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  1. Look, I think the thumper is an automaton, so having the ability to drive it I don't think is feasible. This is not a bad idea. When I have a little time, maybe I'll do a concept or two.
  2. Name : Hazk Gender : Male Description : Ancient guardian of the Entrati family, lost during the wars, his original patterns are scattered somewhere in the crypts of Deimos. is a well-defended warframe, agile, and capable of attacking multiple enemies simultaneously thanks to its abilities. Stats (Rank 0) Hp : 225 Shields : 225 Energy : 0 Armor : 650 Speed : 1.15 Passive : For each kill, Hazk gets a "Entrati Medallion", which will allow him to use his abilities immediately, and will give him passive offensive and defensive bonuses. Passive 2 :
  3. Name : Chumn Gender : Neutral Description : Abilities capable of healing and damaging at the same time, combined with a particular type of gas unique to this warframe, are able to compensate for its limited resistance, and make it capable of destroying groups of enemies while healing and purifying allies. Stats (rank 0) Hp : 100 Shields : 125 Armor : 200 Energy : 200 Speed : 1.15 Passive : Plague gas The "Gas" status applied by this warframe's weapons and abilities will be replaced with "plague gas", which upon application, will inflict d
  4. 2 different troop ships, the dargyn and the tusk thumper. The unit transport ship is that kind of single wheel transport vehicle
  5. I know that for this type of idea it would be appropriate to also include images, but being that I am as good at drawing as a lame is good at running, I will try to express my idea in words. Right now, we "have" about 4 vehicles on PoE, and 2 on Fortuna, and of those only 1 drivable, and it is PoE, and I think it would be nice if other vehicles were introduced in both maps, which could be spawn on the spot, or spin around the map, and they could be quietly "borrowed" (stolen) to drive them from us (and some ideas I came up with reading a post on this forum, of a player who wanted other ve
  6. I like your idea, and I think this warframe accompanied by octavia could be both fun and good to use.
  7. Name : Ijon Gender : Male Description : An old secret Orokin project that never reached mass production, this warframe, unlike the others, is largely composed of void energy, and only an outer shell made of the material of common warframes. Ijon dominates the energy of the void, thanks to which he is able to kill most of the enemies on the battlefield, and those who survive will be reduced to miserable slaves. Stats (Rank 0) Hp : 125 Shields : 175 Armor : 375 Energy : 200 Speed : 1.10 Passive : When Ijon takes damage, he will release a pursuit proj
  8. This is interesting, I'll put this passive over the current one. I don't see big differences between your proposed ability, and Taisen's 1st ability if used when in the air, maybe at most your idea would be faster to use, but the fact that it increases the distance with each use combined with the fixed radius, a in the long run it could cause problems (problems like you land too far away from where you wanted to go and end up in the water, or you land inside the bubble of a nullifier). I think I'll discard your idea.
  9. The warframe could also be insectoid, it would be enough to slightly change the descriptions (instead of the thrusters it would have a higher muscle mass, and instead of the anti-gravity engine it would have some sort of wings). I know that the 1st ability is very reminiscent of the 1st of zephyr, and I did it on purpose, as it is impossible to detach the warframe theme from such a skill, but despite having thought for hours, I still do not understand which of Taisen's abilities, you associate with the 4th of zephyr, which in short creates tornadoes that suck and damage enemies, with t
  10. Name : Taisen Gender : Female Description : Very agile warframe that uses thrusters to make jumps that other warframes could not perform, and this peculiarity allows it to lash out at enemies, and move with extreme agility in every possible environment. Taisen is also equipped with experimental Orokin technology, which allows her to ignore gravity and perform horizontal jumps. Stats (Rank 0) Hp : 150 Shields : 100 Armor : 150 Energy : 175 Speed : 1.15 Passive : When you perform a bullet jump, any enemy within 7 meters of you will be lifted into the
  11. Name : Sabit Gender : Neutral Description : Abandoned after the war, Sabit adapted to the environment, and lived in landfills for a long time, where he learned the ability to convert scraps into armor, which you can use for his skills. Stats (Rank 0) Hp : 350 (Rank 30 : 1.750) Shields : 0 Armor : 600 (Rank 30 : 1.200) Energy : 0 Speed : 1.00 Passive : When Sabit hits an enemy, it will have the option to remove part of enemies armor or maximum shields, which she can then collect to heal itself, and accumulate secondary armor, which will increase defe
