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  1. Now that lots of new players are learning railjack, we again have the problem of high rate of mission failure due to the refine button and user confusion about what it does in public missions. This problem was surfaced when RJ was originally released. But that decision to leave the confusing refine button design is again biting us, causing mission failures due to lack of resources. Maybe you can just rename the button "Fail Mission" and be done with it. :) Or you could make it only accessible by the ship owner, or only available after a certain level of intrinsic if not owner, or at leas
  2. Tried again. Instead of feeding directly after subsuming, this time I just added an ability to a warframe, left for a mission, came back and then fed it one resource. This time it registered. Maybe there was some issue feeding the Helminth directly after Subsuming a frame.
  3. I went to feed Helminth for this nightwave, which says to feed any resource to the helminth for 1500. Since my helminth was full, I found a non-subsumed warframe (Mag) and subsumed her. Then I fed the Helminth until full again (several categories, multiple resources). I got no recognition from nightwave that I had done anything. "Feed the Beast" is still without progress.
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