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  1. Ulvra

    Silva & Aegis Prime incorrect effects

    The second floaty spark is connected to the weapon, but appears displaced. Colours still not obeying weapon colours. Example
  2. Ulvra

    Silva & Aegis Prime incorrect effects

    Also experiencing this and also adding on to it: There's two sparks created, one which sits at the top centre of the shield an another which are placed hovering in the air, normally around the back of the shoulder, but will move into free space if the character moves their arm. The first spark might be intentionally placed, but in both cases the sparks take on the energy colour of the warframe rather than the weapon itself, making an odd mix but also making the bug easily noticable. Bug shown The spark follows the shield position and will fly round in the air as the frame animates, additionally notice, weapon energy is pink, but spark is bright yellow as the frame.
  3. There's currently a bug specifically on Corpus Gas City sabotage, where the first waypoint to the datamass dropoff location does not snap to room exits but instead hovers in an arbitrary point in space, making it a little unnecessarily difficult to find the place for the dropoff.
  4. It's been like this for a couple months, for some reason the rare resource pickup notification for neural sensors no longer appears (similar to when picking up other important resources like orokin cells, tellurium, toroids, etc.). It'd be really nice to have this back again please and thanks.
  5. I noticed this a long while ago, figured someone would have reported meanwhile but haven't really been back until today, where I found it was still the case. The bug concerns the Lua Octavia sequence puzzle where the given sequence no longer randomises as it once did, which makes it a little less challenging and less fun to run into. Still do it every time regardless but would like to see it randomising again. Right platform lower front, left platform lower front, upper platform left then right and finally left platform left most plate.
  6. Ulvra

    Earth Defense Missions Enemy pathfinding bug

    Note to self: Bring ember next time for earth defense, at least then you won't have to spend double mission time walking around cleaning up spawns. Yeah, it's still an issue. Pathing AI is all manners of borked in earth defense, basically unless they just happen to spawn on a bridge or zipline with a straight line path to the defense target, then they'll spend eternity jumping up and down boxes or on and off walls. They won't even really shoot you when you go to clean them up, at most take a potshot before continuing on their merry jumpy way.
  7. For some reason when you find yourself in the upper right corner of the Vallis, the advanced map being moved all the way to the left becomes glitchy. Large sections of the map you simply cannot place waypoints on, when trying they're immediately removed. I've noticed it multiple times when doing conservation up by Reflector Control and needing to set up a waypoint to find my next trail target, but have noticed nothing similar in other areas of the Vallis so far.
  8. Ulvra

    Vallis Spelunker bugged

    Had an hour to spend while waiting for dailies to reroll, decided to finish off finding the last caves in the Vallis, but upon completion I ended up with 29 of 30 explored. Bogus, but there was that bug where you wouldn't get the explored mark if you weren't the host and I was client that one time so I went around for a lookie and visited all the caves again, still nothing, so somewhere there's a cave that doesn't give a flag, perhaps the "cave" (read: crevice at the top of the mountain between The Pearl and the Temple of Fabrication, it's definitely not the other crevice easy of Reflector Control as I visited that today and got the flag for exploring.
  9. Ulvra

    Sloughi Kubrow Armor Clipping

    Experiencing the same sorta issues, though not as badly. In my case I am equipping on a huras kubrow, where there's some clipping around the but area, so seems the clipping varies breed to breed.
  10. Ulvra

    Dojo Arsenal Perspective Broken

    This issue still persists, arsenal PoV is reversed, viewing everything from behind. Additionally I found today that you also cannot change the contents of your gear wheel (or for that matter preview your gear wheel) in the dojo, it simply does not appear at all.
  11. Bump as this is still the case. Cannot reorder operator customisation slots and when someone views your profile they'll always see customisation A regardless of your currently active.
  12. Had this once before and thought it a fluke, but when it happened again next time too it's a bug report. The daily zaw in-world display shows the wrong links compared to the actual zaw up for selling. This used to work before so not really sure what happened, but it's no longer working. A minor thing perhaps, but it's messing up my daily game of "guess this zaw". In-world display vs. actual zaw. Mismatching links.
  13. So I just ran into this by random happenstance today, but it would appear that if you have a mod equipped on a zaw which still has remaining ranks left to fill and you attempt to upgrade the mod, resulting in a capasity conflict, the UI will not tell you the name you gave the zaw, but merely a default "ZAW", which becomes a little bothersome when you have 16 zaws lying around already. I just tested with one of my kitguns too and it would seem that the same goes for them too, "Fusion conflict: Installed Mod would exceep capacity of KITGUN (COOPERATIVE config B).". This appears to be a general problem with modular equipment and so I also made a quick test with moas and yes indeed, the also only show default names in the display.