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  1. So you only want people to post if they agree with you? Well...I don't. You can bank rep for most factions via "other things". Fishing/mining on the first two open world planets go a long ways. On deimos...you can bank rep like mad.. I am not sure I see your issue other than you want it even "more convenient". In that regards...I would like to have all my socks matched but I really don't care that much about it. I assume my dryer needs a sacrifice and an occasional sock is worth it.
  2. The kuva nukor is probably one of the best priming weapons in the game for condition overload. Thus going magnetic allows you to stack 4x different status effects in the blink of an eye w/ the right build It also leaves two open mod slots for the auger mods thus allows massive abuse for shield gating on spammy frames.
  3. Do you know how much servers cost vs the bandwidth needs of this game? Do you? Or is this "I play games online thus I'm a networking engineer"? Do you have any data that shows what percentage of players actually have consistent and real problems with the current networking methodology? I mean you claim 1000x better....like to see that data that justifies that. The fact that you have spent money on warframe is irrelevant as well. The game is F2P. Anything you give DE these days is pretty much a "thanks for making this cool game". If P2P was soo bad the amount of complaining on
  4. Sorry...our fact checkers couldn't find that tweet easily and thus deemed it false. Or...we didn't like exactly how it was written and also deemed it false. Regardless...anything we don't agree with will be determined to be false because that fits the narrative we want people to see.
  5. Welcome to the club. I make have more fun by just selling my veiled rivens and then buying a riven that I want and roll it a few times. I never go for meta rivens...usually off meta for weapons that amuse me. Considering the drop rate of rivens from sorties is AOK I can easily get myself 4-5 rivens I WANT per year and have quite a bit of kuva to throw at them if needed. So much more fun and I don't burn out. Still makes me sad that I have a max riven inventory with only 30 in it. But I like DE..so they can have my plat.
  6. Tell that to a dormmate who died in college from ingesting too much water.
  7. Just because somebody tells you constantly that you suck "in a civil way" doesn't make it any different. Water isn't toxic...drink enough and it will kill you.
  8. Good idea in theory....will take time to make decent (e.g. Railjack). However...it is still another "content island" as is with most games. I had a lot of fun with it until I realize that the difference between annoying/boring was razer thin (meta vs non-meta). I would have to say the first few vault runs were exciting....I was actually paying attention. Then...I realized the scope of the farm and how it was nearly impossible to make it quick. I do vaults solo now....and pretty much AFK'm and watch YT videos. There is just now way to speed'm up by "active play". Throw in a nyx...pr
  9. Honestly..take your time. If you are feeding your helmouth anything other than common items at "full hunger" is basically digging a hole that is harder to get out of. There are some ways to minimize the pain (e.g. looking at the resources the frame you want to subsume is)...but take your time. Going for 1 frame every 1.5 days pretty much ensures the ability to use the system painlessly.
  10. You can level them to 30 in 2 rounds of ESO with an affinity booster.
  11. They could make it where you where you use the "raw pieces" for standing and effectively crank the price up. I don't care if they cost 200k standing...still better than RNG.
  12. I have, 4x, now the ability to control my warframe during fishing in Deimos. Most times this results in me having to abort and losing everything I farmed for. The thing that seems to be the most common is when I quickly throw my spear multiple times in a row. Oddly enough [esc] and [h] still work...but nothing else. EDIT: Right click to aim works as well
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