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  1. I upgraded the weapons with increased damage (2x assault rifle, added 5 buckshot to shotguns for over 50% bonus damage, and put 10x damage to rocket launcher), thanks for the comment.
  2. Name :(?) Description : Very heavy Necramech, which compensates for the lack of mobility, with its multiple built-in weapons, and offensive and defensive abilities, which allow it to dominate the battlefield, and kill any enemy at any distance. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 1.200 Shields : 1000 Armor : 750 Energy : 0 Speed : 0.90 Ability 1 Shoot the cannon you built into your right arm. The cannon fires a heavy but fast explosive shot, which explodes over a considerable radius, dealing a good amount of damage, and leaving behind a trail of incendiary material
  3. Name : Yubo Gender : Male Description : Agile and resilient, Yubo is a nomad who remained active after the Great War, and has developed the skills necessary to survive in most situations. If in danger, Yubo can recall his clan, which he has built up over the course of his existence. Stats (r0) Hp : 150 Shields : 125 Armor : 275 Energy : 150 Speed : 1.15 Passive : When attacked in close combat by an enemy, Yubo will parry the attack automatically, making the enemy vulnerable to execution for a few seconds. Cooldown : 0.33 seconds Vulnerabil
  4. I know it's strong, and it looks unbalanced, but it's not. The abilities revolve around the 3 moons, and there is a strong "conflict" between the abilities, as between the 2nd, and the 1st. In practice, by keeping allies alive, you will not be able to take advantage of the 1st ability, without risking the life of an ally, who would lose the moon, the 4th itself, which merges the moons with each other, making the 1st and 2nd unusable skills. Plus the stats would have a common calculation, so they wouldn't affect the base stats, and while that sounds like a lot, having a 55% critical chance bonu
  5. I must say that it is a truly original idea, and somewhat intriguingly intriguing.
  6. mh ... I know this, but I still wanted to do something like that, purely because I wanted to, and to be able to dream. Plus, considering that nothing is impossible, no one says that in the future, they won't be able to do such skills, finding a way to avoid falling across the map. OK I didn't know that False. Trinity's 2nd ability, Inaros's 1st and 2nd abilities do true damage. If you don't believe it, spawn a behemot juggernaut in simulacrum, at max level, and see how much damage Trinity's 2nd ability does.
  7. Well yes, but actualy no. I know it's confusing, and I'll try to clarify it later, with a drawing of its skin (I'll probably fail miserably so I'll also explain it in words). This warframer has the ability to corrupt almost everything, but this has backfired, which will lead him, every few seconds, and performing actions such as rolling, and reloading, to change parts of his skin, with cosmetic changes, but also physical, making it impossible to determine its gender. I honestly don't know if it's buildable, if this warframer ever gets made, but it would be cool personally.
  8. Name : Fushai Gender : Impossible to identify Description : Sneaky warframe, capable of corrupting everything from computer systems to biological beings (or at least in part), and even the surrounding environment. Stats Hp : 75 (r 30 : 225) Shields : 125 (r 30 : 375) Armor : 250 Energy : 185 (r 30 : 277.5) Speed : 1.20 Passive : Shooting with a weapon, has the possibility to fire a corrupt bullet that will lock the enemy in place. % = 30% Block duration : 12 seconds (5 seconda on bosses and special enemies) Ability 1 Fires a bull
  9. Name : Tesutodami Gender : unknown Description : It is not known when it was created, but its purpose is clear. It was a dummy for testing weapons and attack strategies. it is resistant, and the suffering accumulated over time has led it to be a walking nightmare. He has seen death in the face so many times, that he is no longer afraid of it, and he hardly cares about anything, apart from making the enemy feel the pain he has felt for incalculable time. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 217 Shields : 173 Armor : 637 Energy : 163 Speed : 0.97 Passive : When Tesu
  10. Name : Eclipse Gender : female Description : Fairly light and fast warframe, which focuses its abilities on full support, with the possibility of regenerations, revives, and increased damage, as well as increased resistance, and if necessary, is able to create a point of high gravity to group the enemies, to facilitate their elimination. Stats Hp : 100 Shields : 200 Armor : 175 Energy : 200 Speed : 1.25 Passive : 3 different moons always orbit around Eclipse, shielding it from projectiles, and dealing damage if they collide with an enemy. Moons
  11. Name : Sank Gender : Male Description : The combination of damage and stamina make this warframe a bane to anyone who encounters it, regardless of the enemy's defenses. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 150 Shields : 100 Armor : 350 Energy : 150 Speed : 1.10 Passive : Whenever you hit an enemy, regardless of any conditions, you have a 50% chance to deal bonus fire damage, with the chance to apply the status. Ability 1 Punishment Charge your energy, and within half a second, release a devastating superheated beam that burns the ground and any enemy
  12. Name : Dangak Gender : Male Description : An aerodynamic and tapered body, together with its strength, allow it to take incredibly fast shots, reaching speeds equal to those of a bullet in a thousandth of a second, allowing it to use its body like a bullet, without taking any damage, thanks to its strong but thin armor. He is also equipped with abilities that allow him to absorb and store, without taking damage, the bullets of all kinds, which he can then release into abilities with quite surprising results. Stats Hp : 150 Shields : 100 Armor : 500 Energy : 1
  13. Name : Kokuta Gender : female Description : Uses a lantern to collect and store resources such as ammo, life spheres and energy, and the life force of enemies, to occasionally release the contents of the lantern in beneficial or puti-damaging pulses. If necessary, it is possible to condense the life force of enemies to summon a powerful guardian to aid you in combat. Stats Hp : 75 Shields : 125 Energy : 100 Armor : 100 Speed : 1.15 Passive : Your lantern is divided into 4 separate containers, each of which gives you passive bonuses based on how full
  14. Name : Jigoshi Gender : male Description : Agile and fast, despite having a rather light armor, Jigoshi is able to face multiple enemies thanks to his abilities, and his ability to control fire like no other. Although he is a skilled fighter, however, it does not prevent him from being used for missions where invisibility is essential. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 125 Shields : 100 Energy : 150 Armor : 175 Speed : 1.20 Passive : Hitting and / or being hit by an enemy applies a mark of fire to that enemy. For each mark of fire, all effects applied to that ene
  15. Warframe concepts Warframe concept , Kurushi, tireless predator,evolution prodigy, symbionte https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1243870-kurushi-evolution-prodigy-tireless-predator-symbiote/ Warframe concept Ametr, the one who grow in war https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1243788-ametr-the-crystal-frame-the-one-who-grow-in-war/ Saigo, the last fortress https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1243469-the-last-fortress-warframe-concept-saigo/ Tazir the traditionalist https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1243313-tazir-the-traditionalist-warframe-concept/ Terzin,
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