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  1. Hard to gauge if he could help them since they have a much higher level of mutation going on compared to what he had from being exposed for so long, that aside do we really want this deranged super genius even getting close to the entrati, he only does what he feels will give him an advantage and chance for high profits, chances are he would also try to get the information about the heart and do everything in his power to either tap into it for himself or sell the powers to others or worst case scenario try to destroy the heart and disable the tenno to get a chance to try and get his creepy co
  2. given how we still know nothing about the timing for the new war anyone think this frame plus signature weapon see fun?
  3. More normal gunblades would be nice but I would also love to see an addition of gunblade parts into the Zaws as well for even more build options to have fun with.
  4. as long as we can get a dual gunblade alongside it i shall give a vote for yes
  5. a universal skin as a alert reward for the arm cannons would be a nice idea since while they are fun to use they do take up quite a bit of room.
  6. they really should add this as a toggle option, use to be hold for heavy was the case but people kept complaining about accidentally triggering the heavy attack and wasting the whole melee combo count so they made heavy attacks bound to a new button. I would like to see a hold to heavy attack toggle option come in because most of the time i don't really build up a combo count, i just either spam the normal attack or i spam the heavy attacks so for people like me who could care less about the status of the combo counter i think having an option to make the heavy attack have a toggle option
  7. His passive is neat but I feel like it should also take the element combination and add like 5% to weapon damage just to make it a bit more interesting. His first ability needs to lash out at all targets around him I think within its range to make it more useful. The dash while useful needs to have either the vials being tossed out as he dashes or instead of a dash just toss all the vials out around him. not liking how the 3rd ability just gets tossed out and then to stop it has to be cast again, I think this ability should follow Lavos around while its active. His fourth a
  8. Heads up for mech levelers, host migrations take away all earned necramech affinity.
  9. I am encountering issues with the bonewidow where when I activate the 4ths ability it fails to summon the exalted blade. Anyone else having this happen as well?
  10. Maybe the prime of Xaku will come with 2 permanent specters we can mod out with gear that act like the celestial clone but you pick what weapons they use at any given time in the arsenal screen and each one has a set of 2 abilities that they use. For Nidus I am going to guess a more armored looking behemoth of a frame with around half the hp of inaros and quite a bit of armor since the infestation will not has degraded it at this point (one can dream). And as far as Revenant goes, somehow I picture his prime being more wisp like in nature but with more of a sentient flair like havin
  11. I join into the 3x3 caps every once in a while in public games for testing stuff out on a rare occasion but mostly I will stick to the snipers modded for radiation. Far as the frames go I like testing out different ones and can probably go with saying some people take wukong because he can either go cloud walker and ignore the eidelon waves when a weak point is destroyed and he has his own set of free revives basically from his passive so he has a lot of survival in the event of a forget to swap to operator situation or any of those acid pools from the last one of the group, personally I like
  12. So far we have most of the melee types down for the zaws but we are missing a few, I would love to see gunblade parts get added into the mix for these weapons and for fairness even make it so that we get a zaw part for each melee type that we have. It would be funn to see the multiple different gunblade barrel types, going from a long reaching shot to ones that act just like the redeemer where its a blast of shrapnel or a burst like the sarpa.
  13. still waiting to see if they ever see and think about this idea, really want to be able to toss on an all melee set, all pistol or an all primary set. But mostly an all melee set, something just says fun when you think of the concept of having a skiajati and a nikana prime on your back with a zaw nikana on your side, that or having all 3 gunblades.
  14. description: this frame was built by the Orokin to deal with the threat of large Setinel forces, by sacrificing some abilities this frame was granted heavier defensive capacity. Passive: Mobile Fortress: this frame has a ammo recharger on him that makes all equipped weapons regenerate 20% ammo per second plus whenever an archgun is equipped generates a forward facing shield with 95% damage reduction, this frame is slow but take any beating given and dishes it right back out, passively has adaptation, can use archguns while using archwing in open worlds due to specalized anti-gravity emitt
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