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  1. Name : Muto Gender : Male Description : The whole body of Muto is made of a substance equal in all aspects to living wood. Muto possesses excellent regenerative and reinforcing abilities, but in addition to a hard cortex, he can calmly take care of allies by creating regenerating oases of nature, or distract enemies with clones of himself made from pieces of his body. Stats Hp : 275 --> 1.100 Shields : 0 --> 0 Armor : 400 --> 800 Energy : 125 --> 188 Speed : 1.05 Passive When you receive a heal, you will get a stackable buff that will heal you over time and temporarily increase your armor. Ability 1 (Subsume ability) Throw a large spear of living wood. When the spear hits an enemy, it will be impaled and immobilized, and similar spears will explode from its body, impaling and immobilizing nearby enemies. Augment For each impaled enemy, all enemies take + 100% damage, and when an impaled enemy dies, the others take four times the damage that killed them. Ability 2 Burn your wooden skin to make it harder and more resistant to status. When you burn, you take continuous damage, but you will burn any nearby enemies. The longer you burn, the harder your skin will be, but be careful not to burn too much, or you may turn to ash. Augment When you drop to 2 hp while the ability is burning you, you will not die, but you will emit a pulse that will ignite every enemy within 35 meters for 1,200 fire damage, and for each enemy involved, you will be invulnerable for 0.7 seconds. The duration of damage reduction begins to decay once invulnerability is over. Ability 3 Break your body into different parts, from which, after some time, identical versions of you will grow, which can use your abilities (except this one) and your weapons, attacking enemies and reviving allies. Augment Clones gain 5% vampirism on any type of damage they inflict, and the HP recovered in this way will heal any allies within 20 meters. Augment When a clone reaches 35% HP, it will split into 2 minor wood clones, each with 50% of the original HP, 100% damage and 100% revive speed. Ability 4 Release your energy into your surroundings in the form of nature's plants. Plants are able to regenerate the life of your allies, and steal the life of enemies, increasing the regeneration of allies even more. When an enemy dies on the ground covered by nature, it will be transformed into a wooden warrior, who will attack enemies with the help of a stick or a sword. Augment Every 2/5 seconds, between 1 and 4 fruits grow on the area covered by nature. If an ally picks up a fruit, they will regenerate 15% of missing HP, 25% of missing shields and 10 energy points. If an enemy steps on a fruit, it will explode, dealing 1,200 blast damage within 7 meters. A chain reaction cannot be triggered. Augment If an ally takes fatal damage, and there is a wooden warrior on nature covered terrain, the wooden warrior will die in place of the ally, who will regenerate 35% of their stats and be invulnerable to damage for 6 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds per ally. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  2. Name : Dansu Gender : Female Description : Have you ever thought that well-combined lights, colors and music are capable of exterminating armies? Stats Hp : 100 --> 300 Shields : 150 --> 450 Energy : 175 --> 263 Armor : 200 Speed : 1.15 Passive Noisy weapons get even louder, and when you fire them there is a 15% chance that the noise will scare enemies within 25 meters, causing them to flee in panic for 4 seconds, or paralyze them in fear for 3 seconds . Ability 1 Launch a small spherical speaker that plays music with a rhythm that literally forces anyone close enough to dance to exhaustion, or until the speaker batteries run out. Augment The music now has a more frenetic pace, and the enemies involved move more, causing damage to their sides, taking damage equal to 1% of their maximum HP every second, and the damage increases by 10% of the total damage dealt each time. Ability 2 Leave a huge loudspeaker on the ground that will throw music at such a loud volume that it is also harmful to machines. The speaker is unidirectional, and anyone affected by the sound waves produced by this speaker will be severely slowed down, stunned and will suffer permanent damage to tissues, internal organs and circuits. Staying there longer only makes the situation worse. Augment The music emitted from the speaker is even more powerful, and every time it deals damage, the enemy's armor degrades, reducing itself by 8%. Shields are also affected by the strongest music, and take double the damage. Ability 3 Redirect energy to a mini speaker system placed around your body. The mini speakers will activate a moment before you are about to be hit by an enemy or a bullet, emitting a sudden and incredibly powerful sound wave, powerful enough to cause a state of total block in the enemies, and manages to send back the bullets in approach, allowing you to avoid almost any damage. The mini speakers have a limited number of uses, but they can recharge in total autonomy by passively withdrawing energy from your body. Augment The number of base charges is doubled, but they will not regenerate. When the last charge is used up, you become invulnerable for 1.5 seconds. Ability 4 Tap : Change the floor you rest your feet on into a nightclub floor. The floor is divided into a checkerboard