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  1. Name : Mithral Gender : Male Description : Resistant and agile, he is at the same time king and warrior, of a mysterious dimension that everyone can access, but from which only he can get out alive. Stats Hp : 300 (Rank 30 : 1.200) Armor : 300 (Rank 30 : 450) Energy : 100 (rank 30 : 300) Shields : 0 Speed : 1.00 Passive : Taking damage, Mithral gains bonus armor for every HP lost, and whenever his HP is reduced by 30%, he gains a massive armor boost, which disappears when he regenerates them. Ability 1 Mithral hits the ground with its ha
  2. Name : Nokk Gender : Male Description : Fast, accurate, dangerous and sought after, Nokk is a criminal and mercenary who only needs a single shotgun to exterminate an army. Nokk is sought after in virtually the entire solar system, but his skills have allowed him to never be captured. Stats Hp : 100 (rank 30 : 300) Shields : 125 (Rank 30 : 375) Energy : 200 (Rabk 30 ; 300) Armor : 275 Speed : 1.25 Passive : For every meter of distance between Nokk and his enemy, the damage (both weapons and abilities) increases by 3%. Ability 1 ( Headshot)
  3. The special enemies could be liches, as they have some unique abilities (mostly movement, but better than nothing).
  4. point out that in my proposal, when an enemy hits a solid superfucue, the power of the skill increases base, so it would be enough to use it well so that you don't need much skill power. No. Silence does not take away his, but increases the reaction time of enemies to them, but since enemies see you and banshee passively silences weapons, it is useless, especially as the ability does not switch the weapon from loud to silent. , but it gives that impression. With the rework, limiting the enemy field of view, it would be really useful, even for allies. Well of course, too ba
  5. Grendel, Gauss's best friend, and the worst enemy of all you can eat. Unfortunately, he's hugely underrated among all warframes, despite his 1st ability being beastly, but that's where the problem is, only his first ability is something in his kit. The 2nd skill has heal and buff, but it could be bette , the 3rd is useless since the damage is irrelevant, and the 4th is fun, but nothing more, so I propose this rework that could make it much more appreciable, and even more valid. Stats : No change Passive : no change Ability 1 Now : Swallow an enemy whole and store it in Gre
  6. Beautiful. I really like the concept of this warframe, and if it really existed in the game, I would certainly enjoy it.
  7. In my personal opinion, Banshee is a warframe that needs a serious rework, being only one of the 4 really effective skills (sonar), while the others, when you build to make them effective, you find yourself with the other skills difficult to use, and the skill made effective can be safely obscured, so I have thought a bit, and I propose such a rework. Stats : no change Passive : no change Ability 1 Now : Banshee emits a sonic shockwave that pushes targets in range with enough force to incapacitate or kill attackers. Reworked : Banshee emits a sound wave with incredible
  8. Name : Tock Gender : Male Description : Powerful warrior, with a very solid and resistant reality, contrary to his own appearance. Use your own abilities to protect yourself, and make enemies helpless, blocking them with solidified clay, or lifting them from the ground with rock pillars, as if they were feathers. Stats Hp : 95 Shields : 115 Armor : 375 Energy : 165 Speed : 1.10 Passive : When you are grounded, reduce all damage by 50%. Ability 1 Create a pillar of rock that emerges from the ground. Upon creation, the pillar will emit a sh
  9. Name : Kirs Gender : Both (male for demon form, female for angelic form) Description : Extremely versatile warframe, capable of offering support to allies and damaging enemies with the same abilities. Despite his aggressive temperament, and aloof demeanor, he cares about his allies more than you can imagine. Stats Hp : 125 (Rank 30 : 375) Shields : 95 (Rank 30 : 285) Armor : 300 Energy : 200 (Rank 30 : 300) Speed : 1.10 Passive : For each ally alive, you gain +200 base armor, 100 total shields, and the healing power of your abilities increases by 15
  10. Name : Lod Gender : Male Description : Many say that the best defense is the attack, but I think that the best attack is a solid defense, because if an enemy fails to penetrate your defenses, the battle is won. Stats Hp : 100 (Rank 30 : 300) Shields : 250 (Rank 30 : 750) Armor : 600 (Rank 30 : 800) Energy : 0 Speed : 1.00 Passive : Shields are affected by the damage reduction offered by armor but their regeneration rate decreased by 47.5%. Ability 1 Place a unique barrier on the ground that will interact with your and your allies' weapons,
  11. I once had such a warframe in mind, which I later forgot, remembered and evolved into Yop. Originally, that warframe was some kind of drunk pirate 99% of the time, which with the ultimate was similar to what you say. In practice, he became immortal from the alcohol drunk, and automatically switched to melee. If you tried to use a firearm, that warframe could not pull the trigger no matter how drunk, and threw the firearm he was holding at the enemy. If, on the other hand, I tried to make a heavy attack with the melee, the warframe burped, and enemies in a 30-meter radius would turn towards you
  12. Name : Yop Gender : Male Description : Never judge a book by its cover. Although Yop is 97% under the influence of alcohol, and always carries a small distillery with him so that he never runs out of water, it seems that alcohol has positive effects on him, and that it allows him not to feel directly. all the pain of the bullets. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 250 (Rank 30 : 750) Shields : 50 (rank 30 : 150) Armor : 400 (Rank 30 : 600) Energy : 0 Speed : 0.90 Passive : Yop passively produces units of alcohol, which will be indispensable for most of his abilit
  13. I've nerfed passive damage repair and 1st ability, and thanks for pointing this out. In future concepts I will try to put fewer skill effects (or less strong effects).
  14. Name : Sliz Gender : unknown Description : Composed of a material with a very particular consistency, and rich in all kinds of chemical substances, Sliz is able to alter its molecular structure, so that the material of its body can react in a beneficial way with allies, or in a way harmful to enemies. it is also capable of absorbing large amounts of damage and regenerating without external help. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 375 (Rank 30 : 1.500) Armor : 375 (Rank 30 : 562,5) Energy : 0 Shields : 0 Speed : 0.90 Passive 1 : Sliz takes less damage from bullets,
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