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  1. So you want them to spend programmer resources to change the game because of a number, on a screen, that has zero impact on the game and is rarely if ever looked and that has ZERO chance of generating any form of revenue from said change? Just making sure I understand.
  2. Because the world of progress doesn't revolve specifically revolve what is convenient. Progress have never been convenient and it is never without somebody left behind.
  3. I consider this a bug since it can cause griefing a public setting. Sorta sucks when I have a) put my clone away when it could be supporting me b) trust that others understand this scenario
  4. I recently finished up getting every item from 2 of the syndicates (new loka, perin) as was going to move onto red veil /steel. In the process of doing this under steel meridian the rep for Perin and New Loka was "dropping" as expected. Prior to down ranking from rank 5 to 4 with perrin I had a few 100 rep left. However, when you drop down a "rank" I was able get "free rep" equivalent to that ranks level. I am not sure if this is "intended" but it is what it is.
  5. Most likely the issues is on your laptop and your configuration. Simply put...there is no bug.
  6. This system would also help the people who are trying to do wrong. Also...if you are having a heartfelt conversation IN PUBLIC...pretty sure you are doing it wrong.
  7. Different strokes for different folks is pretty much what it is. But I would gauge for many people it is sorta typical order Slots...many slots color palettes cosmetics (syandanas first) resource boosters (when you realize how much time is saved...these becomes sorta helpful) more cosmetics decorations I haven't gotten to the decoration phase yet....but many someday. 😉
  8. I think you interpreted what the mod said incorrectly. Most likely you do have a history of riding on the edge of the rules and were pushing those limits again and they decided to be done with you.
  9. The amount of time I spend actually playing this game vs bug I have to deal with is fine. I might have 10 minutes of lost time for every 50 hours of game play. So when the game does something "interesting" I just chalk it up to this is life. But if I was asked to sacrifice content to get those 10 minutes back...not a chance.
  10. If you cannot spare more than 2 hours a week for a recreational activity then you really should be evaluating the rest of your life. A person who is that busy that percent of the week is in an unhealthy situation and you should really be talking to their loved ones about it. But wait..there is time to post here about not having enough time to play the game?
  11. And that is a problem? I like it...but I guess I don't matter I guess since I'm wrong based upon another person opinion which is fact because we are all entitled to our own facts except...mine are always wrong.
  12. You were not going to buy a PA...you are just using that as an excuse to justify playing the game without spending $.
  13. 2FA doesn't stop people with bad plat. I make a new email address and then add 2FA to a new bad account with that email address. wow...umm. 2FA is meant to minimize the chance that a legitimate account will be hijacked/stolen causing DE to spend internal resources to help recover the account and all the fallout that occurred from it.
  14. Do you have any form of insurance? Congratulations....you are paying for idiocy in some way shape or form. Do you pay taxes? Congratulations....you are paying for idiocy in some way shape or form.
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