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  1. Name : Koam Gender : Neutral Description : Victim of an ancient covered-up accident, of which most of the documents have been destroyed, Koam was presumed dead for a long time as a result of the accident, but that did more than kill him, giving him abilities that result in metaphysics for some, in magic for others, but all agree that his abilities are not scientifically explainable. Stats Hp : 150 --> 600 Shields : 50 --> 100 Armor : 225 Energy : 150 --> 225 Speed : 1.05 Polarities Mod slots 1 x Vazarin Exilus slot 1 x Naramon Aura slot 1 x Madurai Passive Upon death, enemies will leave their souls hanging in the form of an orb of mist and purple energy. When you are close enough to one or more orbs, you will absorb them, regenerating life and energy. The orbs disappear after a while, and are only visible to you. Augment By consuming full life souls, you can overcharge your life bar by up to 150%, but the bonus HP will begin to decay after 7 seconds of not absorbing souls, and cannot be regenerated with normal healing. Augment Dead allies leave their soul on the battlefield, a soul you can absorb, and which, combined with 9 other enemy souls, will bring the ally back to life, even if the ally has run out of revives. An ally's soul will decay after 45 seconds when on the battlefield. Ability 1 Separate the soul from your body, snapping it forward, blinding enemies hit and making them extremely vulnerable to damage. Reactivate the ability to return the soul to your body, or hold to snap the body towards the soul, so that they reunite. When the soul is out of the body, the body cannot take fatal damage, but if the soul is damaged, you will take direct damage to life. You control the body when the skill is in use. Augment Control the soul instead of the body, which like an automaton will attack whatever is hostile. Press the attack button to fire a bullet that paralyzes the enemy hit for 3 seconds, you can fire up to 4 every second. Press the dash button to teleport 8 meters in the direction you are looking at with a 2 seconds cooldown. If the soul takes fatal damage, the body will not die, but the two will reunite, invulnerable for 3 seconds, with a 15 second cooldown on the ability. Ability 2 Tap : Consume all souls in a radius around you instantly, to gain massive healing for you and allies in the radius, along with a temporary damage reduction directly proportional to the number of souls consumed. Absorbing a soul while the ability is active extends its duration. Augment For each soul consumed, you and allies gain 15% weapon damage bonus, and 7.5% skill damage for each consumed soul. Lasts as long as damage reduction lasts. Hold : Draw all souls in a vast radius towards you, then shoot them back at enemies like deadly bullets that strike deep within the soul. If an enemy dies from a soul, the enemy's soul will fire like a bullet towards the nearest enemy. Augment You can violently tear apart the souls of enemies' bodies, dealing damage to them equal to 15% of their total HP. The souls torn from the bodies will always return to them. Ability 3 Emit a massive shockwave in a cone on front of you that temporarily expels the souls of enemy bodies. Enemy bodies will be less efficient in battle, and will slowly move towards their souls. Souls can take damage if hit, and hitting them will deal damage directly to the enemy's life. Consuming the enemy's soul with your passive or 2nd ability will inflict massive damage. Augment Souls are now also vulnerable to critical damage and skill damage. Ability 4 Fragment your soul into different fragments, connecting each fragment to the soul of a nearby enemy. When sustained direct damage to life, much of it will be redirected to the enemy the soul fragment is attached to. If you take too much damage, one of your soul fragments will consume, leading to semi-permanent damage for you, but killing the enemy the shard was connected to, regardless of whether the enemy is vulnerable or not. If the enemy dies before the soul fragment is consumed, your soul will strengthen, improving your resistance. Augment Enemies you are linked to will no longer be recognized by their allies, and will be attacked. Signature weapon Name : Proton Type : Primary Description : Weapon of Tenno origin, Koam's favorite, fires a continuous beam of energy that locks on an enemy and doesn't let go until he dies, inflicting continuous damage that increases with every second the weapon hits the enemy. In the hands of Koam, Proton possesses a secondary fire that allows him to split the primary beam into 5 rays (affected by multishot) of lower intensity that each hit a different enemy inflicting 25% of the original damage each. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  2. Hydroid, a forgotten warframe since Khora's 4th augment came out. The reason why it has been forgotten is that its abilities are not really useful or effective, in about 90+% of situations, and for this reason, in my opinion, it is one of the warframes that most deserves a rework. Here is my proposal. The following rework will split into 4 points for each skill. 