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  1. I've found another door issue @[DE]Momaw, this time related with the turret missile platform. A door closed due to lockdown when there are no alarms or hacking panels involved inside this Grineer base. Usually there are a few crates and containers inside this room and as much I've looked around trying to find something to hack or some hidden vent to get into it, I've found nothing. I always play RJ missions alone, at this time I'm used to the Flexa pulse door getting stuck from time to time but this one is new.
  2. I decided to craft the trophy in my dojo and when it finished I noticed it was missing the left arm, from shoulder to the wrist.
  3. Impossible to get ayatan star in the vertical treasure room that might appears commonly in any Ceres map. Under those tubes it's common for a crate or explosive barrel to spawn. White lines appearing in new Jupiter tilesets.
  4. Afaik It never got fixed, from time to time I check it and the problem is still there, if you don't Alt-tab then yea you can play in fullscreen, if you like trading or checking other things while playing, you're forced to Alt-tab more than 1 time so better use borderless mode instead or you risk getting a black screen at the very 1st one you do in fullscreen, forcing to Alt+F4 the game client.
  5. I'd say yes it's. The other not so reliable option is to have in your Plexus the RJ mod that make critical hits from your turrets to bypass shields, at a 50% chance, so you have the option there: Photor for 100% reliable way or let RNG play it for you using the mod.
  6. Enemies Electrical procs and damage is out of whack, meanwhile pets AI is broken as of right now. Sentinels are unable to keep up while fighting this new high level Corpus due to the broken amount of electrical procs thrown at your face. I'll add also I'm prone to having migrains and all this new electrical effects (white/blue colored) sure make for a very unpleasent experience, as much as I like RJ, I think DE forgot to have into consideration again the strong FX fireworks for this new enemies. A single electrical discharge from one of the new Ospreys can light up my whole room.
  7. Thanks for letting us to know what's going on with this matter, much appreciated. By the way @[DE]Zach, I'd check too the Protosomid Shoulder Guard at rank 25, lot of players claimed they did not get the extra credits too for that item. I can't remember if I got them also :/
  8. Same applies to the recently added Octavia Prime warframe, after maxing her and applying 2 Forma later she is still greyed out when I check my profile.
  9. Since update 29 this has been a thing: I agree some kind of memo is needed ingame so people is aware of this feature.
  10. Use K-drive, press F (or the key you have assigned to change from primary to secondary) while mounted in your K-drive to use your pistol, kill 10 enemies, done. As simple as that.
  11. I got 2 drops, 1 every 30min without any issue. At least that's what's shown in my Twitch drop window. Will need to check ingame later on after having dinner. Edit: I got 2 mails ingame, working fine so far.
  12. I really hate to raise up buried/forgotten threads but as of today the issue is still there, we are unable to find these enemies in the new Corpus ships. Better to raise up this old thread that creating a new one about the very same issue all over again.
  13. I won't get them, as they are now, they are expensive and full of filler items not worth the high cost they have. DE really needs to re-approach their bundles marketing, so many players upset with them as of right now, this issue has been dragging for a long time already.
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