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  1. There's four places for pods/modules in the Transference/Operator room of the ship. I believe one should be the Disciple Drive, a device used to teach and broadcast the teaching of the five ways to companions and allies. How it works: 1: Players may equip focus lenses on Sentinels, Kavats, Kubrows, and Moas. 2: This accrues Companion Focus, which feeds into a shallow tree that provides some additional abilities that compliment the Operator in their tasks. 3: When the "Crew" system is expanded, focus lenses can be added to crew members so they accrue Crew Focus, which has a different tree that allows crew to be more supportive. This applies to all allies, so entities like rescue targets and Kavor defectors will also gain a slight boost. I don't know if they use the same focus at the operator, or they can choose one independently. Does this seem like a fun, useful, and compelling feature? Do we need this sort of boost for our non-player allies? What sorts of things would you add to each of the five ways?
  2. Yeah after 2 tries that didn't go far, and reading the comments here, this is more frustrating than inventive. As a game developer I say this is fake difficulty that has a poor user experience. This is the Deadly Towers of Nightwaves--yes there's a great idea in there somewhere, but the presentation is frustrating and poorly explained.
  3. And be careful, r and n together on some email client fonts looks like an m. Be on the lookout for emails from Warfrarne!
  4. For as much as there is to do in the game, even with most items mastered and most things filled in, I'm definitely a fan of quality over quantity. I want content that is meaningful that hits like the first time one plays Second Dream and other major parts of the storyline. Move too fast without looking back and we get stuck with lame stuff like The Sergeant as a long-time boss. Even if Nightwaves are temporary, how they add to and advance our understanding of the Warframe universe should be extremely meaningful. If it takes 6 months plus any pre-planning before the intermission, so be it, but if it delivers the goods then it is well worth the wait.
  5. Salvaged from parts of frames that were being designed by the precursor to the Quills to exhibit the power of each separate school of Focus, the -Broken Warframe- is powered by the techniques and training that the Operator has developed, allowing them to exhibit those powers through the frame instead of when separated from it as the Operator. Features: Maximum Frame Level 40 - -Broken Frame- is capable of being enhanced from 30 to 40 with applications of Forma, similar to Paracesis and Kuva weaponry. All forms of Forma apply to this, including Umbra and Stance Forma. Innate Energy Regeneration - When abilities have not been used for 1 second, energy slowly replenishes at 1% per second, ramping up to 2.5% per second after 5 seconds. As a tradeoff, -Broken Frame- is among the lower energy pools of all frames. This % applies to increased energy from mods. Unique Slam - -Broken Frame- takes no falling damage, and long falls or ground slams now release an effect based on the school selected. Innate Slam - If no melee weapon is equipped, an attack that does 100 void damage in a 5m radius is used instead when a player attempts to slam attack. 0% crit and status chance, and 5 energy is consumed. Unique Divekick, Slide, and Bullet Jump - Performing these will provide an additional effect based on the school selected. Unique Bleedout and Recovery - All forms of -Broken Frame- have a way to recover themselves from bleedout. In Bleedout, -Broken Frame- may also swap between their Secondary weapon and Amp. Umbra Capable - Able to equip Umbra slots with a standard Forma, though none are provided by default. Waybound Enhancement - All waybounds apply to -Broken Frame-, making a master of the five ways into the most powerful possible -Broken Frame- user. Increase Affinity - For whatever school is currently active, affinity gain is a baseline of 1%. This can be increased with a Nirvan Lens (2%), Greater Nirvan Lens (3.5%), and Eidolon Nirvan Lens (5%). As a tradeoff, -Broken Frame- may not accept any single school’s focus lens. Selective Focus - Once -Broken Frame- has been built and obtained to the inventory, the ability to set the power of non-waybound abilities is added, rather than being forced to use the maximum level of any Focus ability. This allows for optimal customization, as some school abilities may not be wanted at full level, like Void Radiance increasing the cost of the ability for an effect that the player may not want for their build. Passive Augmentation - Passive abilities for the school that aren’t used in any abilities are also affected by