1, current ability; 2, problems; 3, rework; 4, strengths and weaknesses of the rework. Passive Now Hydroid's melee slam attacks have a 50% chance to spawn a tentacle that lasts for 15 seconds. The tentacle senses nearby enemies within 5 meters to grab and thrash them, dealing 200 True damage per second bypassing shields and armor; captured enemies are released upon death or tentacle expiring. Up to 3 tentacles spawned by this passive may exist at once. Problems This passive is ... emh ... ineffective in both effect and manner of use. The damage it does is negligible, having to do a slam attack takes precious time, and it does not even have a 100% chance of being activated, and is limited to 3 tentacles. The cool thing about the current passive is that it is affected by the augment of the current 4th. Rework Hydroid's shields are high in liquids, which allows them to regenerate continuously, albeit at a slightly lower rate. Strengths and weaknesses : Hydroid's current passive is ... no. This gives him more stamina, as his shields are more abundant than life. Ability 1 Now Target an area and call down a barrage of liquid fury. Charge this attack to increase the lethality of the onslaught. Problems : Skill alone has no real purpose. It does not last long, the radius is not spectacular and the damage leaves much to be desired. Two positive aspects of the skill are that it can be charged to enhance it, but the effect even if it boosts it by 100% in duration and power, it is not felt, and the second point is its augment, which makes the skill useful. with nice armor stripping. Rework Throws a harpoon that can stick into an enemy or onto the ground. If the harpoon sticks into an enemy, it will inflict a lot of damage to the victim, exploding after a few tenths of seconds, inflicting further damage to the area and calling a bombardment of acid water bombs from the sky that will damage and break the armor of the enemies. If the harpoon sticks to the ground, it will become a mine that will explode when an enemy is close enough, triggering bombing. Hold the ability to see the harpoon's trajectory. Strengths and weaknesses The rework of the skill focuses more on inflicting more damage in less time, dealing damage in 3 different moments, when the harpoon hits, with the explosion and with the bombing, which lasts very little but hits several times. In the rework I preferred to incorporate the augment of the current 1st, so that it can have effective use at levels where the damage will become irrelevant. Augment For each enemy hit by the bombing, Hydroid will deal 50% more damage for the next 15 seconds. The effect is stackable up to 3 times. Augment 2 Enemies hit by the bombing will take an additional 35% damage from any source for each enemy hit by the bombing. It lasts 15 seconds. Ability 2 Now Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water. Problems The ability as it is is in theory very cool, because you turn into a wave to travel quickly taking enemies with you, so it's a kind of CC + mobility, but it has some problems, like the inability to steer coupled with high speed combined with warframe's not-so-open-space maps makes it ineffective in most territories. Rework Press once to summon and hold a concentrated tsunami in front of you, which will absorb all incoming bullets, and prevent enemies from getting too close. Reuse the ability to release the tsunami, which will expand and overwhelm every enemy, inflicting damage in direct proportion to the damage absorbed, taking every enemy involved with it. If slowed slightly if you move while holding back the tsunami. Strengths and weaknesses The rework completely distorts the functionality of the ability, from CC / mobility to damage / cc / protection. The tsunami has a maximum level scatter cone of 180 °, but if you reach 200% skill range, it will go 360 ° offering total protection as long as active. The tsunami also has utility for reviving fallen allies, as it can revive while holding back the tsunami, or with enough range, it is able to protect a target from a horde of enemies, as the range increases not just the cone of dispersion, but also the distance from which the tsunami is held from Hydroid while it is holding it back. Augment When an ally is overwhelmed by the tsunami, it will be cleansed of status, and shield regeneration will immediately uninterrupted with a 90% increased rate for 9 seconds. Ability 3 Now Become a water trap and drown unsuspecting enemies. Problems My favorite skill from the Hydroid skill kit, is one of the few skills in relation to all the existing ones that can, on paper, get to inflict damage tending to infinity, as the damage dealt increases every second by a percentage, but in practice, the skill has little range, slows you down incredibly, and is hard to use at best. The ability theoretically becomes better with the augment, as it allows you to heal allies, but increases the cost per ally. Rework Creates a powerful swirl of water on the ground that makes enemy movements difficult, luring them at increasing speed towards the center. Once an enemy gets in the eye of the whirlpool, they will sink into the icy ocean depths, where air deprivation, pressure and cold will inflict damage at an increasing rate. Few are able to re-emerge to recount the experience. Strengths and weaknesses The rework makes the ability more efficient and effective, giving the ability to lure enemies to a point where they will sink as they do when they step on Hydroid's current 3a. The possibility of having multiple water whirlpools active at the same time allows you to block multiple access routes in case of defense. Augment When you or an ally are in a whirlpool, 70% of the damage will be transferred to enemies in the abyss of any whirlpool. Ability 4 Now Tap to spawn watery tentacles from all nearby surfaces to wreak havoc. Charge to increase the number of tentacles and spawn area. Use while in Undertow to have the tentacles emerge from the pool. Problems The ability has no major problems, if not the damage, on top of that, it does what it's supposed to do. (P.s. DE, why does a kraken do magnetic damage?) Rework Personally this time I would do it easy, and also increase the damage inflicted by a lot over time, perhaps with a mechanic that allows you to increase the damage, in order to make it efficient even at higher levels. Strengths and weaknesses nah Augment No change Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. >Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  3. This in my opinion could be fixed by a trivial augment. I can almost think of a possible rework of these two, even though I've been thinking about it for a while and picked up some nice ideas.
  4. I remind you that passives are not affected by power, duration, efficiency or skill range. I decreased the damage, not to 75 but to 76, because today I feel like an A****** and I want to piss someone off.
