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  1. Yeah i was pretty exited to come farm the new Necrhamech to bring to regular mission. Guess il wait longer.
  2. Like OP i just kinda assumed they would package that in with a new Necramech hype.
  3. Its absolutely laughable. Upset that they have to use movement. In Warframe. Game built on acrobatic movement. Christ. Next up, why Cuphead sucks because i cant just run right and fire.
  4. I played Dark Souls recently and the gall of Form Software to force me to ROLL to avoid bosses attacks ! Smh bad game design. Why are they opressing me just using my shield ?
  5. Its a one and done boss fight with some variety to the usualy gameplay, mainly focusing on the acrobatic skills and movement of the player, rather of a test on how fast you can press "shoot" with your 10 forma Rubico and a 2000 plat riven. What is the big deal ? Can DE just make a riven/mods that kills bosses in one hit, so thes elite speedrunners dont have to waste time ? Its a fun platforming boss fight, made as a nice little finale to this seasons Nightwave.
  6. Yeah from the way these guys are talking, its as if this boss is the be all end all of Warframe progress, instead of a fun boss fight that tests your acrobatic abilites (ykow, cause its a space ninja game where movement is a big part of gameplay ?) Heaven forbid we cant just bring our 50 forma 2000 plat riven Rubico and one shot him. Boo hoo, diversity of gameplay !
  7. I didnt mind the clue hunt. But i can understand how it might be annoying. Now the spawning of glass enemies, thats annoying. Constant. Harrasment.
  8. 100% Would love to have Railjack expanded. Such a fun game type and so little to do. Aas of now, they are less than normal missions, due to the fact that there are just 5 invasion mission types, compared to the main games 19, 23 if you include railjack, archwing and open world/s bounties. So yeah, making them even "just normal missions" would be an enourmous improvement. And i pointed out bonus rewards, because nobody cares about invasions after completing the dojo weapon of their wanting. Hell 99% of them get autocompleted nowadays. And as a person who likes having
  9. Your damage status/proc changes kinda make me miss Damage 1.0 Sure it wasnt perfect with rainbow builds etc, but the fact that i actually cared enough to change my loadout, going from Corpus/infested and having slash weapon, to Grineer and having puncture weapon that used to ignore armor, to now Damage 2.x with just taking my weapon + riven + viral really makes me miss the old system. Also the sad fact of how melee changes just amounted to "#*!% go back". Reverting it all to how it originally was but with some boosts to base stats.
  10. Constant repetition of Exterminate, Defense, Survival and Sabotage is bad enough, repeating said missions 3 times in a row is even worse. Can we get some more spice into said missions so people would actually play them ? Add the rest of the game types, make battle pay the default reward and ADD bonus rewards for completing all three, like with Sorties. Relic packs, void traces etc. So that Fomorians and/or Razorbacks actually get built more often than in every 6 months (at best). Maybe add universal tokens to spawn in Invasion Missions, like they do in Syndicate ones. Make
  11. Sadly Free Roam is just empty. Like, totally empty. No enemies, no loot.
  12. Holy damn ! That capital class entrance is just amazing ! The sound design and the way it projects itself before warping in just makes it feel as if you are underwater and coming face to face with Cthulhu. When i first tried Elite, it felt like a glorified tech demo, where the world felt so shallow. So i quit. But seeing something so epic makes want to jump back in.
  13. Right now it feels so empty. It would be like if Warframe consisted of Earth with 1 mission type with the same enemies over and over. For how fun the gameplay of it is, its such an underutilised mode. DE has implimented so many cool things: Invasions, nighmare missions, different missions types, alerts, void fissures etc. Yet none of them make an appearence. How awesome would it be, fighting orokin drones for void fissures ? Or playing a man of war, fighting for the corpus or the grineer.
  14. This. Its a f2p game and every single open world area is left open ended. So yes. For the same reason we still keep adding Warframes. For the same reason there are any updates to the game at all. "Good enough" doesnt bring players and revenue to the game. And it doesnt keep those here hooked. I mean, by your logic, what would ever be the point of re-doing title sets ? Just bring back Corpus on grineer title sets.
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