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  1. Generally I've been quite happy with the changes made to the UI in the revamp work. I was not happy when the icon labels went away because the icons wasn't enough for me to process, but with their optional reintroduction everyone should be happy. As for the ability screen, it took some getting used to but it's much better now, though one thing I'm still missing is the ability to pin an ability on the upgrade screen so I don't have to change things then go hover over and remember what was there before. The new end of mission mockup is a scary one though, that's going to take some getting used to, but I'm sure we will. First thing I noted was that I wasn't exactly happy that mods and items were mixed in together, but a sacrifice for space has to be made. I'm sure you've already thought about it 13 times in that regard, but just in case, I would personally like to preserve the "new unique" functionality that the current end of mission mod screen has, where any new mod is moved to the top and clearly marked as being new so you can easily see what new you achieved, preferrably I'd like to see it extended to other things too, like avionics and prime parts (whether that should be marked as new if you had it once before but got rid of it or only for the first time you get the specific part will be a deeper discussion). If that functionality would be included then I can't imagine I'd have too many issues with the end mission screen as presented here.
  2. So after playing empyrean for a little bit, most things really I'm alright with, granted I didn't have an opportunity to play before the initial balance changes so all I can say is that right now I do feel okay with them. Takes work to finish things and get there, but it should. The most serious issue I'm having right now is companions dying. Seeming to happen when you board and blow up crewships, but seemingly only if you're clientside. Then a smaller issue was the captain mission of the saturn proxima (Kasio's Rest) where the secondary objective (pump?) did not have any waypoint, leaving us flying blindly in space for a bit to figure out where we were going and in the process having to get too close and ending up repelling borders against some 10 party crasher crews. All in that mission worked except for the secondary waypoint. We're also having a weird bug that when I join up with one of my friends, who has the sungem skin for the railjack, she'll see her skin in my colours when I'm host and conversely if she is host I will see my default skin with her colours. So there's something wonky with the host vs client skinning. Also after you switch an armament and fly out for a mission, the guns are left hovering in your dojo room during the cinematic. I have one point of dissatisfaction and that is the tunguska cannon. I love it, but the fact that it's limited range is honestly kinda bums. It's already limited by the difficulty of aiming it steady at range so I don't feel a physical range limitation should really be there, plus it limits its use, where it could be a viable weapon for taking down crewships before they become a bother (as long as you remain unseen) where when they're alerted it's almost better to just go for the archwing slingshot. I would also really love to have some visible statistics, because having neither a statistics shown on its damage nor on how long it can reach has resulted in fiering blindly a lot and wasting about a good 8 shots to figure out a decent range... at which we're still largely guessing and have to stay on the safe side, thus putting ourselves in danger. It is possible I guess that the tunguska actually is unlimited range and that we've just been unfortunate and hit an engine each time, which I saw someone mention on the forum could be an issue, but in that case it's a matter of missing feedback and the missing statistics again mean that we have no chance of knowing which is which, so please, some statistics would be nice.
  3. Ulvra

    Dry dock size

    Aye quite. I knew I could have made decisions to make it certain and that it's in the end my own fault for having these peculiar aesthetical requirements ^-^;; I started out in a clan that had less than zero thought to their dojo design and it was an awful mess as a result, so as a result I want to do it proper for my own clan. We'll get there, just some minor frustrations on the path. I really do hope we get vertical indications as well as room movement in the relative near future, that would be lovely, and if DE makes it possible to move rooms and keep its decorations then I could not ask for more, that's like a wet dream (and probably bloody difficult to implement).
  4. Ulvra

    Dry dock size

    Yeah, I'm not. I'm off to an extreme side with plenty space all around, even went down an extra level to be on the safe side, going down because I know the potential blocking room is taller up down down, but no, to claim that 5 floors of spacing vertically is somehow to be expected that is indeed ridiculous. Looking at rooms like the obstacle cources, they are plenty tall in comparison and since we still do not have even a remote indication in the dojo builder that vertical spacing is even a thing (wouldn't even be difficult, there's already the "1 DOOR / DEAD END" bit, could simply extend that to include "vertical space required: 1 up / 0 down), which to this day causes confusion and threads to be made here on the forums about why certain room seemingly without reason cannot be built in certain locations when space appear free, then release a room which requires not one, not two, not three, but five levels, then claiming that is to be expected, no, that is indeed ridiculous. Also yes, it's partially my own fault for having certain aesthetic requirements here, but frankly, I'm not about to just give up and place it on an awkward side where it's placement will be an eternal eyesore for everyone and myself. Anyways after a week of trial and error and finally finding a valid location the bloody thing defaults to a side entrance... why is this even a thing? Time to tear it down again and rebuild again again. Also airing a lot of hot air here, because of the frustrations and wait this creates (and the "better than thou" forum people attitudes), but in actuality just happy that the dry dock is finally here and thanks to DE (seriously!) for putting in the hard work to push it out. We'll get it soon, just hate keeping clanmates waiting.
  5. Was out hunting some relics from the vault, doing bounties in the plains. Did the same bounty since I found one that was rather swift, a capture, followed by prisoner rescue and finally a cache search (T2 bounty). Went fine for a while, but after about 50 minutes the bounties started auto-failing on me. All went fine, but suddenly the bounty would start failing before going into the third and final stage. Not sure if it's some sort of overload or a hidden limiter or something, but it's a bit bums, especially when it means you have to bail out on such a good farm. Not sure how many rounds I'd done, but assuming 2-3'ish minutes per run on a 50 minute mission.
  6. Ulvra