  5. The skill kit is not bad, and it goes well with the warframe theme, but I would advise you to modify this skill, so that you get a damage reduction, which comes down to 50% by default, but with the skill power it can be increased up to 95%, the life bonus as it is. This is because the damage reduction also applies to shields, which are not very scarce on this warframe, and is more efficient than armor, as it is quite difficult to get damage reduction with armor that is actually significant, so I recommend switching this in damage reduction. Or it increases both the bonus of the armor gained, and the base armor of the warframe.
  6. Name : Tou Gender : Male Description : A ruthless and fearless poaching hunter, Tou is adept at the art of falconry, training dogs and setting traps to weaken his prey, be it animal or robotic. Stats Hp : 150 --> 450 Shields : 100 --> 300 Energy : 150 --> 225 Armor : 200 Speed : 1.20 Passive Your pack of hunting dogs follows you everywhere on the battlefield, always staying within 15 meters of you, attacking and knocking down nearby enemies when you are visible. Ability 1 Release your tamed eagle and it will fly across the battlefield, giving you the exact location of the enemies, as well as their weaknesses. Enemies will be highlighted and visible on the minimap and through walls for you and allies. Hitting an enemy's highlighted weak spot will cause them to take additional damage. Ability 2 Tap : Choose among the traps which one to place. Hold : Place the selected trap. You can place up to 4 traps of each type. Stasis trap A trap that is triggered when at least one enemy is in proximity creates a stasis field that lasts several seconds, and blocks everyone inside. It can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings. Poison trap A trap that fires a poison-soaked dart as soon as an enemy is in range, the venom atrophies the victim's muscles making movement impossible for a limited period of time. The poison causes permanent muscle damage, making movement difficult even when the effect ends. It can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings. Extremely effective against biological beings, ineffective against robotic units. Electric trap Trap that launches a powerful electric shock at anyone in range, is capable of taking robotic units totally offline for an extended period of time, causing permanent damage to the circuits, reducing compaction effectiveness even after the unit is back in operation. It can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings. Effective against robotic units, faultless against biological units. Ability 3 Choose your pack of dogs from leashes, allowing them to move freely, to chase, land, pin and even attack enemies. Dogs attack enemies highlighted by the eagle first, giving priority to those they can kill first. Ability 4 Replace your primary weapon with an over-under shotgun, and the melee with a hunter's knife. The over-and-under shotgun shoots very focused buckshot roses, but can also use single high-caliber bullets for range, but is not silenced, so it draws the attention of enemies and prey when firing. When you wield the hunter's knife, a cloaking system is immediately activated that makes you invisible to enemies and imperceptible to all kinds of traps, but not lasers. You can execute even on alerted enemies if you use the knife, and by doing so, you will conceal the enemy's corpse. Thanks for reading, tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  7. The concept is cool, but I would like to give you a hint about using the spoiler function solely to hide the skill stats and any lengthy explanations to the mechanics, while the simple and basic description leaves it out.
  8. But have you at least read the post? The reasons why each skill should be reworked are below.
  9. I don't have to. you have to explain why Frost needs the rework. I've already done this, and you said it's not, so you have to prove it isn't. If you don't feel like doing it, then you might as well not comment at all.
  10. Why does Frost need a rework? To refine his skills, to allow him to become something more, to make Frost go from "a worse version of Gara" to "the undisputed lord of frost". After a fairly careful analysis of his skills, below I will propose my rework articulated in this way: 1, current skill; 2 skill problems and why it should be reworked; 3, my rework; 4, strengths and weaknesses of my rework. Passive Now Any melee assailant that strikes Frost has a 10% chance to be temporarily frozen for 20 seconds on impact. Probelms The effect looks cool, and the duration of the effect is quite extended, but the fact that you MUST get hit by a melee attack, involves having to get close to the enemy, exposing yourself to other enemies, and more damage, making the exploitation well. this passive is too risky, and the fact that it has only a 10% probability of being activated, certainly does not help, especially because this probability is not modifiable. Rework Frost's body is so cold that it gives off an aura of cold that damages enemies within 25 meters. The damage at maximum distance is 35, is dealt every 1.7 seconds with a 20% chance of status, but this increases, reaching maximum efficiency at 5 meters, dealing 76 damage every 0.5 seconds, with 70% chance of proc ice status. Strengths and weakness As Frost is the lord of ice and cold, it makes sense that his body is extremely cold, to the point of giving off an aura of cold. This passive affects enemies even at a great distance, and can actually be seen in action. The disadvantage is that the damage of the aura is very low, especially because the ice damage is not the best, and in order for the aura to do some damage and provide some status, you have to get close to a dangerously low distance. to enemies, exposing themselves to damage, but this is not necessary as the passive also acts at a greater distance, but with less efficiency, so it will be up to the player to choose. Ability 1 Now A frigid energy blast that freezes targets in their tracks. Problems The first of Frost's 4 skills is simple, far too simple. The ability is not suitable for doing damage, doing little, it is theoretically able to block enemies by freezing them, but with an explosion radius of only 3 meters, it is already a lot if you take more than 1 enemy, making it less effective than the 2nd ability of Inaros. Rework (Bora) Frost unleashes a gust of wind in a cone in front of it at temperatures below absolute zero, freezing biological and robotic life forms in record time for an extended period of time. Strengths and weakness The utility of the skill I propose would be good or bad the same, or CC. The strong point of the skill is that it freezes each enemy in a cone in front of