pattern in a total of 81 squares that will light up in different colors, inflicting different damage each time. Allies on the floor will get different buffs based on the color of the square they're on. Hold : Release a discoball that will remain stationary in the air, releasing several rays of light that will move continuously. The rays will be of different colors, and each color corresponds to an element. Augment The damage of both the floor and the sphere is increased by 60% for each active status on the enemy. The rays of the sphere tend to move towards enemies. Signature weapon 1 Name : Bini Type : Primary Description : Weapon designed and built by Dansu, it does not shoot bullets, or missiles, but vinyl discs reinforced with a metal alloy that makes them sharper than a scalpel. When wielded by Dansu, the vinyl records fly faster, and the weapon reloads faster. Signature weapon 2 Name : Akubsta Type : Dual secondary shotgun Description : A pair of real cannons, the Akubsta fire fully automatically powerful sound waves to the rhythm of music that cause very serious damage, and can penetrate barriers and the bodies of enemies without problems. The weapon was designed and built by Dansu, and in her hands the weapon reloads and fires faster. It releases bursts of music that are impactful like a hammer, but sharp like a blade that will pierce the bodies of enemies, and beyond, like a well-pointed spear. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think. Later maybe he'll add some synergies, and a signature weapon or two. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  3. I would, but I have no drawing skills. The best I can do is stickmen. If I had lost hope, I wouldn't have done (about) a hundred concepts for warframes.
  4. I'm glad you like it, but it's a pity that I'm more likely to die hit by a golden meteorite than this concept being made by the DE and put into play.
  5. Aiki is a part of the word "acupuncture" translated into the Punjabi language. Yes, maybe taking the word and translating into a language such as Japanese, or Chinese might be more "adequate", but in this way I find most of the names for my warframes, and I wanted to change the language a bit.
  6. Name : Aiki Gender : Female Description : Even as thin as a needle, Aiki is the last to be underestimated. It can throw needles at very high speed with incredible accuracy, so much so that it can hit an enemy's weak points in such a way that it completely paralyzes it, making it a bag of flesh and metal. Stats Hp : 75 --> 225 Shields : 75 --> 225 Armor : 150 Energy : 200 --> 300 Speed : 1.20 Passive Enemies affected by status puncture take 15% more damage per stack from each of your attacks, and any effects caused by your abilities last 10% more per stack. Ability 1 Throw a volley of needles at enemies that will hit them in specific points in order to relax their muscles and mess up the circuits, knocking anyone hit to the ground. Enemies on the ground will be completely paralyzed, unable to get up and fight back, and vulnerable to execution. Augment The needles remain stuck in enemy nerves and circuits even after they manage to get up, reducing their movement speed by 50%. Ability 2 Throw thin needles with targeted force at your allies. The needles will stick into their flesh in specific points, loosening the muscles in order to facilitate any type of movement, and inhibit the perception of pain. Hold to apply to yourself. Augment The needles are infused with a relaxing and restorative substance, which increases the power of effects by 25%, and heals allies by 35 hp / s for the duration of the effect. Ability 3 Place an immense amount of very thin needles on your body that will form a heavy barrier that can greatly reduce the damage caused by any type of bullet. The barrier of needles counterattacks any enemy that gets too close, thrusting subtle particles into the body that will touch specific points, causing immense pain. Augment The Needle Barrier releases a 360 degree burst of needles every 4 seconds that deals 400 damage for 2 seconds. The discharge reaches a maximum radius of 15 meters. Ability 4 Release an immense amount of fine needles with a 360 ° blast. The needles will hit the enemies, going on their body and in the eyes, blinding them and causing them a pain so excruciating as to make them difficult even in the easiest of movements, and the ease in the eyes will blind them for life, making shooting you a real challenge. Synergy 4+3 When the 4th ability is activated while the 3rd is still active, you regenerate 1 second duration for each nermic hit, and 2 seconds for each enemy killed. The duration of the ability can be overcharged up to 150% of the total duration with this synergy. Augment The needles are super sharp, gaining +2.5 penetration and are capable of permanently damaging enemy weapons, reducing the damage they deal by 33%. Signature weapon Name : Neddler Type : Primary Description : Primary weapon that fires needle-like projectiles fully automatically. The bullets are easy to store, and thanks to this the magazine of the weapon is very large for its size, but despite this, the needles manage to fly fast enough to pierce shields and enemies. When wielded by Aiki, the needles fired from the weapon always apply status puncture on the critical hit. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  7. I have adapted this idea of yours into a new 1st skill for Kontsu.