mods. Limitations: Cannot be purchased. Only doing the Nirvan quest grants access to -Broken Frame-. May only use Nirvan focus lenses. Abilities: Abilities utilize the nodes that are active for the selected way. All five configurations use abilities designed under the same general pattern. Ability 1: Void Dash - This is an enhanced version of the school’s Void Dash abilities, and it gains the 2x/4x modifier for successive use. Strength mods affect damage and effect intensity, duration makes it go further, range increases the area of effect. Ability 2: Void Blast - This is an enhanced version of the Void Blast ability, using mods to further enhance damage, range, effect, and duration. The default range is much further than a Void Blast normally reaches. Ability 3: Void Mode - This is a togglable enhanced version of Void Mode, allowing for prolonged stealth as needed. Unlike the operator version, taking combat actions will not break stealth, though it will deplete energy faster when using weapons for non-finisher attacks. Ability 4: Void Augment - This shares passive abilities to allies within Affinity range while adding some other effects, lasting 1 minute, and is enhanced by Strength and Duration mods. Ability 5: Overcharge. This ability charges up slowly over the mission, faster with kills and successful use of abilities. Once it is above 50% it may be activated, though it will not last as long or have maximum effect unless it is activated at 100%. Overcharge can get to as high as 300%, where every Forma added to the frame increases the maximum storage by +40%. The burn rate while active is 5% per second, regardless of focus equipped or Efficiency mods. Overcharge allows Blast and Dash to be used freely, and the non-stealth effects of the Void Mode ability are active, along with the Void Augment ability. Madurai - The burning spirit of war, the wings of the phoenix. -Broken Frame- Madurai practitioners bring a pyroclastic fury that leaves nothing but bones and ash in its wake. 1: Starfire Dash - This Void Dash ability uses the combined skills of Blazing and Meteoric Dash, amplifying both separately. This stuns enemies with a guaranteed Fire proc instead of displacing them. Duration and Range both affect distance, Range affects width of the fire trail, and Duration affects the longevity of the fire trail. 2: Phoenix Blast - This Void Blast ability uses the combined skills of Flame Blast and Rising Blast, amplifying both separately. Duration reduces charge time and increases the travel time of Flame Blast, and Range increases the travel speed. 3: Prismatic Void - This Void Mode ability combines Void Radiance and Void Strike, with some extra utility added by preventing Void Strike benefits from diminishing when attacking from Void Mode. Void Radiance is changed to an upfront energy cost increase, and is guaranteed to activate upon ending Prismatic Void. Strength increases Void Strike amplification, and both Duration and Range affect Void Radiance. 4: Phoenix Call - Phoenix Spirit and Phoenix Talons passive abilities are applied to allies, and each ally within the affinity radius increases the effect by 10%. Strength increases the total damage boost, but not the +10% multiplier per ally in range. 5: Fiery Uprising - Burn with a fury that lights the night sky ablaze, turning the force of a small squad into the conflagrating torch that incinerates foes of the Tenno. Phoenix Call is active with double the bonus for squadmates in range. 10% of damage dealt by affected players is converted to True damage, to bypass resistances. All enemies within 5 meters become blinded while in proximity. Range affects this radius. Phoenix Blast uses the maximum charge instantly. Additional Void damage is added based on half the Heat damage dealt, including weapons and mod abilities like Firewalker. Void Strike charges accumulate up to 30, and do not diminish until Phoenix Uprising has run out. Bleedout causes a wave of 500 Void 500 Heat damage flames to ripple out 10m from -Broken Frame- at 1 second intervals, while the downed -Broken Frame- has full access to their Amp. Inflicting damage to enemies charges the Overcharge meter, and that gain rate is doubled by any damage dealt by ripples. Every 1000 amp damage or 500 ripple adds 1% Overcharge. If Overcharge reaches 100% before bleedout ends, or increases by 50% from start of bleedout before bleedout ends, Overcharge activates, and -Broken Frame- returns to full health with invulnerability to all damage until Overcharge ends. Bullet Jump and Slide leave behind a trail of fire for 2 seconds, dealing 50 Void and 50 Heat damage every second. No more than 50m of total fire trail may exist. Strength affects damage dealt. Range increases the fire trail max length. Divekick procs burst, dealing 100 Burst damage, 