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  1. This update was what I needed to delete the game. Awesome idea of putting something over half of the screen for 70% of the mission, especially when you need 20 tries and still don't get all blueprints.
  2. I used Fusion MOA, Terra Sniper Crewman (he spawned hyena) and Corpus Tech spawned drone (too bad my captura failed when he spawned 10+ shield drones...).
  3. I am glad that someone is looking into this. Not that I use this option directly since Radeon chill solved stuttering issues for me and max framerate is there for loading screen and cutscenes since chill does not work there... On top of that, only AMD cards have access to chill and everyone should have smooth gameplay without vsync
  4. I start stuttering after 4 minutes into the vallis or 2 kubrodon captures. Not sure if it is related to echo lures or tranq gun, but I did not had this issue while getting Ventkids standing. As far as Ventkids standing goes, it still works the same, I have no idea how people had multiplier from grinding (maybe plat K-Drives were bugged) https://youtu.be/HHxAHGiUpWk
  5. Opening arsenal in Fortuna also causes crashes
  6. Same. I hope for fast hot-fix for this hot-fix.
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