  8. I don't quite understand in which part you think you have been harsh. However useful what you wrote, I have already lowered the stats, and will probably change the 1st from the maggots to something else. The original idea for 1 was actually that the ability spawned one of those sentinel sentry drones that usually stay on Uranus (I think it was Uranus), but aesthetically "altered" by the infestation, which would have scanned enemies doing the same job. of the maggots, but I discarded it because in the original concept, the scanning was in area, and the bonus damage obtained depended on the time that the enemies were scanned, and on the number, however it was stationary, and for some reason I found it inconsistent, so I replaced it with the maggot, more efficient in my opinion, since they attack the enemy. The gas can be used to transmit sentient nanomachines infected with the infestation that allow control of the deceased enemy's body for some time :) That description wasn't so much about abilities as it was about what the warframe is, a hybrid of haunt and sentient, and sentients are immune to infestation, which would have created something impossible. This depends on you what you mean by "without flaw"
  9. Name : Kontsu Gender : Neutral Description : Nothing is impossible. Its body is an impossible hybrid of sentient and infested, with a defensive and offensive adaptability that is infinitely greater than anything you've ever seen. Stats Hp : 145 --> 435 Shields : 200 --> 600 Armor : 305 Energy : 155 --> 232.5 Speed : 1.10 Buff rank 30 : + 5 hp/s and + 10 shields/s Passive The more you fight, the more you adapt. When you take damage, your sentient side will adapt, progressively reducing it, and the infested side can evolve, fully adapting to you, so that any effect of the status will be nullified if it is applied to you. Each time you fully adapt to a status, your infested side evolves, gaining evolution tokens that will strengthen you more and more. Ability 1 How do you adapt if you don't know what to adapt to? Release some infected sentient drones which scan enemies for information, which will be transmitted to you. For each enemy scanned, you get a stackable damage boost bonus. Augment When scanning begins on an enemy, they will be blinded for 3 seconds. +1 enemies that can be scanned at the same time. Ability 2 Not always one tool can be adapted to everything, and in such cases, it is better to have multiple tools. Tap : Releases a cloud of adaptive toxic gas in the area in front of you, which deals severe damage that progressively increases. The gas is extremely effective against enemy flesh and circuits, but its effectiveness is canceled out when it encounters shields. Augment When an enemy dies inside the gas, he gets back up after 2 seconds, and like a zombie, he will fight for you for 15 seconds. Hold : Releases a sentient core that pulsates continuously, releasing electromagnetic and light waves, which interfere with the functioning of enemy shields, and can block weapons. However, the impulses are useless when they strike flesh and armor. Augment Robotic units hit by the pulse have a 15% chance to be deactivated for 15 seconds. The pulse restarts alarms and disables cameras and laser grids when it hits them. Ability 3 Reproduction is essential for the survival of the species. It consumes energy to create a perfect copy of your body, thanks to the self-reproducing system built into your sentient part. Your copy will be free to act as it pleases, but your infested side and the copy's side will be linked. If unfortunately the original body dies while a copy is alive, the operator's control will automatically switch to the copy, which will become the new main body, preventing death. You can charge the ability in order to consume evolution tokens, allowing the evolved copy to be born, naturally more resilient and lethal. Augment When you regain life, shields, or energy, your clone will, and vice versa. Ability 4 Remember, nothing is impossible. It pumps energy into your infested and sentient parts, which will overcharge, lose control and balance, attack and nearly mortally wound each other, and then activate unparalleled defense and counterattack systems. Augment When you take fatal damage while the ability is active, you won't die, but you will become invulnerable for 3 seconds, and the ability's duration will be reduced by 6 seconds. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  10. Interesting, and logically acceptable. That would be a really cool thing to see in the game, also because infested weapons don't have variations.