50 Heat damage, and 50 Void damage. Strength affects damage dealt. Slam is guaranteed to proc 20 Heat damage over 2.5s and add 10% damage vulnerability on enemies that are hit for 2.5s. Strength increases damage dealt and vulnerability added. Duration affects damage and vulnerability length. When Phoenix Call is not active, Phoenix Spirit and Phoenix Talons provide their passive benefit to -Broken Frame-, and are affected by Strength mods. Inner Gaze and Eternal Gaze are affected by Strength mods, increasing both Amp Energy and Regeneration Rate beyond what the Amp has available. Vazarin - The caring spirit, in tune and balanced with the unseen tides of the void. Their presence is a boon and a blessing to all who the Tenno seek to preserve. 1: Defensive Rush - This Void Dash ability combines Protective Dash and Sonic Dash, using both at once rather than overriding Protective Dash. Immunity and length of healing bonus are extended by Duration. Strength a small impact on healing bonus. Shockwave width and stun duration are affected by range and duration. 2: Aegis Blast - This Void Blast ability combines Guardian Shell and Guardian Blast. Efficiency reduces energy cost for hitting allies while Guardian Blast is enabled. Increased range affects distance for shielding allies. Strength affects damage absorption and overshields granted. 3: Hidden Boon - This Void Mode ability combines Void Regen and Void Aegis. Additionally, non-companion allies increase the radius slightly while in proximity. Health per second and energy cost for Void Regen are both affected by strength. Duration increases the speed of bubble growth for Void Aegis. Range affects both the radius and ally proximity increase. 4: Blessing of Tides - This increases health and health regeneration by the amounts specified in Rejuvenating and Enduring Tides waybound abilities for everyone within the affinity radius. Any allies, companions, and mission objectives in a bleedout state within Affinity radius are revived, up to 5 per mission. Strength mods affect health regeneration, but not increased health. 5: Guardian Aegis - Calling upon the vast protective and restorative power that can be accessed by tapping into the lifestream entwined with the void, the true nature of Vazarin is released. All allies within Affinity radius get their own Void Aegis shield. Defensive Dash and Aegis Boon are free to use, and Blessing of Tides is automatically active. All revives are instant. All Mending Soul and Blessing of Tides charges refresh at the end of Guardian Aegis. Bleedout causes a shield bubble to emit from -Broken Frame-. This attracts nearby enemies, who attack it with everything. If the enemies can keep up a rate of 100 damage per second, and at least one hit per second, the shield gains power, needing 20 units of power before bleedout expires to revive -Broken Frame-. Upon being restored, -Broken Frame- releases the power of the shield bubble, causing knockback and 100% radiation proc for 100 damage to enemies within 25m (affected by Range). Any downed allies within the exploded bubble’s range are also revived. Bullet Jump and Slide heals 10 health per second for 3 seconds, and applies the heal to any allies passed by within 2m or within the bullet jump burst radius. This can’t activate more than once every 5 seconds. Divekick grants 50 overshield, up to a maximum of 250, for each enemy hit in a single divekick. This lasts up to 10 seconds, and the timer is refreshed on additional divekicks, but will not be replenished or replaced by a higher value unless a divekick hitting equal or greater targets is performed. Slam Attack provides temporary overshield to self and allies within the radius, based on distance traveled on the slam. Rejuvenating and Enduring Tides, including increases from mods, are active at all times for -Broken Frame-. Strength mods affect the number of instant revives from Mending Soul. Affinity range increase from Mending Unity is affected by Range mods. Naramon - The bloodied blade of darkest night, sundering flesh and steel with unrelenting precision and unseen grace. 1: Blade Dash - This Void Dash combines Executing and Surging Dash, increasing both damage and applied vulnerability. Finisher vulnerability affected by Strength. Range affects Surging Dash range increase. 2: Chaotic Blast - This Void Blast combines Disorienting and Disarming Blast, improving the chances of one or both triggering. Either confusion or disarm will always happen if both nodes are full, and the chance to have both apply is possible with increased Strength. Strength and Range affect the distance of weapons that get displaced when disarmed. Strength and Duration affect the length of confusion. 