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  1. There is much more things in RJ than people does not know because they refuse to stop rushing for just 2 seconds it really baffles me. Then all one reads is: clunky, horrible, bugged and so on. I know same as everyone else time is precious but, for me at least, in between a 5min run or a 6min run there is no difference, well there is a huge one: if you know when to hit the breaks to apply a hacking that will cost you 5sec to do, for example, that will make the mission 200% easier, why not do it every time?? Hell I converted once all the enemy base turrets in the whole map and it was like a Star Wars battle (I did this before NPC crewmates were a thing and my RJ ship wasn't that good) and it was fun and awesome. That's all about this in the end, it's a game and one plays it for fun and if you get efficient on top of it then the better. And no, I described a routine about hacking the missile turrets, once you know how to do that routine solo and in an efficient way it's far from slow, it's a huge advantage and help against boarding parties.
  2. Park the ship 6km away from the missile platform, get into your amesha or prefered AW, fly under the missile platform, use amesha 4th near the main platform door, press L to open the tactical map, hack all the missile turrets to your advantage (they will help you from now on destroying any possible enemy approaching the station), tp back to your ship, setup the NPC to pilot while you board the station. There are more things you can hack while fighting in AW like enemy turrets, turrets nest, etc. You get intrinsecs for doing it too. As for the NPC pilot moving while you are in the FA cannon, you need to zoom in while aiming for the NPC pilot to halt the ship in the position you might like to shot, as easy as that. You are the captain of your ship and you give orders to the NPCs, they are just waiting to know what you want to do :) , they already have a good AI but some final orders depends on you. Once you learn the routine and give the proper orders everything will go smooth.
  3. I'm answering to you, noone else, that's why I quoted you and only you. By no means I'm trying to derrail the thread or confuse anyone. I used to be a white knight of DE, still deep down I might still be, but as of right now the game has lost a big part of his "magic" for me. Too many things went south, to the point that consistency you're looking for is nowhere to be seen. Banshee is ok as she is, the ability works as intended, hell it should work for some other big bosses or annoying enemies like Tusk Thumpers too with similar DR mechanics but it does not, will you create a thread now asking for a buff for her instead?? Just let it go, it's a drop of water in the ocean at this point.
  4. Whoever is not stacking sonar with a Sonar focused build is doing it wrong, like really, what are you even trying to accomplish?? nerfing every single strong iteration that goes unnoticed by DE due to lack of proper testing and/or coding?? Again, it's not player's fault, players will always find a way to be as efficient as possible, bending the game mechanics to their favor as much as possible. You know an horrible iteration that has not been fixed in years and breaks the mood for people playing together that's way way more annoying?? Nekro's shadows eating Oberon's energy if you dare to want to buff everyone with heals and armor. There are more broken sinergies that should be prioritized over this isolated matter.
  5. What everyone is forgetting are invigorations, thats what's breaking the game and what everyone disliked since it was announced. Banshee sonar was always there and was always good, just invigorations amplified that ability beyond imagination and it was posted in the warframe reddit with screencap even. The warframe itself is good as it's. The OP post was lacking a lot of info letting everyone to go wild guessing things and things like this always ends up with stupid nerfs noone asked for due to misinformation, in this case lack of it imho.
  6. I'm with the OP here, an ingame combat log might be very handy. Lots of online games have it so it's not some crazy request. Also better than digging in temp files that are usually deleted after every new gameplay session. Easier to screencap too, if needed for some reason.
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