  11. Name : Raiton Gender : Male Description : Raiton is Volt's older brother, and just like his little brother, Raiton also possesses the ability to control electricity, but unlike Volt, Raiton has abilities more focused on doing as much damage to enemies as possible, and his body is much more resistant than that of his little brother. Stats Hp : 150 --> 450 Shields : 125 --> 375 Armor : 400 Energy : 200 --> 300 Speed : 1.10 Passive Every 3 seconds, launch a bolt of lightning from the sky at a random enemy within 25 meters of you, dealing damage to him and other nearby enemies. If there are no enemies nearby, you will put the lightning bolt aside, and the next time the passive activates, you will throw them all at the same time on different enemies. Ability 1 Transform into a bolt of lightning and dash forward, passing through enemies, severely damaging them and stunning them for a short period of time. Stunned enemies are more vulnerable to your abilities. Ability 2 Channel your energy and absorb electricity from every nearby source, to channel everything into a series of massive lightning bolts that you can drop from the sky on command, which will inflict often lethal damage to the unfortunates involved. Lightning strikes are powerful enough to send even the toughest shields into crisis by temporarily disabling them. Ability 3 Unleash your energy in the links that will form between you and any nearby enemy, which will suffer continuous damage and be blocked. The most powerful enemies will only be slowed down. Ability 4 Transform your energy into storm clouds that float in the atosphere creating a powerful lightning storm that will rain devastating lightning strikes to the ground like orbital attacks. The noise that lightning makes on impact is tremendously loud, and can stun enemies near the point of impact. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think (later maybe I will also add synergies and augments for the skills). Have a nicde day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  12. Interesting, both the concept and the design.
  13. Weapon 1 Name : Goodnight Faction : Corpus Type : Primary Description : The code name of this experimental Corpus weapon is Goodnight, and the name has never been more appropriate. The weapon is apparently a simple machine gun, it shoots energy balls instead of ordinary bullets, but behind the appearance, something always hides. Goodnight has a particular secondary fire, consisting of a targeting laser which when activated, after 2 seconds of continuous aiming, will cause a devastating and continuous laser attack to fall to the ground that can be moved simply by moving the laser pointer. The laser attack is tremendously powerful, but given the intensity of the attack, the satellite that launches it cannot keep the laser active for more than 15 seconds, and for every second of use, the staellite takes twice as long to recover. Weapon 2 Name : Omicron Faction : Corpus Type : Heavy Description : Created following the designs of the mighty Opticor, this weapon can be considered as a big brother. Omicron shares several features with its little brother, such as very high accuracy and the need to load the shot before firing, but unlike the opticor, the Omicron can be loaded much longer, to fire multiple shots in one. , with impact damage comparable to that of an orbital strike. Weapon 3 Name : Zanatri Faction : Tenno Type : Primary Description : Bow made with modern Tenno technologies, allows you to shoot very fast arrows able to slice through the air and enemies faster than any other arrow, without having to stretch the string too much. The bow can be overloaded to allow the user to shoot a series of 5 arrows very quickly, but they will be less powerful. Weapon 4 Name : Obliterator Faction : Grineer Type : Secondary Description : Weapon of Grineer origins, it combines compactness and lethality, at the expense of recoil. is a massive gun, which fires equally massive bullets, capable of killing an enemy with a well-placed shot, its bullets are so heavy that they are capable of damaging the body of a cargo ship. Due to the size of the bullets, they are not easy to load into the drum, nor easy to carry, but those few that can be carried are more than enough.