the player, with 100% probability, and not in an area that is considered as tiny as the current skill. Another strong point of the skill is that it would be able to pass through the physical walls of rooms, allowing for a fun build based on range and duration that can freeze a room before entering it. The weak point is its strong point, the skill is not a bullet like the current one, so the player must get close in order to use it efficiently. Augment Same as actual. Ability 2 Now Sends a wave of razor sharp, crystallized ice toward an enemy, dealing heavy damage. Problems The second of Frost's 4 skills is also one of the skills that for me has the coolest animation of all. The ability doesn't have many flaws, it does what it's supposed to do, which is damage, but it just isn't enough (in my opinion), and it could be something more. The damage is not very low, the problem is found in the corner, limited to a maximum of 60 °, somewhat limiting considering that on Warframe, there are enemies to the right and to the left. Rework (Icenai) Channel moisture into the air to create a series of razor sharp, huge ice stalactites. After the channeling, you can manually launch the stalactites one by one, by pressing the attack button, or all at once by pressing the skill button again. Stalactites pierce the enemies they strike, carrying them with them as they fly, dealing damage impossible to ignore. Each stalactite can carry a limited number of enemies with it, and when it hits an enemy or a solid surface when full, it will explode, freezing everyone. If the stalactite hits a solid surface while it has room for at least 1 enemy, it will impale itself, and enemies will not be able to move until it melts. Strengths and weakness Reminiscent of Frost's old 1st, it is perhaps one of the farthest things from the current 2nd. The ability allows a mixture of CC and damage, giving the ability to move enemies to a specific area, for convenience or fun. Impalement would allow you to temporarily ward off an enemy that is particularly dangerous or difficult to deal with for now. Augment When a stalactite sticks into the ground, it will create a 15m radius aura that will inflict 250 ice damage per second, with a 50% status chance. Ability 3 Now Frost deep freezes any vapor and moisture in the area, creating a protective sphere with brief invulnerability to boost its strength. Problems The third of the 4 skills of our Frost, perhaps the skill for which Frost is known. The skill allows a good defense capacity of a single zone, but has several problems, besides being much inferior to the skill of Gara, and for this reason, poor Frost is often compared to Gara, and referred to as inferior. (and for now it is). The disadvantages of the skill are much more than the advantages, from the rather low life for such a skill, to the fact that it does not block enemies but only slows them down when inside, to the worst thing, that is, that it blocks every single type of projectile ally. More disadvantages than merits. Rework (PermaFrost) Frost is wrapped in a thick shell of permafrost. The permafrost is able to absorb an unlimited amount of damage for a limited period of time at the beginning, in order to strengthen itself, becoming harder and more resistant. Once stabilized, the permafrost absorbs any damage that Frost takes, and given the weight of the armor, Frost will be totally immune to any effects that should move him from the area he is unwillingly in. The extremely low temperature of the permafrost makes it possible to double the radius of the Frost passive. Given the extremely low temperature of the permafrost that shrouds Frost, any foe who dares to hit you will be frozen immediately, and any foe you strike in melee will have a chance to suffer the same demise. Ice status has no negative effect when permafrost is active, and instead gives life to the armor. Strengths and weakness A drastic change, my rework offers Frost the chance to be played in melee without any problems, making camping in the old Snow Globe unnecessary, allowing him to break away from the moniker "worst defender than Gara". The armor would work in a similar way to Rhino's Iron Skin, but with some additional effects that are always useful, such as a serious increase in the effectiveness of the passive, to revive the effect of the old passive but with an increased effectiveness. The weakness of this skill is that Frost would no longer be a defender, at least not with this skill. Augment Whenever you get ice status on an enemy, the armor heals 3% of his maximum HP. Ability 4 Now Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes and shatters all enemies in its radius. Problems The fourth of the four skills of our old friend Frost, is valid when used with a suitable build. It can be traded for a nuke ability, which actually is when used against enemies of a low enough level, it is very effective at high levels as it can completely destroy any enemy's armor, freezing enemies hit. While the skill doesn't actually have all of these flaws, I still want to try a rework that compensates for the drastic change in my rework of its 3rd skill. Rework (The Blizzard) Unleash a massive localized blizzard, with strong winds and snow saturating the air, slowly freezing enemies to the core, reducing their field of vision and compromising the proper functioning of weapons. Multiple storms can be active at the same time. You can charge the skill to increase range and duration, at the expense of the higher cost. Strengths and weakness From nuke to dps, the ability would allow Frost to be used as a defender, but in a different way. The ability would still allow enemies to freeze like its current 4th, but no longer instantaneously, but over time. The fact that the ability lasts, and that multiple of them can be used, would allow Frost to solo the team on interception or excavation missions, would allow him to cover the resuscitation of multiple allies as can now be done with his current 3a. , and could cover goals to defend. The visual reduction effect would indirectly reduce any damage allies and targets take. Enemies with reduced field of view could not fire accurately, so allies would take fewer bullets, taking less damage, all while enemies are slowed, frozen and damaged over time. Augment Enemies enveloped by the storm will be slowed by 50%, and will transform into ice statues once they have 6 ice status procs active on them. Enemies transformed into ice statues remain in this state for 20 seconds, take 200% more damage, and drop 50% more resources. Thanks for reading (if you have read). Leave your opinions in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  11. Reasonable. I would do that, unless you think this might compromise the concept in some way.