  12. Thank you for bringing me back to the harsh reality, and killing my dream, you are a really nice person ...
  13. What? What I have in mind, and I want to ask you if it would be possible, is the existence of derivative warframers, which would be warframers that were heavily modified during the old war, resulting not a variable of a warframer, but a warframer in itself. If I can get a better idea, go to my index of ideas (which should be on the 3rd or 4th page of the forum), and read the "lore" about a warframer I have created, called "Pror". What could it lead to? The possibility of the existence of derivative warframes could give the possibility of creating warframers with a sort of relati
  14. For switching from one warframe to another, I thought that if I am with Alpha, and I am aiming for Beta and I press 5 (for you you know what and I avoid saying for spoilers), I will automatically switch to Beta, and to facilitate this, I thought that it could be done that when you target a warframer that you are not controlling, it will remain in position, and you can easily pass through it, also because the radius for the transport would be very high (about 50 meters). In practice, when I exit the warframe I was controlling, it will be able to move, and it will be "sentient" as Umbra,
  15. If you have more beautiful names in mind, go ahead and tell them, because I admit that I have no great imagination with names.
  16. I thought about it, but then I said no, I didn't like it very much. Omega knows a lot about something very destructive, while (you will see it soon, when I finish editing the post) Orokin I see it as something more ancient, and something serious, and that reflects my idea a little more.
  17. Premise. This is purely an experiment, so it will be sketchy and without precise statistics, but I still hope to be able to make the idea. Name : Alfa | Beta | Gamma | Delta Gender : neutral Description : A single warframe, separated into 4 different, independent bodies, but linked together under the command of a single tenno. Stats Alfa (Command | fire) Beta (Aggressive attack | toxin) Gamma (Support | ice) Delta (Protection | electric) Passives Alfa : As long as they are alive, Alpha's companions (and Alpha himself) will recei
  18. Right now, the kitgun we have, are of corpus and infested origin, and they are cute and also powerful, but I don't know about you, I would also like to see versions of kitgun grineer, which would be much more rudimentary and brute (so no weapons a beam or energy shots, but nails, bullets, iron sticks and harpoons). The parts of the kitgun grineer would not be compatible with some parts of the kitgun corpus and infested, but there would be a logical reason behind it. The kitgun corpus and infested, have some serious technology inside, while the kitgun grineer would be much, much more raw and me
  19. Name : Pulen Gender : Male Description : An elite soldier who stood up in the war against the sentient. he is balanced in agility and defense, and his skills are always effective. Pulen is always accompanied by Wolf, a multi-role drone for attack and support that can prove vital during a mission. Stats (Rank 0) Hp : 150 Shields : 150 Armor : 350 Energy : 175 Speed : 1.15 Passive : Pulen is always accompanied by a heavy multirole drone named Wolf. Wolf will autonomously attack enemies, and improves Pulen's shield regeneration while alive. If Wolf is
  20. The main theme would be double, both infested and tau. At the level of playstile it would be an ideal warframe for people who don't know how to take, being that it has both damage and defense skills, nuke (has no support), and what I would like to convey / do, is to make it possible. existence of tau-infested hybrid creatures. On the other hand, there are already amalgams, which are corpus-sentient hybrids, and I believe that a special variant of infested enemies, which would be a tau-infested hybrid, could be the beginning of something that could lead to possible new types of missions
  21. What I had in mind is that the impulses of tau energy, fry the brains and circuits of the enemies, making them become some sort of servants, a bit like with the 1st revenant ability, but a little different, because the tau energy it would cause them serious damage, so they would be slower, and would attack in melee. They would basically become zombies.
  22. If I can say my opinion, the fundamental problem with Rhino's 2nd is that you don't have time to reactivate it when it ends, because they destroy you, because there is a build that allows you to get iron skin to values over 1 million hp, but if one is not very careful, one risks dying as soon as the skill ends. I would therefore recommend adding 1 second of invulnerability as soon as the iron skin is destroyed, a bit like the time of invulnerability that Nezha gets when his 3rd is destroyed, so as to give you time to reactivate it without always being anxious.
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