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  1. 99% of the time I get the twitch drop no problem but this time after watching the stream during the whole hour I didn't got anything. Not a single time the green icon of twitch turned yellow saying I was afk. I had the game opened too checking the trade chat from time to time.
  2. Thanks. @[DE]MeganAny news about the Alt-Tab problem when playing in fullscreen breaking the game, leaving you with nasty stuff like black screen or weird resolutions unable to play or an endless loading screen (in case you did the alt-tab before entering a mission)???
  3. Maybe @[DE]Megan made a typo in the patch notes the other day. Just the quote: 😄
  4. Tranq gun makes noise, it does not matter if you put them to sleep, as soon as you use it the others will wake up. So far best results were with Loki and his syndicate silent mod.
  5. I'm sure I've not used those 3 codes before because I have a txt file where I save every code used. And I always check that list before attempting to use any new one. Those 3 ones were missing and that's why I tried them.
  6. Tried again early this morning, typed them manually, still they don't work and again I was warned after every attempt.
  7. Hi, tried to redeem those 3 codes, ingame said they were 1-Time use and already were used, got locked from further redeem codes... not sure how that works but I only tried 1 time per code so a total of 3 failed attempts. Tried through the website got a warning, again after trying 1 time each code for a total of 3 tries. (sigh) Might someone else confirm whats going on and if they are not global codes they shouldn't be in the list in 1st instance imho. I don't want my account blocked for an issue like this. Thanks in advance.
  8. I can see 6 or 7 Ember Noggles already, is she finally getting the so much needed rework?? High five!
  9. Thank you very much for this! It was messing up all my builds :S
  10. Any word about and the Itzal 4th ability broken now?? 😞
  11. Any word about the problem with elemental mods priority in archwing weapons, even in the archwing melee ones??? They are a total mess now producing wrong combinations of elements. Example: I want to use Radiation + Ice, so I put the 3 elemental mods top left: Electrical + Fire then the Ice mod, the weapon tool-tip shows my elemental damage combo as Magnetic damage (Electrical + Ice) + Fire. It was shocking to do some archwing missions (like the ongoing Fomorian) to notice I was doing the wrong elemental damage combo to enemies. Thanks for your hard work, keep rocking.
  12. I know I'm late to the party but all this melee changes... will make archwing melee weapons better?? will we be able to finally use "block" when in archwing melee mode?? I hope DE didnt forget us, those who love archwing missions.
  13. Be honest and say it for yourself, you don't like Archwing mode, fine. Don't touch it. But don't speak in the name of everyone because you are not right. I love the Archwing mode and I know a handful bunch of people that likes it too and we usually do missions together. What Archwing mode needs is more polish, more different types of missions, more weapons and more Archwing types, I'd love one specialized for underwater missions for example.
  14. @[DE]Rebecca Today I was late and couldn't watch the Dev-stream, the thing is, something is wrong because I can't load it from Twitch nor from YouTube (Yes I log into my account before even trying to watch the video). I'd like to watch it if possible, thanks.
  15. Thank you very much for your hard work! Keep rolling hard! High Five!
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