  12. Interesting concept, and with a solid skill set, but I saw a problem in its quirks. He uses enemies to activate abilities, and he needs multiple of them to use each ability, rendering his kit unusable in the event of a 1v1 fight with a Boss, or a very powerful enemy, and although his stats are great, his skill kit could make a difference whether in such a situation you make it out alive or not. My advice is to give abilities a cooldown, which is reduced by x% every time its passive damages an enemy, making the kit usable in complex situations of face-to-face sparks with a single Powerful boss / enemy.
  13. Name : Cadabra Gender : Female Description : An apprentice illusionist, Cadabra is capable of many things, from creating illusions, to transforming her body into something, or other objects such as weapons and bullets into butterflies. Cadabra always carries with him a deck of cards according to his "magic". Stats Hp : 75 --> 225 Shields : 275 --> 825 Armor : 125 Energy : 150 --> 300 Speed : 1.10 Passive Magic shield When you take damage on the shield, you have a 15% chance to regenerate shields equal to three times the damage taken. If you take life damage, you have a 25% chance to instantly regenerate all shields. Ability 1 Turn your entire body into a cylinder that will automatically launch like a glaive. You will be able to control the cylinder for as long as the ability is active. Slamming into enemies will damage them, with a chance of dealing severe critical damage directly to their health while ignoring shields and armor. Augment Critical hits now no longer deal damage, but cause the enemy to become your ally for 12 seconds. Enemy turned ally will take 450% more damage from former allies. Ability 2 Extract from your card deck, 3 cards that will have different effects. The deck is customizable from the arsenal in the orbiter. Ability 3 Unleash a pulse of magic that turns any enemy projectile in flight, as well as enemy weapons, into butterflies. The butterflies will fly freely around the battlefield for a few seconds, surrounding the most powerful enemies, before exploding. Augment Butterflies now no longer explode, and do not surround enemies, but will surround you and allies, intercepting and absorbing incoming hits, nullifying their damage. Ability 4 Create a group of illusions with the same appearance identical to yours. Illusions will roam freely around the map, distracting enemies without triggering alarms. Illusions can absorb an unlimited amount of damage, as long as they are active, and at the end of the ability, they will explode, dealing damage in direct proportion to the damage absorbed. Augment Illusions can now attack enemies, and will use a random weapon from the ones you have equipped, and as long as the illusions are alive, you will be invisible. Synergy 4+3 Effect : When you use the third ability, your illusions also use it with a 2 second delay, and 75% range. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  14. Weapon 1 Faction : Grineer Type : Primary | Rifle Description : Automatic rifle of Grineer origin, it has a very common appearance. Fully automatic, acceptable magazine, normal rate of fire and recoil. The thing that sets this automatic rifle apart is the bullets, capable of sticking to enemies and detonating on command when the weapon stops firing. For each bullet that explodes on the target, the next shot that explodes on the same target will have the damage increased by 15%. The effect can be accumulated indefinitely. Weapon 2 Faction : Tenno Type : Primary | Shotgun Description : Weapon of Tenno origin, it was made by master gunsmiths with the aim of being able to allow those who use it to shoot non-stop, without however having an excessive magazine. The firearm has a pair of magazines that are identical in all respects. When one is depleted, another will immediately activate, and the gun operator can reload the depleted magazine without having to stop firing. Weapon 3 Faction : Infested Type : Secondary | Pistol Description : The origin of this infested gun is not certain, and it is not even certain that it is a single weapon, or an agglomeration put together by the infestation. The pistol has a drum magazine, similar to that of a revolver, but less capacious, as it fires significantly larger rounds. Shots fired by this weapon attach themselves to the enemy, slowing them down and pumping toxins into their blood continuously, with increasing damage over time. Damage grows much faster if multiple hits are attached to an enemy. When the hit enemy dies, it releases a cloud of toxic gas, which deals considerable damage and stays in the air for an extended period of time. Weapon 4 Faction : Corpus Type : Secondary | Launcher Description : Recovered from the Corpus archives, this weapon consists of a pair of magnetic gloves that hold a series of plasma grenades in suspension. Once launched, the grenades explode at the slightest contact with any type of solid surface. The weapon can be loaded, to make sure to group the grenades into a pair of launchable mines that as soon as they touch the ground or a wall, arm themselves in an almost imperceptible time, and are able to explode multiple times. Weapon 5 Faction : Infested Type : Melee | Hammer Description : A living weapon obtained by cultivating the infestation, it is formed by organic and inorganic matter at the same time. Its normal hits steal the life of enemies, while killing an enemy with a heavy hit will consume the weapon, which will be upgraded for a period of time. