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  1. Recently? A couple of hours, but I also watched them before the change. Still, only 3 cards and no card from the yesterday's stream. Oh well, at least I got a Xaku card among those three.
  2. Hope this time the card drops will work properly. Last week I watched plenty of streams, and I got... 3 cards. (Yes, everything is properly linked; I haven't had an issue with drops for quite a while.)
  3. Would be cool if some post-Heart of Deimos streams dropped mutagen mass. Are these Prex cards tradable?
  4. Would you consider doing one last sale of the packs that will be retired? I know that not long ago there was a sale, but I wasn't able to pay, and the support helped me after the sale ended... And it would certainly make more people buy them, so it would be a win/win, I suppose.
  5. It was even easier to miss if you had Adblock/uBlock/etc enabled - it would partially block the quiz overlay, so while that small icon on the right they told you to click to allow the quiz add-on to use your Twitch username was still there, there was nothing to click when the actual answers were displayed. I realized that I should disable ad blockers and Tampermonkey fairly quickly, but I still missed a couple of questions because of that. I hope they'll mention the clicking part and the possible plugin issues next year - well, if there will be an online version of the quiz, of course.
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