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  1. Can recasting just be made innate for all abilities? Recasting should not under any circumstance be augment-only worthy.
  2. Any chance of other offenders like Equinox P., Tiberon P., Akjagara P., Redeemer P.,, Pandero, and the Tenora getting their metallics isolated from other color channels, just to name a few more? Both of the Tennocon Armor sets (and I assume the syandana but that can be colored separately at least) also have the metallics off the accent channel compared to most other armor sets.
  3. Another thing that probably should be noted is that DX9 has a much more limited throughput than DX10+. There's only so much you can do with a 32-bit, DX9 based game before it starts to collapse on itself. As an example, look at Payday 2. While optimization for later content is honestly total crap, content present early on/on release now also suffer performance loss due to there being too much in the game for a 32-bit, DX9 game to handle.
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