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  1. yes, i agree with your statement for regular cases, but do you have control over who is using your product? as i don't have hours and hours of gameplay with this character, i have learned by trial & error(far more errors than i`ve thought) and the whole point of this feedback is giving them notice that similar problems may occur. you can find similar issues, with the favoritism of melee weapons, where the risk of melee in high levels + high dps tradeoff might cause the user to spam the action. you don`t have to constantly input melee, you can reduce the required inputs to 2 or
  2. i will be leaving a player feedback here, regarding octavia`s 3rd ability, which on paper seems to be harmless, but with added stress of losing progress on higher levels (usually solo) forces players to refresh her buffs(mostly invisibility) even before the time is up. there are no big issues considering the mechanics, which are interesting and unique, if you only consider the creator side. however, adding the mentioned conditionals, would result in a much higher APM by the player, in a time gated maner since eg: the newest mods took on a huge cycle to be farmable(at the time 0.2% x3 in
  3. also, interacting with with the fissure only spawns a jugulus, no extra mobs and killing it does not progress the mission
  4. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Cambion drift - Solo session, missing enemies, spawning enemies near the altars and fishing] VISUAL: [ ] REPRODUCTION: [Joined a solo session for mining, fishing and altars, found no spawns at the altars, almost no monsters and fish didnt register as fished(first time, second worked) - when triggering the altars, no monsters spawning observed. just joined a public session, same result] EXPECTED RESULT: [monsters should have spawned] OBSERVED RESULT: [monsters and loot] REPRODUCTION RATE: [entered the map 4 times after the patch
  5. seems to be related to the draw distance, also, ESC stopped working
  6. just noticed yesterday, with this combination, i guess trinity body model is too thin =p (the rectangle looks black now, but its metallic)
  7. with the increase of use, i have been into some wasted time when the warframe gets stuck after using vehicles: on this specific event, character returned in with the fishing spear equipped, used before picking up the key to the isolation vault > equipped k-drive > exited k-drive > summoned voidrig > pet died in a slope, exited in operator form to ressurect the pet but got "killed" > frame returned close by, fishing spear equiped.(avaliable input: chat, mouse look, fishing alt-aim, ESC menu and leave party) -it usually happens when you return from the voidrig or when yo
  8. i have made the migration from HDD to SSD, its worth the pain(mostly because no one explains, but there is an index file outside of /common you gotta fetch as well when you move the warframe folder over [appmanifest_230410.acf by the way]
  9. just to add to the topic, or if you could point me out to post somewhere else: in the new engine https://imgur.com/a/i29Tmtw
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