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  1. This update was what I needed to delete the game. Awesome idea of putting something over half of the screen for 70% of the mission, especially when you need 20 tries and still don't get all blueprints.
  2. Vauban's old passive (which was more useful then current one) had issue of not giving you armor while on the move, which resulted in more energy drain or going down faster. Once you set up your CCs, you will be fine, but because of the delays for activation, vauban does not have any protection while moving around. For example, Mag can use pull, banshee have silence, some frames are just tanky, some have stealth... Currently, both vortex and bastille have delay, so by the time it activates you already passed the point of activation. Passive you suggested suffers from same issue as the old one. Jammer for example looks like strong CC, so I don't see it as fast cast or instant effect. Traps/deployables only did not worked well so far. I think it is safe to say that vauban should stop being one trick pony. This suggestion would make him stronger because abilities are generally stronger (-removal of vortex since melee is strong with it). Question is, would these changes make him more appealing for playing? Playstyle would be identical which is static. Turret idea is popular but turret supports playstyle that made me stop playing vauban... Additionally, as Teridax already said, frag+vortex could make nice combo since frag itself would be scalable.. Just a thought while I was writing this, ability/augment to pick up suggested bastille at the cost off CC, radius and maybe one hand could make Vauban a decent tank and more dynamic playstyle.
  3. This rework would not address elephant in the room. Surviving between point A and point B. For better or worse, I played Vauban outside of raids only because vortex provides insane amount of damage. I stopped playing Vauban because I got tired of dying from enemies by just looking in my direction, especially after passive got changed.
  4. I used Fusion MOA, Terra Sniper Crewman (he spawned hyena) and Corpus Tech spawned drone (too bad my captura failed when he spawned 10+ shield drones...).
  5. I am glad that someone is looking into this. Not that I use this option directly since Radeon chill solved stuttering issues for me and max framerate is there for loading screen and cutscenes since chill does not work there... On top of that, only AMD cards have access to chill and everyone should have smooth gameplay without vsync
  6. I start stuttering after 4 minutes into the vallis or 2 kubrodon captures. Not sure if it is related to echo lures or tranq gun, but I did not had this issue while getting Ventkids standing. As far as Ventkids standing goes, it still works the same, I have no idea how people had multiplier from grinding (maybe plat K-Drives were bugged) https://youtu.be/HHxAHGiUpWk
  7. Opening arsenal in Fortuna also causes crashes
  8. Same. I hope for fast hot-fix for this hot-fix.
  9. Get parts from bounties then go back once you craft them. At least I hope that is how it works considering I missed hints from Nakak and DE's instructions are not clear enough...
  10. Finds someone who did not started quest and let him invite you once he enters the plains. That is my guess how to force quest to continue, but not sure if it will work since I can't find anyone
  11. Thanks DE for bugged quest and having useless mask now. Since quest is not in codex, I can't restart it to fix it
  12. Will we ever get mouse sensitivity support for mouses with more than 100 dpi?! PS: WTB time machine for daily rewards.
  13. Will this melee rework nerf atterax, zaws and dual swords?!
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