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  1. Thank you very much for the reminder, much appreciated.
  2. Press H to change shoulder position of the camera.
  3. Amesha's 4th ability makes you invulnerable meanwhile your energy bar is NOT full, due how high is the damage from any RJ enemy that means you take a single hit, stay invincible 1 sec and if you don't cast your 1st ability you die almost instantly, something that happens commonly when facing crew-ships. So the perfect way to fight using Amesha in any RJ mission is hit 4, then 1 and then 3. That way you will stay alive long enough to cast your 4th again when only 2 or 3 hits are left from your 1st ability. Get hit, energy will be refilled to full cast your 1st again. That's the cycle. Amesha's 3rd ability slow down enemies. It's a toggle ability so you need to keep an eye on your energy bar or it will drain very fast. If there are no enemies nearby always disable it so your natural AW energy regen kicks in.
  4. Enemies hand grenades do that, they ruin any fun you can have during long missions. Past level 35+ Corpus grenades can already OHKO you, Grineer ones do that around level 60+.
  5. Happy Halloween everyone! Keep scaring and rocking hard 🖖
  6. I prefer a honed 95% of a playable game with some incoming hot-fixes later on than a 45% half-baked barely playable game. Take your time, rest when needed and keep rocking everyone at DE 🤘 Thanks for letting us what's going on @[DE]Rebecca
  7. Take a bath, you smell too much xD. You can't withstand yourself. Ask for some help to Hydroid ;)
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