrusters. The reasoning for this is that if you want to mod your archwing to be super speed, that's fine, it's your choice and you should be rewarded, but you may have to give up something for it, in the form of a mod slot. Archwings have offensive uses, k-drives not so much, so modding for speed on a k-drive will naturally be more common and giving them an edge in the means of traversal. The problem right now is that even a full speed modded k-drive still doesn't hold up to the slowest archwing. Finally the itzal, you get the speed with it and that's fine, it's its thing. In exchange you may give up other benefits that you could get from other archwings, but that's the point. I don't see anything wrong with the itzal, however archwings in general should have more use to make them feel like the choice matter a bit more. Say for instance the amesha, if that could block the annoying AA missiles that keep knocking you down I think a few people would sacrifice the speed to avoid having to worry so much. Say the AA missiles are changed so that they expend 5 charges of the amesha's first and only when you run out do you actually get knocked down. As it is the other archwings just don't really have that much of a useful edge in open world and that to me seems more of a problem than the itzal's crazy speed.
  13. So, today I got an affinity booster, which is great because I have a few places I need a forma. Need to stick another in my lanka and both mesa and nyx needs one so they can have dual colours. Several of my zaws need a forma since I did not account for the sudden implementation of amalgamods, but the issue is that the booster is going to go to waste, because I know if I take advantage of it to do the work I should have done a week ago, which I put off for the same reason the booster will now go to waste, namely that if I do tomorrow there'll be a "use 3 forma" act on the nightwave. It's really demotivating that there's something like that potentially looming in the future, making you feel forced to do nothing, so that you may avoid the game laughing at you in 14 hours. Please DE, remove acts like this from the next season of nightwave. Please don't make acts which promotes inactivity, things like the forma act or the gild act. Alternatively if you really want to keep it, please reduce the forma act to just a single forma, it does the exact same, but feels like less of a slap in the face and excludes fewer people. The reduction of the ayatan act was a good move, I'd personally like to see it reduced to just two for the same reasoning, namely that it does the same as three, but wastes less time. As for the gild challenge, please just get rid of that entirely, as it is right now I'm sitting on 5 amps that I'd like to craft and would have crafted and ranked if it wasn't for nightwave, but now that I know I'll need to eventually gild something, I'm just sitting and waiting so as to avoid wasting slots and resources to craft a random throw-away zaw or kitgun, as I already have all of those.
  14. The Vaykor Sydon was definitely one of my big worries too, however I find it even easier to use now than before because it doesn't even require you to be actively blocking to hold the charge. You will passively charge it as you autoblock and can release it at will. Now I haven't had time to go in and run a mission with it mind you, but based on some quick testing in the Simulacrum this seems to be the case, for both melee-only and otherwise. The one minor annoyance is that I do need to remember to toggle my channeling off again or it'll start eating up my energy, or slow down charge generation due to parry staggers, but since channeling is going to be entirely changed to something else that's a small thing and I can get used to that until then (I forgot to test what happens if you switch to ranged while you have charges going, so unknown for now). Other things I was concerned about is Guardian Derision (I know Electromagnetic Shielding also has some issues, but I have not played with that yet, so I cannot speak for it), which I actually use on my Vaykor Sydon. Here any blocking will immediately taunt enemies and you won't taunt until you break the block manually. This causes a few issues of control, namely that in ranged mode you can't taunt on demand because you need someone to attack you first, though you can break by aiming, while in melee-only mode you lack the control of when taunting start (you can block to force start it, but if anyone shoots at you, you're taunting like it or not) and the only way to break it currently is to look away from the angle of block (or technically swing constantly at empty air, but don't consider that viable). This makes it rather awkward to work with. What I would like to see them do there is to make it taunt on equip for ranged mode, so having your melee out taunts, putting it away cuts it, while in melee-only mode I'd like to see it trigger only on manual blocking. It's small things and I'm sure they'll get that tuned up.
  15. That is a bug that was introduced and likely not fixed before it was transferred to your build. They fixed most of it recently on PC, for spears as well as for the scanner though the miner still unequips (just went to confirm that it's still the case). Hopefully the miner will be fixed too soon, either way you should be getting the other fixes at least next time they push PSN builds through certification.
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