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  1. might not be a bad idea to have a pilot lock down added as a bonus perk early in the intrinsic tree so that you can have the railjack parked safely in one spot to work on the mission, personally when i join other peoples groups in the random games I try not to touch the pilot seat unless I need to move the hosts railjack away from a dangerous situation, but yeah, I have seen it where some random guy will join up and go full leroy jenkins into 6 crewships then cause the map to fail and blame the host for not having the railjack setup right.
  2. Jan 18 I started having this issue today, was fine all of yesterday but soon as i started doing missions today it was not long into any group i join or one in which i was host that either i was sent into a host migration then become the sole player in that area or i see all the people who join my session start dropping off like flies, im thinking that something is going on that needs a fix.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can report in on if this gun is still suffering from a multishot bug or if that was fixed for it at all recently, cause i remember somehow multishot added to this gun when it was released was not giving it the same values as other weapons.
  4. Can we get the arch guns back to hitscan, i know you want to force us to use the railjack turrets but when we need to get out and board a crew ship or deal with fighters its kind of bad, if your not going to do that at least double the velocity they travel at, also doing the same with the turrets on our ships would also be nice, otherwise i can see why the the railjack in the quest to build it was destroyed, bad equipment!
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