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  1. I really hate to raise up buried/forgotten threads but as of today the issue is still there, we are unable to find these enemies in the new Corpus ships. Better to raise up this old thread that creating a new one about the very same issue all over again.
  2. I won't get them, as they are now, they are expensive and full of filler items not worth the high cost they have. DE really needs to re-approach their bundles marketing, so many players upset with them as of right now, this issue has been dragging for a long time already.
  3. Hard to say how I feel about the matter, I think "Sad" is the word I'm looking for. I own all frames normal and primed versions, I've spent hours coloring them to my likes. As a standalone user I do not have access to all the awesome fashion Warframe has to offer, still I've colored my beloved warframes with dedication and time, trying to find that balance in colors making them look awesome in their own way. I like to play them all eventually and just recently wanted to spend a couple days with my beloved Ember, like a child losing is favourite floof, I was about to cry when I saw my vibr
  4. @[DE]Megan@[DE]RebeccaFor the love of God, any possibility as a big quality of life change to fully dismiss the White flash bang grenades from Bursas and other enemies like the one from the Arenas in any of the 3 nodes in Sedna??? You can delete too the white screen loading at the start of a mission... This is coming from me as a photosensible person, prone to migrains/headhaches, in last extreme instance a seizure. But I'm sure more players will like those white screens to go away too or at least be changed to something way less agressive, a partial blackout/smoke distorting grenade or a
  5. Check your ingame options, you might have turned on the Creator mode option, this means it will hide any kind of sensible info (even your email turns into a bunch of ****************** when you're about to log in) that might be considered as spoilers in case you're a streamer or content video creator. It's not a bug. Gameplay tab in your ingame options. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Settings#Gameplay_
  6. Thank you very much for confirming something is not working as intended. Also thanks to everyone for being patient and provide your experience about the missing drop.
  7. After several days scavenging whole mission maps, opening every chest, cache and container along the whole star chart I'm with the OP on this matter, I was unable to find a single Amber star. Not sure if you still can get them as bounties rewards, still something is broken since latest big Arcana update as mentioned before.
  8. Thank you very much for all the hard work you do. My only issue with the game right now, leaving aside other more common bugs I'm sure others have reported already, is just with the annoying forced mouse focus in the search bar field. I'm used to fast check tabs with M or N at the end of a mission, not anymore. I'm used to press the Space bar to bypass the end of mission animation, not anymore. Why just why I'm almost obliged now to press Esc several times in a row or right click with my mouse in any other spot of the screen to do what I could do before with way less input on my keyb
  9. I'm on the same boat, got it no problem during Monday's stream after just 30min watching, yesterday I was 3 hours watching streamers playing warframe (even Marcus doing conservation >__<) and nothing :( So far Twitch drops never failed me, even during past tennocon big streams I got the drops later on due to lag but I got them. And yes I even checked twice my account config just in case there was something wrong, it wasn't.
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