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  1. shooter? heuaheu you mean E E E E E E?
  2. its a needed hub, 30 or 50 players, doesn't matter, the current format makes you feel like you are playing a single player game, not a multi. you can start the game being introduced to the orbiter but after a certain lore point, be logged in the relay. since accessing the orbiter is a personal experience, you could simply add an animation/sound towards transportation/teleportation whatever you want, since the smaller individual instance could be loaded player-side along the relay with no bigger issues. (others players would not be loaded or access without invitation anyway, you would ju
  3. but it really makes you think if thats how things really work when you have to farm for something specifc pathocyst is a good example 33% for the parts, yet i kinda followed the average: 8 BPs, 1link and 2 blades. (and my 3 last runs were blade>bp>blade) all praise the RNGesus XD
  4. you were forced out of this in content islands, the experience is way different if you are running a SSD tbh im really asking an illusion to be made here, it will not change the fact that gameplay is 4 players, but at least will make it sell more fashion frame =/
  5. we need a middle ground probably lets be realistic about it, they run on a script, its like when you are trying to play stealth but well, you can bullet jump in their face but well, you can land and cast invis and its still ok. we clearly have a huge do's and dont's boards that we need to check, like, how they need to respond on sight, "sounds" or even how their threshold works as well. and those are even before trying to go and make another AI setting to make our game more challenging TBH, i really miss when i had to prep a loadout for each faction, these days all
  6. it still will not fix the only 4 into each mission but its way better than just logging in and seeing your roomba
  7. i mean, grineer are cloned soldiers, maybe thats why they are dumb but lol in destiny 2, the harder levels drop less ammo(or you feel like they do) and that could be used as well, but i can agree that they could group in a more army esque way of engaging you. but they need to work it in a way that 1 vs army is also how 4 vs all as well. maybe they could reduce the number of bullets they miss as the difficulty ramps up(an issue here, because we dont really use much cover in a power fantasy)
  8. hoo boy, thats another waaay deeper hole **edit >> while in my case a code change could fix some stuff, AI changes is a bigger rework. (im not disagreeing with you, they do have enough mass(players) to work out the changes and avoid going bankrupt, but the change is rreeeeeally big)
  9. this is an aspect as an older gamer that really needs some thought. although i love the feel of the weapons in the game, this game utterly sucks in aiming mechanics with controllers(had to try, being mainly a kb/m player - i had to swap to controller due to flare ups)
  10. just adding here, a long time ago, WoW had to scale dmg down so maybe the base factor could solve the scaling problem?
  11. its a wild fantasy here and would make serration(or equivalent) a must equip mod, but something that factors the damage based on enemy level? .... well, doing so would make the level scaling useless wouldnt it? haha then... maybe we could valence our serrations up to the specific season? of course scaling doesnt need to be 1:1 but keeping a constant math should not be so hard to balance out once you use a f(x) scaling
  12. just some constructive feedback, but a review for buffs could be nice. i mean, they could look at the data, a good number of players probably keep buffs up most of the time, so there's no need to refresh it every 30-40s(average) - i mean, its a bloated action that makes you feel you are doing something, but in reality is just a filler. (e.g. like recharge mechanic in No Man's Sky. ) no refreshing the duration(if you need to press something) or active drain of energy could be a better limiter. i mean, its not like you need to nuke every room with lavos 4, but if you dont
  13. happened to pass by this post, just to add: after about 1100h ingame hours, i did drop war for the first time last week. hate took me about 700h smoking... im not sure but around 700h for the first one and i have dropped 4 at least so far.
  14. @Scheifen i have started using these shortcuts since i started playing with octavia during ISO early days, it made my left hand flare up (hijacking a bit of your post to comment) i have posted before but: its their design choice to make you repeat some actions every 30s(skills) for long, really long sessions. in my case octavia and covid just made it worse adding crouch to the rotation - and lots of free time which is a problem if you lack self control and wants to refresh skills earlier: any random video you see nocturne working, its about 5-8 crouches to refresh - every 4
  15. yeah im stuck with the furax wraith bounties late game, which is probably the same template for arum spinosa as well. TBH i have concluded that it is an intended design flaw: they will never admit to it, but perfecting a mechanic that enables the player a higher chance into the most rare loot pool would reduce the farming time, which is overall bad for business. fixing would reduce the spent time in each content island and it is passable as a flawed mechanic can you imagine how many 15minutes runs were wasted(or rather increased) because of that flawed extra bonus loot mechanic?
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