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  1. Not my video but its handy and has easy instructions about how to do it: Far from being a hard challenge, annoying at times maybe but not hard.
  2. He he, no need to upload anything then. I'm with you when you say they seem to be in a weird spot but in the end I got used to them, maybe its an issue with bigger monitors, I don't know. I've never tried it but moving the UI in the in-game interface options changes the distance of the damage indicators??
  3. This feature already exist in the game, maybe you have not noticed it due to all the fireworks and particles but centered in your UI screen during combat, there are 2 transparent circles which center is the very same dot of your cross-hair, each of the circles has a specific color, blue for when you take damage to shields and red for when you take damage to health, they might be faint and hard to see when a single enemy is far away shooting at you but the part of the circle illuminated by taking damage indicates the direction, the more enemies shooting at you the easier is to see the pointed direction the circle is showing from where you are being shoot at. I'll post a screen-cap later on to show you how they are. OP uploaded his own image.
  4. Thank you very much for all your hard work during summer time! Triple pumping-up the water-gun, Grineers started trembling and some of them have run away already!
  5. I'm still confused about this mechanic, might you explain it a bit more in detail?? I see enemies using the water-gun in 3 ways: as a suppression gun firing so fast it seems they have a hidden fire rate buff, spreading shoots in an arc (this is the specialty of the Kavat Grineer unit if you stay more than a sec near her) or as a shotgun (the rest of the enemies, you get near by error and you lose 40-45 HP in a single hit).
  6. @[DE]Drew@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan This might be important for you to read.
  7. You have 9 days, plenty of hours 😄
  8. The only thing left for you is to play a bit with the Brightness/Contrast values as I showed you, the rest I understand what means to play using a laptop and how they overheat really fast when using it for gaming, not much else left for tweaking I guess.
  9. Might you be able to upload here some screen-caps with your in-game settings same as I did?? Also, have you tried verifying and optimizing through the launcher tool?
  10. Just for this as a start I'm already happy, keep fixing overly bright / intrusive / opaque FXs please. Just to keep naming a few weapons: The projectile impact creates a white blast FX that has nothing to do with the energy colors of the weapon: Plasmor Arca, Catchmoon, Their explosion FX with bright colors are extremely eye hurting and they can induce to headaches: both Simulor, Staticor. Fully opaque clouds don't let you see the enemies: Mutalist Cernos, Pox.
  11. Added my images in my very 1st post, tell me if the tweaks worked for you. Off-topic: I wish for DE to some day to fix the FX for weapons like Simulor, Staticor, Sonicor, etc. When other players use those with bright colors I'm forced to leave the mission sadly, there is no way for me to continue w/o having headaches or my eyes hurting badly (I see myself playing using sunglasses by the time I'll hunt Eidolons...)
  12. My god... how can you play in Fortuna like that?? I'm sensible to extreme bright lights and I had to look to the side just as soon as I took a look at your image. Are you sure you have tweaked properly the in-game options?? Fortuna should not look like that. Let me take some screen caps of how I see Fortuna and my in-game setting (nothing out of the ordinary, just lowered brightness mostly). I'll be back and edit this very same post in a while. And here there are my images: Just walked out from the elevator. Moved behind Fortuna entrance. My in-game settings.
  13. I read it fully, even so too many people didn't read the linked post and too many have issues still. The OP just should summit a ticket and wait to see what happens at this point.
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