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  15. Use google translate. It may not be the best, but better than nothing in case your English sucks. I do the same with my concepts. 95% of the sentences in my posts have been translated into English with google. However, some things came to mind that could be used as an ability for the warframe. Possible stats Hp : 100/150 Shields : 125/175 Armor : 250/350 Energy : 125/150 Speed : 1.05/1.15 Possible passive Your presence instills confidence in allies, who will take 20% less damage. Your presence alerts enemies that see you, and they will move more cautiously, reducing their movement speed by 33%. or Your advanced training gives you different advantages over others. You can reload firearms 15% faster, swap weapons 45% faster. Possible abilities Ability 1 S.L.F.N. (Safe living forms neutralizer) Launch an explosive cluster charge. On the first detonation, the charge releases an impulse that interferes with the function of electronic and mechanical devices, such as those of weapons, shields or the unique abilities of eximus units, deactivating them for a short time. The main charge releases another 4 minor charges that explode shortly after, releasing a dazzling light and a very intense sound, which will blind and stun enemies hit for a time. Cost : 25 First charge explosioin radius : 11 meters Effect duration : 8 seconds Secondary charges : 4 Secondary charge explosion delay : 1.2 seconds Secondary charge explosion radius : 8 meters Secondary charge effect duration : 6.8 seconds Augment (Longbow charge) The charge immediately teleports to the point of impact, rather than following an arc trajectory. + 25% skill efficiency. Ability 2 Hi teck bulletproof vest Wear an advanced bulletproof vest, made up of advanced plates and fibers, capable of reducing bullet damage to virtually 0. The vest has a limited lifespan, but both its fibers and plates are made of a self-healing material. The moment you put on the vest, it will be able to absorb unlimited damage for a limited period of time, converting the matter of the absorbed projectiles into matter for the vest, self-reinforcing it. Cost : 50 Invulnerability time duration : 4 seconds Vest base health : 1.000 Armor multiplayer : 2.5x Healing : 8% vest max health/s Healing start after 3 seconds without reciving any damage Augment The robe is electrified, and when an enemy attacks you in close combat, they will be stunned for 2 seconds, dealing 150 electrical damage. Ability 3 Smart viewer Activate your smart visor, directly connected to the weapon, and to a number of advanced systems. The viewer allows you to see enemies through walls, identify weak spots, explosives and consoles to disable alarms. Your visor is directly connected to the weapon, and allows you to redirect the fired bullets to the nearest enemy in your field of view if you are firing while not aiming. The information acquired by the viewer will be transmitted to nearby allies. Cost : 75 Duration : 17 seconds Range : 40 meters Weak spot recive +50% total damage Information transmition range : 30 meters If you hit an enemy's sweet spot, that hit will have a 50% chance of being a critical hit if it's not. If the hit is already critical, it increases critical damage by 50%. Ability 4 Reinforcements Call for reinforcements to your position. After a few seconds, a group of cops like you will rush to your position, offering support fire and aiding in the fight. Cost : 100 Duration : Until they die Reinforcments : 3 (affected by ability strength) Reinforcments stats multiplier : 1.00x (affected by ability strength) Reinforcements use the same skills you use (apart from the last one), at the same time as you use them. Reinforcements can raise fallen allies. Augment Each reinforcement unit will now always be within 7 meters of you and an ally. Reinforcements gain the ability to heal an ally for 30% of their maximum HP when needed, once every 12 seconds. +1 base reinforcement. If you like them, you can copy and paste in the post, if not, hopefully they will make you handy as a cue, in case you would like to do some skills to accompany the design.
  16. If I were you, I would make a concept behind it, with skills, statistics, synergies and augments. The design is cute, not overbearing, but not too minimalistic either, and the colors are perfect for the theme.
  17. Name : Tremolo Gender : Neutral Description : They always laughed with me, for me, at me. I always have fun with them, make them happy. They've always laughed at me, I've always enjoyed making them laugh. They always laughed at me ... they always ... hurt me. But I made them laugh ... they laughed with and for me ... they laughed at me ... now they no longer laugh, now they tremble, they are afraid. They are and will be afraid, whenever they see me ... whenever I want ... No more happiness, laughter, mockery, just fear, terror, and death. Stats Hp : 175 --> 525 Shields : 25 --> 75 Energy : 150 --> 225 Armor : 225 Speed : 1.15 Particularity When you don't have any melee weapons, you use your spring arms like two whips. While this is considered a two-handed melee weapon, you can still use it when you carry your fourth skill music box around with you, but in that case you will only use one of the two arms as a whip. Passive Your bizarre and scary appearance causes enemies to freeze in fear when they see