3: Void Assassin - Combines Void Stalker and Void Hunter passives, sharing enemy positions and critical bonus to allies. Any enemies spotted by Void Hunter will have their positions revealed to allies, and enemies are recolored red to signify friend from foe when looking at outlines through walls. Allies within affinity radius hit revealed enemies with the same bonus Critical Chance as the user’s Void Stalker. Strength affects Critical Chance. Duration affects the maximum seconds that the Critical Chance and enemy reveal properties may accumulate. Range affects reveal distance. 4: Hastened Mind - All allies within Affinity radius receive the benefits of Mind Sprint and Mind Step waybound abilities. Additionally bullet jump, slide, and roll travel faster/farther, and aim glide is increased, relative to the Mind Sprint bonus. Melee combo count also accumulates twice as fast while this is active. Strength increases movement speed. Range increases the speed/distance of all affected abilities. 5: Grim Reaper - Become the nightmare of shadowed brutality that haunts the inner depths of primal fear, wielding the exalted Void Scythe to rip the souls out of the enemy. Void Scythe finishers are performed in 0.1 sec on the first hit, and follow up finishers take 0.3 sec apiece. Void Scythe will teleport to the nearest enemy exposed to Finisher after killing an enemy. When an enemy is slain with a Finisher, Void damage projectiles that deal equal damage to the finisher hit enemies within 5 meters and make them vulnerable to Finishers. Each consecutive hit on an enemy will expose followup hits to +5% True damage. Void Assassin is automatically active, including void mode activation while not attacking. Every kill produces a Health orb. Bleedout causes a shadow of -Broken Frame- to appear, invisible to enemies, with a Void Scythe that only performs finishers and leaves slain enemies in a permanent stunned state. Void Dash can be performed at a very short range, but costs no energy. Slam, jumpkick, and bullet jump, also open finishers. When 7 enemies are stunned in this way, their life essence is stolen into the shadow, which merges back into the revived -Broken Frame- and provides 300% melee damage for 0.1sec * sum of levels of the 7 enemies slain. Passing by enemies within 2m during Bullet Jump and Slide disorient enemies, with a 10% chance to knockdown, 10% to confuse, and 10% chance to disarm. Only one will proc per enemy, and lasts 3 seconds (disarm only knocks the weapon 5m away so the enemy can quickly recover it). Double the chances if the enemy is caught in a Bullet Jump burst radius. Divekick is guaranteed to knock down enemies hit, with a minimum 35% chance to disarm, and disarm chances increase with Strength and kick velocity. Kick velocity also determines disarm distance. Slam Attack confuses enemies for 2 seconds, and one attack dealt by confused enemies on other enemies, per enemy dealing an attack, is added to melee combo. Hastened Mind speed increases from mods are applied at all times to -Broken Frame-. Affinity Spike increase is amplified by Strength. Duration increases the length between Power Spike degradation intervals. Unairu - Terrestrial sturdiness woven into perfect form gives the Unairu practitioner and their allies the ironclad will to endure and outlast vast armies with little effort. 1: Ruinous Charge - This combines Crippling and Sundering Dash, allowing for the mightiest of foes to be brought down with ease. Armor and Damage reduction is affected by Strength. Armor reduction diminishing returns are unaffected by Strength. Maximum damage reduction is 85%. 2: Polarized Shrapnel - Combines Magnetic Blast and Unairu Wisp. Instead of summoning a wisp, a successful wisp proc sends out damage buffs to all allies within affinity radius, halving the effect for allies who are not using their Operator or -Broken Frame-. Duration affects both Magnetic Blast and Wisp effect lengths. Strength increases damage bonuses. 3: Transparent Guard - This Void Mode combines Void Chrysalis and Void Shadow. Maximum damage resistance with Strength mods is 95%. Duration reduces the increased energy cost per additional ally. 4: Basilisk Resolve - This combines Basilisk Scales and Basilisk Gaze to apply to all allies in affinity radius, halving the effect for allies who are not using their Operator or -Broken Frame-. All projectiles and area-of-effect abilities have collision/size scaled up based on the bonus from Basilisk Gaze, as well as melee range increasing along similar lines. Range affects this size increase. 