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  1. Look up WAV and FLAC. They last longer than Records ever will and have the same fidelity ;) ------- Anyways, all DE has to do is open up a bandcamp, load up the files there. The magic of Bandcamp is that you can upload FLAC, WAV, and AIFF formats at their 192k, and Bandcamp will provide downloads from equivalent quality down AND convert them if necessary. Quoting their FAQ: DE has absolutely no excuse for it.
  2. The problem here is, just how many people collect records? What percentile of Warframe players? Perhaps an absolute maximum of five percent, if we're pushing it to an extreme? This isn't a case of trying to sell a super car, where you're providing a luxury to those who could only afford it. This is music that an enormous amount of people would like to own.
  3. "Included with the Vinyl purchase." This is similar to Payday 2's merch purchase of "Buy a Kawaii Skulldozer Bobblehead and get the Skulldozer Mask ingame exclusive." If you purchase the Vinyl for a Digital download, now you have an overpriced coaster to go along with your digital download. Or you could just drop a 20 dollar purchase or so on a pure digital download, if they chose to make it that.
  4. And it's only on Vinyl Realtalk though, what the hell? I'd give my left nut for a proper digital download of both albums, but we seriously need to drop 36 bucks on what's an essentially obsolete physical media format to acquire that? (And I know some people will jump on some sort of bandwagon about how "Vinyl is the only way to get the true sound of music" even though you get the same experience with FLAC.)
  5. As a man who's played an excessive amount of Hydroid, he's a frame designed around Area Denial, ala Vauban, except with more RNG and buggier physics involved that DE refuses to work on. 1 - Is the coolest ability from a thematic standpoint. Run high range, high duration with the augment and dump it all over an area. Not only do you get the impact knockdown procs, but you get corrosive procs across an entire area. It's highly unlikely, statistically speaking, that 1 will miss any given enemy that walks through the area, and this low chance is already greatly lessened with higher range because of it affecting impact point radius. 2 - Is not a mobility device. It serves two purposes. Firstly: It corrals enemies towards a given area, like an anti-pull. This is good for shoving things that aren't good to have in a given radius of people or objects away from them, like particular Eximi or splitting up healing ancients. Second: Its augment allows for a status immunization and removal, like a Saryn molt. 3 - Serves three purposes. First: Clean up an area of melee combatants and provide a large barrier that others cannot pass. (Enemies register swallowed enemies as physical objects and cannot path around them Second: Its augment allows for some beneficial healing to team members and the hydroid using it, which given there's a short supply of team members that can effectively heal and the Trinity range nerf, this can be useful in some emergencies. Third: Releasing enemies from the pool means they have to get back up off the ground, giving you plenty of room to reorient yourself or kill them 4 - Serves a similar purpose to his barrage. It's a radial area denial, they're just really poorly designed and have a tough time actually grabbing targets that pass over them. With pilfering swarm and a nekros, you're running triple drops. It's less that he's weak and more that people don't realize that he's actually a support frame in the effectiveness of an area denial frame. He's not intended to do damage, he's intended to slow down an area. And if you think not doing a ton of damage makes him a bad frame, you've essentially said Trinity and Loki are terrible frames.
  6. Are we getting any story for corpus here soon? I understand the Gradivus Dilemma erred towards Grineer, but it's not as if the Corpus stagnated this whole time, certainly evident by the Bursas. Much of the stuff here seems to be so heavily focused on war with the Grineer that, even with us crippling some of their largest machinations, continue to pull out a bigger and badder threat. There's only been one design that we've poked a hole in for the Corpus, and that was that Jackal 2.0 that slapped us around a few months back. More stuff from Darvo, Nef, or even some other faces for the Corpus would be nice. Fresh faces have learned much about grineer, but all most know is that Corpus are trade junkies with a penchant for tech, lasers, and robots. Also, new Simaris scan target when?
  7. When is Hydroid going to get his 4 looked at? The whole ability is so buggy that it just doesn't feel good in placement.
  8. If I might ask a rather important question in terms of unmentioned frames, When will Hydroid get his tentacle swarm looked at? The quality of life change for replacing them is nice, but they honestly need a full on change. It's THE buggiest ability in the game, and it could honestly do to have a bit more power or utility under its belt to separate it from Zephyr's tornado.
  9. As much as I love to hope and have faith, I still feel a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach in all this. That feeling that kind of precedes bad things to come. Just don't forget, you guys are playing in the mouth of a horrible beast now. Hopefully the player base will have more vigilant eyes than that beast, because if we do, any tomfoolery will immediately be called out. As a player, I hate to use the terms "I expect," and "We expect," considering biting the hand that feeds us, but... I expect you to keep up your relations with the community I expect you to keep on track with your original intentions for the game, both design and gameplay. I expect you to keep your standards as high as they sit a month ago, and aim slightly higher. Because even if this goes sour, and even if this is a calm before that final storm where PWE pulls a bait and switch on us all, I want to remember DE as the warrior of hope in a land of death, dishonor, and immorality. This is the only free to play game I've seen to be this popular with such an insignificant amount of "Freemium" monetization, and as such, I will follow you wherever you go. You have my sword. Mind you, this may just be me blowing things way out of proportion, but DE is one of those few companies that I can honestly say cares about their community and keeps an eye out for what they have to say, and there's a small desperation to be had in keeping that. The gaming world is run by greedy corporations as of late, so the few companies that put community along side income in necessity find a nice spot in my "don't watch it self destruct today" list. So if you don't mind me, I will be watching carefully, waiting this out, waiting for lucky 14 to hit, curled up with a fifty gallon drum of mint icecream and a week's worth of soap opera's to cushion me when it's 13.9."Not14".1 instead.
  10. GMOD is one of my more entertaining mediums, props are a pain to manipulate, and very little of warframe is ported over. Wish I had their models in SFM to work with, but nonetheless, heregoes. Banshee's welcome party.