you. Whenever an enemy is scared of your looks or abilities, you get a stackable buff. Ability 1 Spring arms Extend your spring arms in the direction you are looking at, damaging and knocking down any enemies hit. Your arms have tremendous strength, and can propel you into the air without a problem if you hit the ground. Augment Electric devices on your arms will give a powerful shock to the enemies they hit, leaving them on the ground twice as long, inflicting 150 electrical damage per second for as long as they are on the ground. Ability 2 Bananarang Launches a banana-looking boomerang, which flies and bounces between enemies, damaging them, and scaring enemies who didn't see it coming. While holding the skill, detonate all the flying boomerangs, which will release pieces of banana peel to the ground. The pieces of peel will cause enemies who step on them to slip, exploding soon after. Augment For each bounce, the damage increases by 15% and each time the boomerang deals damage, you regain 2% of your maximum HP. The effect also applies to allies within 15 meters of you. Ability 3 Jack-in-the-box Drop a jack-in-the-box on the ground that will activate when enemies are nearby, scaring them off. Enemies that are too weak risk a real heart attack, which can severely damage them, or even kill them. Augment Jack-in-the-box now releases 5 explosive grenades when activated, which will detonate on first impact with a 3.4 meter blast radius, dealing 640 explosive damage. When it runs out of use, the jack-in-the-box itself explodes with a blast radius of 10 meters, dealing 1,450 explosive damage and releasing 9 grenades. Ability 4 Carillon Activate a small music box that constantly plays distorted circus music. Music causes enemies who hear it to be overwhelmed by a sense of uneasiness, fear and dread. Enemies who hear the music will continue to look around, looking for the source of the music, moving slowly and fearfully, sometimes mistaking their allies for enemies. Enemy guards are low when they hear the music, making them vulnerable to abilities and damage effects, as well as executions. If an enemy gets too close to the source of the music, or you quickly get close to the enemies while you carry the music box with you, they will be frozen in fear. You can leave the music box on the ground, or take it with you, but you can only use one-handed melee or one-handed secondary in that case. Your passive is more powerful if you carry the music box with you. Synergy Carillon + Jack-in-the-box When Carillon is placed within Jack-in-the-box's activation range, when Jack-in-the-box activates, it will paralyze enemies from fear within Carillon's range of effect, with twice the chance of an attack of heart, and twice as likely to be lethal. Augment When you take the chime with you, you are now 35% faster, the range in which enemies are paralyzed by fear is increased by 30% and killing a fear-paralyzed enemy causes the chime to regenerate energy for 3 seconds instead of consume it. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  18. Name : Prisco Necramech Description : Made shortly before the advent of warframes, Prisco is an advanced necramech designed to be able to fight numerous enemies alone, without having excessive problems. Its body isn't overly tough, and it's not overly fast either, but its abilities simultaneously give it stamina, agility, and the ability to inflict serious damage on large groups of enemies without taking risks. Stats Hp : 1.050 --> 3.150 Shields : 500 --> 1.000 Energy : 125 --> 300 Armor : 400 Speed : 1.00 Ability 1 Launch an explosive at an enemy that detonates on contact, connecting that enemy to every other in a wide range. When an enemy takes damage, they all take damage. When one enemy affected by the link dies, the others take very high damage. Ability 2 Quickly teleport in the direction you are looking at, increasing your movement and fire speed for a few seconds. You can only teleport if there is an unobstructed view between you and the teleportation point. Hold to see the destination. Ability 3 Tap : Redirect energy to your shields, overloading their capacity, resistance and regeneration speed. If your shields are reduced to 0 while the ability is active, the ability will deactivate, causing an explosion that will damage and block enemies for a few seconds. Hold : Redirect energy to the weapon you are currently holding, overcharging to increase damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. Killing an enemy while this ability is active will regenerate some of your energy. Ability 4 Pull out the necramech's built-in custom weapon combo, consisting of a shield and a fully automatic firearm. The shield is capable of reflecting any type of bullet back to the sender, protecting you from an unlimited amount of damage, but at a limited angle. The firearm is a fairly compact submachine gun for the standard size of weapons used by necramechs. The weapon is capable of firing automatically. When not aiming, the SMG activates an automatic aiming system, which redirects shots to the enemy closest to the point you are aiming at, in the viewing angle. When aimed, the shield extends, providing more coverage, and the SMG deactivates the automatic aiming system, revealing its extreme accuracy and increasing fire rate. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  19. That would be interesting, but ONLY if the arm cannon had the same damage adaptability as Dance macabre.