5: Basilisk Fortress - The balance of defense is tilted in a way that few enemies can overcome. Ruinous Charge and Polarized Sharpnel are free to use. Ally damage taken is reduced by the amount Void Chrysalis provides. All allies gain the Damage Returned feature of Void Spines (the added % is based on their own armor). Any ally within the affinity radius who stands still (including performing a hack or revive) is void invisible. Bleedout causes a swarm of crystalline shards to appear, which are controlled by the player. Left Click performs a dash, Right Click allows the swarm to attach to a target. Attaching to an ally or defense objective grants them defense and overshield, attaching to an enemy causes hits to drain their shields, armor, and health, and absorbs projectiles they fire. Once 20 attacks have been resisted, or 20 hits on debuffed enemies have occurred, -Broken Frame- is revived and immune to all attacks for 10 seconds. Bullet Jump and Slide cause enemies passed by within 2m to lose 0.1% armor per -Broken Frame-’s current armor. Enemies hit within the Bullet Jump burst radius are hit with Impact damage and guaranteed proc, where damage is 25% of the frame’s current armor. Divekick hits enemies for Impact damage, with a guaranteed Impact proc, dealing damage based on 50% of -Broken Frame-’s current armor, and destroying 0.1% armor per -Broken Frame-’s current armor. Slam attack hits enemies with a guaranteed Impact proc, and knocks them upwards at 10% the distance of the slam. Strength and Range increases the distance and hang-time. Void Spines and Stone Skin are enhanced by Strength, and 1% of total armor is also added to damage returned, which is affected by Strength mods. Basilisk Scales armor increase is affected by Strength mods. Basilisk Gaze blast range is increased by Range mods. Zenurik - Become the brilliant flash of deadly lightning, and the devastating thunderclap that follows, which stuns and strikes foes of the Tenno using energized efficiency. 1: Voltaic Streak - This Void Dash ability combines Energizing Dash and Lightning Dash. Energy zone duration is affected by Duration mods, but not the length of the energy regeneration effect. Range mods affect the distance of the lightning ball. Strength mods increase the Electricity damage dealt. 2: Electrifying Blast - This Void Blast ability combines Temporal and Voltaic Blast. Slowing has a maximum cap of 95% when affected by Strength mods. Slowing effect is increased by Duration mods. Electricity blast range is affected by Range mods. 3: Void Entanglement - This Void Mode ability combines Void Static and Singularity. This stuns Grineer Sensor Regulators without tripping them, for better use in stealth operations. Instead of one pulse, the damage effects are converted to a radial aura that follows -Broken Frame- while void stealth is engaged. Aura damage frequency is affected by Duration mods. 4: Supercapacitor - This uses Void Siphon and Void Flow waybound abilities, applying the effects at 100% for allies who are also -Broken Frame- or using their Operator. Half the maximum energy, and 1 energy per 15% of Void Flow per second, is provided to all other allies. Energy maximum increase is affected by Strength mods. Other forms of energy restoration are amplified by Void Siphon’s increased regeneration amount. 5: Terawatt Dynamo - Converting latent void energy into pure power, Zenurik releases electrical rage with unrelenting purity of purpose. Void Entanglement’s damage and attraction are active. Electrifying Blast and Void Entanglement effects are guaranteed to proc Electricity status effect. Channeling Melee attacks add 5x combo per hit, and gains an additional 25% Electricity and 25% Void damage. Bleedout has a 20 second delay before it begins, where the screen color and audio changes, but 0 Health has not yet taken effect, and healing no longer occurs. During this time, only Voltaic Streak and automatically-channeled Melee attacks are available. 5 power nodes spawn nearby, each must be struck by -Broken Frame- to absorb its energy, which can be done with the built-in slam if no melee weapon is present. If all 5 are struck, bleedout is avoided, -Broken Frame- is fully restored, and both Voltaic Streak and melee channeling are free to use for 20 seconds. Failure results in the usual downed state for 45 seconds. Bullet Jump and Slide are changed to produce a surrounding energy field, extending 2m, dealing 100 Electricity damage to enemies and restoring 10 energy to allies on contact. Divekick produces a spark of arcing Electricity damage with a guaranteed proc, where the velocity determines damage and range that arcs reach out. Slam Attack pulls enemies in, then pops them straight up in a small cluster. Every enemy pulled in adds 10% damage to melee attacks, lasting for 0.25s per enemy. Void Siphon only provides 25% effect while Supercapacitor is inactive. Void Flow is affected by mods that increase energy. Inner Might provides +5/10/15/20/25/30% Electricity damage to all channeling melee attacks. Energy Pulse is affected by Strength and Duration mods.