    Dry dock size

    Quite. Made preparations, expected to have space or have to do minor adjustments only, having tested with every one of the largest rooms we had prior to find out we're going to have to build an entire floor extra to do what we want. This room is beyond anything that's been released so far and to claim we should somehow have "expected" that is a bit ridiculous.
  7. A bit more now that I've had time to properly dabble... Kuva lich encounters and ranking - Feels good, things escalate nicely and they actually feel like a proper antagonist. I do not see the kuva lich/kingpin content as anything intended to be so instant gratificationy as many seem to desire, rather something that is indeed intended to potentially take a week, so for me it seem fine. Murmur farming - No issues. Many has complained about the gain rate on the murmurs but after playing it, played for a couple hours and have uncovered two of the three requiems already. Speed is plenty fast in that regard. Requiem relics - I've seen a lot of complaints about stolen relics, but that's not really a complaint on my end as long as we do indeed get the stolen things back after. It's possible to clear off influence on planets thus having places where you can farm relics without worrying about theft. As long as you don't purposely let your lich get out of control there really shouldn't be much issue and if you do you can clean up the mess before proceeding. The only thing that might concern me in that regard is the ability to ignore the lich to avoid them expanding their territory and potentially blocking new planets. I've not tried to ignore my lich yet so can't say, but sounds like it's possible, so if so, all good. I wouldn't mind however a different source of the relics on top of siphons and floods, for instance as a vault C reward on kuva spy or rotation C reward on Taveuni. It should be rare but would just be nice to have more than one place to possibly acquire them, though honestly I'd be fine either way. Summary - Played for 3'ish hours and made plenty progress, about what I'd expect time wise based on how the whole system has been previously presented. To me if you expect to have all 13 new weapons on day one, then this isn't content for you and at least there is the option to opt out, though I do feel really bad for the poor larvling whose only purpose is to go in and die, running after you begging for it and nope, no "mercy".
  8. Ground finishers never had a prompt, so I'd wager they're still the same as they were before, as for the keybind, X correlates to the use keybind as opposed to the melee key. It would be nice to be able to bind finishers specifically so one can choose either or. I've only managed to have it happen once. I was practising my MR27 test and enemies were getting a bit up there, I plinked an enemy with my rifle, not worrying so much about being on point and they just so happen to be left with about 5% health, then went down on one knee with an aura and the parazon symbol over then, opening them up to a mercy kill. Based on the amount of kills it seems that they need to be quite low on health, but not dead, whether it's at that point a random occurance or more reliable I've yet to be able to determine because of the lacking durability of enemies in most circumstances.
  9. Aye, I forgot to mention that option. A customisable option for finisher prompts would be a lovely thing to have and would satisfy either side in the argument.
  10. Finishers and mercy kills are two different things, first work like before, by grabbing a stealth kill or opening them up via abilities, just the prompt is now on X instead of E. The whole micromanagement of range I've never had an issue with so I maintain I'd rather have it moved back to E than for specific frames to have a minor benefit. As for mercy kills, they happen at random when a target is at low enough health without being already dead. I've only had it happen once so far. Trouble is a lot of the general mobs die rather quickly, so the likelihood that we're ever seeing them is fairly low unless you're at a level where they take some chewing through.
  11. Alright, so first impressions are done and I got a few thoughts to share... Melee committing - Edit: the ability to switch back is indeed there, I'd just forgotten how since the introduction of melee 2.9999 phase 1. Lovely. ❤️ Parazon and fashion frame - Like others have already stated, I was a little disappointed that the parazon was given only one colour set regardless of frame. I am not one of the flock who swear to black and red and call it a day, all of my frames are uniquely coloured so it's practically impossible to colour the parazon so it fits everyone and that's disappointing since it's such an integral part. I hope that this will get changed. That the mod configs are shared is fine, less hassle to carry over changes but the looks I would prefer seperate please. Melee combat in general - I like it, both normal and committing (not counting the inability to switch back), it feels good to play with, but I have one small caviat and that is sneak attacks. I used sneak attacking a lot in my gameplay and for some reason the prompt has now switched over from E to X which is a really awkward button to press in the heat of the moment. Could we please switch the prompt back to E so it fits with the regular flow of combat? It is a melee attack still after all. Edit: Based on some following discussion, having the option to customise the keybind for finishers would be nice to have, so you can choose either E or X (or anything else really).
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