  20. Name : Muto Gender : Male Description : The whole body of Muto is made of a substance equal in all aspects to living wood. Muto possesses excellent regenerative and reinforcing abilities, but in addition to a hard cortex, he can calmly take care of allies by creating regenerating oases of nature, or distract enemies with clones of himself made from pieces of his body. Stats Hp : 275 --> 1.100 Shields : 0 --> 0 Armor : 400 --> 800 Energy : 125 --> 188 Speed : 1.05 Passive When you receive a heal, you will get a stackable buff that will heal you over time and temporarily increase your armor. Ability 1 (Subsume ability) Throw a large spear of living wood. When the spear hits an enemy, it will be impaled and immobilized, and similar spears will explode from its body, impaling and immobilizing nearby enemies. Augment For each impaled enemy, all enemies take + 100% damage, and when an impaled enemy dies, the others take four times the damage that killed them. Ability 2 Burn your wooden skin to make it harder and more resistant to status. When you burn, you take continuous damage, but you will burn any nearby enemies. The longer you burn, the harder your skin will be, but be careful not to burn too much, or you may turn to ash. Augment When you drop to 2 hp while the ability is burning you, you will not die, but you will emit a pulse that will ignite every enemy within 35 meters for 1,200 fire damage, and for each enemy involved, you will be invulnerable for 0.7 seconds. The duration of damage reduction begins to decay once invulnerability is over. Ability 3 Break your body into different parts, from which, after some time, identical versions of you will grow, which can use your abilities (except this one) and your weapons, attacking enemies and reviving allies. Augment Clones gain 5% vampirism on any type of damage they inflict, and the HP recovered in this way will heal any allies within 20 meters. Augment When a clone reaches 35% HP, it will split into 2 minor wood clones, each with 50% of the original HP, 100% damage and 100% revive speed. Ability 4 Release your energy into your surroundings in the form of nature's plants. Plants are able to regenerate the life of your allies, and steal the life of enemies, increasing the regeneration of allies even more. When an enemy dies on the ground covered by nature, it will be transformed into a wooden warrior, who will attack enemies with the help of a stick or a sword. Augment Every 2/5 seconds, between 1 and 4 fruits grow on the area covered by nature. If an ally picks up a fruit, they will regenerate 15% of missing HP, 25% of missing shields and 10 energy points. If an enemy steps on a fruit, it will explode, dealing 1,200 blast damage within 7 meters. A chain reaction cannot be triggered. Augment If an ally takes fatal damage, and there is a wooden warrior on nature covered terrain, the wooden warrior will die in place of the ally, who will regenerate 35% of their stats and be invulnerable to damage for 6 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds per ally. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  21. Name : Dansu Gender : Female Description : Have you ever thought that well-combined lights, colors and music are capable of exterminating armies? Stats Hp : 100 --> 300 Shields : 150 --> 450 Energy : 175 --> 263 Armor : 200 Speed : 1.15 Passive Noisy weapons get even louder, and when you fire them there is a 15% chance that the noise will scare enemies within 25 meters, causing them to flee in panic for 4 seconds, or paralyze them in fear for 3 seconds . Ability 1 Launch a small spherical speaker that plays music with a rhythm that literally forces anyone close enough to dance to exhaustion, or until the speaker batteries run out. Augment The music now has a more frenetic pace, and the enemies involved move more, causing damage to their sides, taking damage equal to 1% of their maximum HP every second, and the damage increases by 10% of the total damage dealt each time. Ability 2 Leave a huge loudspeaker on the ground that will throw music at such a loud volume that it is also harmful to machines. The speaker is unidirectional, and anyone affected by the sound waves produced by this speaker will be severely slowed down, stunned and will suffer permanent damage to tissues, internal organs and circuits. Staying there longer only makes the situation worse. Augment The music emitted from the speaker is even more powerful, and every time it deals damage, the enemy's armor degrades, reducing itself by 8%. Shields are also affected by the strongest music, and take double the damage. Ability 3 Redirect energy to a mini speaker system placed around your body. The mini speakers will activate a moment before you are about to be hit by an enemy or a bullet, emitting a sudden and incredibly powerful sound wave, powerful enough to cause a state of total block in the enemies, and manages to send back the bullets in approach, allowing you to avoid almost any damage. The mini speakers have a limited number of uses, but they can recharge in total autonomy by passively withdrawing energy from your body. Augment The number of base charges is doubled, but they will not regenerate. When the last charge is used up, you become invulnerable for 1.5 seconds. Ability 4 Tap : Change the floor you rest your feet on into a nightclub floor. The floor is divided into a checkerboard pattern in a total of 81 squares that will light up in different colors, inflicting different damage each time. Allies on the floor will get different buffs based on the color of the square they're on. Hold : Release a discoball that will remain stationary in the air, releasing several rays of light that will move continuously. The rays will be of different colors, and each color corresponds to an element. Augment The damage of both the floor and the sphere is increased by 60% for each active status on the enemy. The rays of the sphere tend to move towards enemies. Signature weapon 1 Name : Bini Type : Primary Description : Weapon designed and built by Dansu, it does not shoot bullets, or missiles, but vinyl discs reinforced with a metal alloy that makes them sharper than a scalpel. When wielded by Dansu, the vinyl records fly faster, and the weapon reloads faster. Signature weapon 2 Name : Akubsta Type : Dual secondary shotgun Description : A pair of real cannons, the Akubsta fire fully automatically powerful sound waves to the rhythm of music that cause very serious damage, and can penetrate barriers and the bodies of enemies without problems. The weapon was designed and built by Dansu, and in her hands the weapon reloads and fires faster. It releases bursts of music that are impactful like a hammer, but sharp like a blade that will pierce the bodies of enemies, and beyond, like a well-pointed spear. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think. Later maybe he'll add some synergies, and a signature weapon or two. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
  22. I would, but I have no drawing skills. The best I can do is stickmen. If I had lost hope, I wouldn't have done (about) a hundred concepts for warframes.
  23. I'm glad you like it, but it's a pity that I'm more likely to die hit by a golden meteorite than this concept being made by the DE and put into play.
  24. Aiki is a part of the word "acupuncture" translated into the Punjabi language. Yes, maybe taking the word and translating into a language such as Japanese, or Chinese might be more "adequate", but in this way I find most of the names for my warframes, and I wanted to change the language a bit.
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