  6. Oh man the community DESTROYED my concept for something like that a while back. I hope the powers that be see it in a better light this time!
  7. How about a Tarot-themed or Card-themed frame? There's a few ideas I've thought of with this: 1) Shuffle & Draw. This version uses an ability that shuffles the deck, then draws 3 cards. The drawn cards provide buffs for the player and their allies, and remain around the frame (perhaps circling their hand). Each suit and unique card correlates with a different buff and ability, while the number on a suited card determines the cost and power of the ability. 2, 3, and 4 activate the card's use ability. Pressing and holding 2, 3, or 4 for a couple seconds will discard that card, and a new one will be drawn. It could have a limiter in place to prevent 2 of the same suit from being up at once. - The good in this is that you have a frame with more variability and dynamic opportunities. It may take some discarding, but a player can eventually lock in a set of cards that they like, and will keep them til the end of the mission or a death and revive. - The bad is that the lack of consistency means it is tougher to rely on any specific abilities, and allies have less of a specific idea what the frame will actually be providing. I expect players will spend time drawing til they get what they want. 2) Kill to Draw. An alternative is that the creatures they defeat determine the cards they draw, so players can discard and selectively get a card by killing a certain type of enemy. This might mean that certain buffs and debuffs only be possible when certain factions are being fought, and I don't think that is a problem, because it means the player will be getting abilities that specifically help with defeating their current opponents. Unique cards could be earned for bosses and special enemies, while suited cards could start at 1 and build up to 5--or whatever the upper-limit is--for repeat kills of the unit type which provides that card. This doesn't require ability 1 to be "draw" so this provides 4 abilities, but the hold ability number to discard mechanic can remain. - The good in this is that there's variance that is specific to the enemies being fought, so there's a bit of variance, but it should make them more adapted to the situation. - Despite that, the bad of not having a predictable set of abilities to use and buffs to provide can still make them awkward to play alongside. 3) Choose Your Hand. The player CHOOSES the cards. Holding the ability slot brings up a gear/emote selector with the cars which can be used at that level, and the player assigns them as needed. - The good is that it creates a very dynamic and adaptable frame, which can change as needed to match the situation. - Still, the bad is that you have no idea what the Tarot frame player is going to use unless they tell you. As a bonus, Prex could add to the frame's ability set, expanding beyond the basic suits. This creates a frame with an alternate, but hopefully meaningful, progression system. Or not, it could use the images from the Prex cards, though! Just as much as their gameplay capabilities, the emotes and roleplay elements should be pretty nice, even being able to do a Warframe Tarot reading in common areas or even mid-mission while you're waiting for the party slowpoke to make it to the boss battle trigger. Community artists could even make cool art with them, or DE could partner to have physical decks made and provided to donors as part of a charity event.
  8. Sadly don't think I could attend this year if I wanted to. But if I could, can I get the value of my VIP ticket from last year applied? I got the digital goods, but no shirt and swag as I had to keep my IRL Kavat from reaching 0% stability.
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