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  1. ...and post salty comments in the warframe forum...
  2. This...I am being force to indirectly be a part of PvP. The issue with people who like player is they can't understand the people who don't. Not every game out there has a be an exercise is trying to beat somebody down to rationalize you being a "bad ass". Even in a PVE where there is forced cooperation for ideal results things get crappy real fast (e.g. eidolons). It doesn't take a PhD in psychology to understand why some people just want a game where they can murder pretty pixels with poor AI with extreme gusto and just might gravitate towards this game. But no...this population shouldn't have a home. They must be shown the way to land and glory of PvP. Again...proving my point people who like PvP just don't get it.
  3. Then why shouldn't you value mine or everyone else who plays this game. If not...why should we value yours?
  4. Be honest...you want them to acknowledge your specific issue(s) so you can feel validated and important. Cheers tenno.
  5. I fully agree with you. The only limitation is the mass amount of time/effort it takes to do so to borderline exhaustion. I was a fairly large trader in the earlier days of wow and controlled numerous markets with an iron first...but it require constant attention even with bots because eventually my bot would be fighting against another bot. I did it with Everquest and Eve as well. It was fun for a while...but eventually it wears you down unless you have that specific mentality where it always give you a dopamine hit.
  6. Then compromise...allow people to farm to the first ~500 intrinsic as fast as they want then cap them daily. This is enough for 7/7/7/7 and we go from there. This way the important stuff isn't gated and possibly more lucrative stuff is gated. This is no different than focus honestly. The "good stuff" is less than 400k total and the rest is well...lucrative.
  7. The issue with RJ isn't that there are "more AFK'ers" or "more leachers", it is that one player in the team can't cover effectively like they can in standard missions. There isn't one mission type out there were I can't cover for a team at 90%+ as effective as a full team working...except for RJ. That I think is the biggest issue. If two people goes on crew ship duty, I usually have 75-80 of them done If one person goes on crew ship duty, there is usually 4/6 or 5/6 down by time I'm done mopping up fighters. At most..another 5 minutes and I have no issue to quick down one more if needed If nobody goes on crew ship duty, it is another 10+ minutes of mission time as I have to do it ALL myself...this is the REAL issue. And if this is anything beside Gian Point...add at LEAST another 10+ minutes. I too run the occasional RJ mission..but I am done as well in terms of active play. I have 3/3 pips on all my grid slots and ~10k banked. If I really need a mod now..i'll just buy it until command comes out. I foolishly did not farm intrinsic and sitting at 8/8/8/8. Oh well.
  8. maybe one day when people know the difference between moot and mute the devs might stop islanding for all intensive porpoises. 😁
  9. With the "fix" to intrinsic farming with Ivara....can you please fix the affinity sharing problems them? I do not mind doing missions, but not getting all the affinity is just crap. When I spend my whole time, a group, flying "MY" ship and taking out 90% of the fighters and everyone else gets more intrinsic than me...it is crap.
  10. Got lucky early with the reactor but still having issues with a decent engine. My biggest problem is while my ship can clear fighters in quick order....my group NEVER seems to clear the damn cruisers. I think the last 5 "exterminate misisons" I did...I killed probably 80% of the fighters and 2/3rd of the cruise ship. If DE makes it so I can easily take down cruise ships without being "unexpected interactions" I will probably just go solo. If I could just select a team member and launch them at a cruise ship...I would.
  11. When dealing with crewships...do not recall before it blows up. You have a chance of missing the loot the ship itself drops by doing so.
  12. I want them not to move beyond MR30 because I want them to make the game better in general . When DE has basically run out of player progression they will be finally forced to encounter some hard truths. If there is no mastery to be earned...people will not stick around in the games current state. This could be the both the best thing for DE and possible the worst.
  13. If you look at it from a certain point of view..the poster looks like a middle finger.
  14. yes..yes it is. The problem i see people refusing to shift the prism of how to view the task. Nothing more...nothing less. If back in the day you used a horse and buggy and said "I will never drive a car because I drive a horse and buggy"....is it really fair to blame society for adapting itself to something different and you refusing to go along because of "this is how I think it should be". There is more plat in the economy than ever. There is more information on how to farm effectively than ever. This is why DE is making the game more grindy than ever. We, as players, are unyielding, into meta farming the crap out of things. So instead of asking for "forma" (a sympton) to be reviewed...why not ask DE to actually work on the core problems (disease). When you actually look at the issues with warframe from a high level view...DE has a very large problem to tackle. I almost feel they are at the point of needing a FF14 dose of rework. The issue I have is I don't think they have the right style of team at DE to develop that level of a rework strategy. It is almost a 'google problem" at DE. When you have a lot of very bright people with lots of autonomy and authority in creating things that are neat on the surface but eventually "die" because it does not fit a long term vision.....the only thing you can cling onto is the core. https://killedbygoogle.com/
  15. The issue is people love to use "technically correct" arguments and say that applies for everything in black and white and only use those "technically correct" arguments when it benefits them. For me...railjack was "fine". But I understand the DE recipe and when to push it and when to back off. The thing I really like about this game, beyond the core loop, is all the systems. What I am starting to not like is how completely disjointed they are becoming. Emperian was supposed to be a way to make it all cohesive. It is getting there....but just not there. Which is I guess goes back to "I understand the DE recipe". Funny (in a sad way)..isn't it.
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