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  1. Tried a arbitration defense for the first time since the rework to them......hydron all over again the 5 wave only monkey see monkey do crowd has now populated the game mode.....the game mode if anything should have stayed at 10 waves between extraction options and just gave the wave 5 reward and wave 10 is the path i think it should have taken. another thing to think about now that all these clowns can enter is that the cooldown for them needs to change from 1 hour to 30 minutes to compensate for these people who will probably make this process more annoying. Only thing i can think of to make this better is upon selection of the defense mode you get an option to pick the minimum extraction wave so you get paired with people who will leave with you that way all these people who want to leave at wave 5 can all leave toegther and not ruin the attempts from the people who actually want to stay in past 20 waves.
  2. given that the roller floof is just a ball, I don't see how the phrase is vulgar, since the kavats play with them, he is asking if it should be programed in that the moas we make should also run around and play with the roller floofs (aka balls).
  3. I like how this sounds, the part about making viral procs just refresh the duration is good since its a solid effect as it is. though it would be fun to see the mixed elements also have intresting effects with each other say if a target is under the effect of gas and a heat proc occurs the gas cloud should ignite spreading gas in a larger radius with an explosion that staggers all enemies in a 8m radius, and applies gas to all those enemies at half the damage of the amount caused by the heat proc. now that i said that i see that might be alot of homework to develop the synergys with each element so that might not happen but it would be a fun concept.
  4. I agree with this, I may use my redeemer prime alot but damn the sarpa is a gem if i go where i know i will be facing nullifiers, i take the sarpa since it will shred through them and all other forms of life unfortunate enough to have a status effect on it, Even if it means they have to create and add in some corpus,grineer and infested gunblades plus xaw gunblades before making the prisma/prime sarpa then by all means lets add to the pool and make BOTH happen.
  5. I agree with this, Also I know you clem addicts are out there who want to run around with 3 sets of twin grakatas, speak up and lend your voice.
  6. Stug Hydraulic cylinder changes the stug into a beam weapon and gives it a base 25% critical chance, fire rate of 10, and a range of 50 meters, enemies killed by stug leave a corrosive cloud that lingers for 5 seconds dealing the unmmoded base damage with 100% status effect.
  7. nice to see this idea still on the front page, i know some people probably say this would not work when i have made similar posts in the past but im pretty sure this would work out just fine, some like the same old setup, I would be as happy as could be if i could take out my spectra vandal, plinx and one of my gunblades, or for fun bring out my redeemer prime, sarpa and the spectra vandal. hardest part of leaving my liset is figuring out what gunblade i want to take with me. With this kind of system i could take both and the issues with weapon selection could be solved. I will say i support this idea since it would make things a lot more fun in warframe for both fashion frame and game play.
  8. I for one think we need more gunblades, sarpa prime, dual gunblades and some gunblade zaw parts.
  9. yeah I am still seeing that on mine, seems odd they have not fixed that by now, if this keeps up I might submit a bug report for that. would like to have those mods on but not worth it when they are only doing half of what they are suppose to do.
  10. for kill x enemies without taking damage......I recommend using a stealth frame like loki or ivara and running exterminate missions as long as its equipped on an arch gun in the heavy weapon slot it does not matter what gun you use to complete it, though it is fun doing the mission with that arch gun. Also this one is more easily done when going against the infested I have found.
  11. I agree with this, they should make it so we can put whatever weapon loadout on that we want, i have no issues about farming up endo to make sure i have the duplicates needed to have the mods i want on, the whole primary slot, secondary slot, melee slot is in some ways, and this sounds crazy given all the possible weapons, limiting. I would love to be able to go to the arsenal and say today i will take my redeemer prime and just to bling myself for the sake of fashion frame im tossing on both my nikana prime and the skijati.
  12. the new toy we got seems fun but i think replacing the aoe stun on full magazine emptying with an actual recharge mechanic might be a better choice, i know its a grineer gun but it looks more like its something that should run on a battery. on that note, when can we expect to see if the spectra gets looked at to make it a battery weapon as well.
  13. Not to be rude to the people who are claiming to have spent tons of plat on some of the rivens that had the disposition lowered but, this is why you should not be trying to sell or by stuff at those high of prices, for the most part I have a few on the list as well that were impacted but, I never paid a large sum of plat for them either, I just used trading and highest I ever spent was 200 plat for a riven which should probably be the highest they should go for because I was already taking this kind of stuff into account, I would not be surprised to see them hit the disposition on the same weapons with another change like this again next time they run a change in disposition, think long and hard about the price you pay, that god tier might not be that way for long. On a side note I should probably start gathering the salt from this subject to make some prosciutto, cause I am seeing plenty of salt.
  14. when using aegis storm feels kind of underwhelming being locked into just using balefire, I know that its powerful but would be nice to be able to use primaries, secondaries or even melee while in aegis storm (though the melee part would probably be more useful to the gun blades), other than that seems like she is an ok frame so far, I am sure others people have other observations but for me this is something I would like to see changed up, would really like to use aegis storm with any of the weapons I have in and not just the exalted pistol she has.
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