  14. I'm confused. How is that mod a less beautiful version of vigilante armaments? Vigilante armaments increases multishot, my mod allows you to regenerate some ammo when you kill an enemy affected by status. Interesting, but I think if put on the right weapon (and there would be a lot of them) it would regenerate more ammo than you have in the magazine, and knowing warframes, this could lead to some bug, like your magazine reaches a quantity above the limit, which ok is not bad, but it could lead to problems. I applied some nerfs. At the first I put a small cooldown, so that it can be usable, but not too strong, it is too useless. In the second I reduced the probability of activation from 12% to 9%, and the duration of invulnerability from 2.0 seconds to 1.8 seconds. Interesting tip. With this method it would be better used on weapons with a lower rate of fire, although the mod I conceived it to improve the damage output of weapons with low damage but very high rate of fire, considering that the duration of each stack is not it is reloaded when a new stack is applied, and each stack decays individually by others. I will evaluate your suggestion. So do you mean that a percentage of random damage between 0% and 50%, which would be determined only on the hit, will be affected by the defenses, while the remaining percentage will be dealt as pure damage? Honestly, no. I would prefer that mod to remain unchanged, being that it is designed specifically for weapons classified as "sniper", weapons that require precision, and being that those weapons can inflict very high damage, but have a generally low rate of fire, I prefer that the mod remain with very precise and firm percentages, namely that 25% of the damage when a damage is inflicted on the body is inflicted directly on life, and double when a critical heradshot is taken. p.s. The suggestions were appreciated.
  15. Weapon 1 Name : (error 404 name not found) Faction : Corpus Description : Compact size smg usable without any problem as a secondary weapon. It fires energetic shots with a very high rate of fire, has a sufficiently large magazine, and the accuracy is surprisingly high. The SMG is equipped with an overload module, which is automatically activated when killing an enemy, allowing you to fire without consuming shots for 5 seconds. Weapon 2 Name : (error 404 name not found) Faction : Corpus Description : Once a cutting tool, this tool has been adapted for use as a weapon in close combat. The intense heat of the flame is able to cut with extreme precision both the hulls of the ships and the armor of the enemies, inflicting serious damage in a short time. Weapon 3 Name : (error 404 name not found) Faction : Entrati Description : Heavy pistol of Entrati origin, fires heavy explosive shots capable of inflicting massive damage to single enemies or very close groups of enemies. When enough enemies have been killed, secondary fire can be used, which will change the bullets currently in use with explosive reinforced bullets, which penetrate multiple enemies, bounce off walls and explode with each impact or rebound. Weapon 4 Name : (error404 name not found) Faction : Grineer Description : Created with scraps recovered from one of the countless landfills, this particular shotgun has a dual firing mode. The primary fire, fires a pile of scraps with an explosive charge inside, which detonates on first impact and throws dozens of scraps in all directions. Secondary fire detonates the explosive charge immediately, firing all the debris in a single direction. Weapon 5 Name : (error404 name not found) Faction : Infested Description : A sort of gunblade made from infested organic material, with very hard and sharp bone blades. This gunblade distinguishes itself from other weapons when it fires, since it does not shoot ordinary bullets, but eggs that enter the enemy's flesh, where they hatch and release very small maggots, which feed on the enemy's flesh, to the point of consuming all his vital organs and kill him. The process is extremely painful, and sometimes long, and the infected enemy moves 35% slower and cannot run. Mod 1 Name : (error 404 name not found) Sniper only Description : Critical hits ignore 25% of the enemy's defenses. Critical hits to the head ignore 50% of the enemy's defenses. Mod 2 Name : (error 404 name not found) Any non explosive primary and secondary Description : Hitting an enemy will increase the damage you deal your weapon to that enemy by 10% for 2 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to 100 times, and each stack decays individually. Mod 3 Name : (error 404 name not found) Exlilus mod Any ranged weapon Description : Killing an enemy restores 10% of the ammo in the magazine for each active status on the killed enemy. The effect is doubled if the kill is via critical damage. Mod 4 Name : Explosionfilia Any explosive weapon Description : Killing an enemy with an explosion will cause a number of grenades ranging from 1 to 5 to fall from the body of the enemy, and which will deal damage equal to 35% of the damage that killed the enemy, within a range of 3 meters, and will explode after 0.7 seconds that have been released. Arcane 1 Name : Arcane inversion Warframe Description : When you take damage, there is a 15% chance to undo the damage, receiving a heal on life or shields equal to the damage you should take. Cooldown 5 seconds Arcane 2 Name : Arcane immunity Warframe or operator Description : When you take damage, there is a 9% chance that you will become immune for 1.8 seconds. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
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