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  1. Hi, Please enhance the effect of colour changes on the semi-transparent, dangly, jellyfish bits. The image shows my completely classic saturated black Ivara Prime. The head bits are grey, which is a good start and perhaps close enough, but the skirt is still very white until the ends of the dangly bits. Other colours seem to indicate only the tips can really be altered. Thanks
  2. No I did not know there was a dark theme because of https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-night-mode/ It's not perfect, but works fine here.
  3. Yeah, I'm waiting for the command update too. Hard I'm totally find with. Keen for even. This "very hard" though, reading about players parking up behind asteroids or the dev stream comment about getting the thing to make railjack invis and just abandoning it is not appealing. Happy to wait though 🙂
  4. Pretty sure only one person in a squad needs the ship. Everyone needs to have archwing, but only one player needs to have the railjack. If that's an option. Not sure it will impact progression if you run the missions without it though.
  5. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/137-jugadores-ayudando-a-jugadores/ ?
  6. There's...there's a cooldown? Only delay I've ever experienced is the animation delay or lag. I mean operator lag can get really bad, like out on the plains. Do a bounty stage, switch in/out of operator there. Move to next bounty stage and when I move to operator again, my operator is still standing at the previous stage location where I last switched back to my warframe. Not sure how well it would work moving this client side.
  7. You don't get stronger by unlocking the star chart, it just lets you access planets/nodes where you will need to go to get certain things. In my star chart clearing times (all solo), I remember making a lot of use of Rhino, Frost and the Hek shotgun. It was definitely tough. General advice... For weapons, look for staple damage mods like serration, pressure point, hornet strike and get them fairly high level (no need for max, I know it's hard to get the endo/credits for that). Remember that a few highly levelled mods is often better than lots of low levelled ones in your build. Most powerful builds focus on +damage (either the mods I mentioned or the elemtnal mods), multishot, +crit chance/damage and +attack speed for melee. There's also status, but it general has more impact at higher levels. There are other things, but that's a good start. Now that's said, check the wiki for those mod names and drop locations, play some missions until you can build up endo/credits and dont be afraid to skip nodes like interception or hijack (man I hated those XD). As folk have said, you can try recruiting chat to find groups willing to help you farm for credits/mods/endo unless you really want to do it yourself of course :). I did/do most of the game solo, so I understand the reluctance, but I would recommend it when you go to find materials to make things.
  8. Very hard to talk about liklihood of a product making to a platform without considering the platform itself. Not that that warrants non constructive input. As far as I can tell, the reception/uptake on Stadia has been pretty much the same as previous attempts such as OnLive. This makes the future of the service tricky to determine. It could wither away like its predecessors. It could succeed, or at least persist, becuase it has a very strong financial backing to support it; Google as a company can affor to subidise it for a while, as long as the company's investors don't start sweating too much. I hold this opinion because while I see that streaming services will definitely be a future platform (it's too good for publishers to resist, although I don't personally rate it is a customer), I don't believe the required infrastructure is wide-spread or robust enough. Even the greatest Internet connection will somtimes need to make a hop through a dodgy spot, nevermind trying to use mobile services. Perhaps 5G will alleviate this somewhat. As to whether Warframe will be made available, I do not know. I have no idea what level of effort is required from a developer is to deploy to the platform. Without that knowledge, it's very difficult to assess the cost vs. benefit given the existing risk. Time will tell.
  9. I agree. I tried to get a squad together for profit taker last time it was up or maybe the time before. Went through 8 or so people who did not have the archgun deployer. Fortunately, the other 2 players in the squad were also willing to endure the pain. I don't blame the people wanting to complete their nightwave, but man was that experience frustrating. I soloed it this time to avoid the hassle, but appreciate this isn't an option for everybody, even those who have the ability to do the mission.
  10. For levelling a weapon, I recommend other defensive frames (e.g. frost) or a buff (e.g. Rhino roar). Taking a nuke frame can hurt you because of how affinity is distributed to your gear: 1. You kill with your Warframe - all affinity for kills go to your Warframe. 2. You kill with your weapon - 50% affinity goes to the weapon used, 50% to your warframe. 3. You're near squad member who kills - 25% goes to your Warframe, 75% gets split between your equipped weapons. So, I normally run a buffer, the weapon I want to level and another levelled weapon. That way, I can help the squad with damage buff, use my unlevelled weapon so it gets XP and if things get spicy, use my levelled weapon. Squad mate kills award 37.5% of the affinity to the weapon I want to level.
  11. Assume you were built to slow rather than speed up? In case you aren't aware, negative power strength causes Nova's 4 to make enimies go faster. Most people would want this to bring enimies to the group faster, making the mission go faster. As for expectations etc, you're fine. As you allude to, one cannot join a bunch of random people and expect an optimal squad. Likewise, people can leave if they aren't happy due to lag or any other percieved issue. That's public matchmaking.
  12. I can see OP's point. Sure there is the macguffin that can't lose HP, which I guess makes it defend, but fundamentally you can only progress by letting that lose all HP (failure to defend) or kill everything (exterminate). It's like half a defense. However, I don't really have a problem with it. Alternative that springs to mind is fixed timer ala survival; to which I say no thanks. Come to think of it, that's mobile defense.
  13. Ah cool. Then i guess it is solvable, but would require some doing. First, they would have to provide an interface to reconfigure the tree. Then, move the entire sub-tree to the newly defined parent (which must be connected). Then, they would have to prohibity deletion of pre-requisite rooms until a substitute has been built (e.g. some rooms require a certian clan hall to be built). Would also require logic to ensure that you can't make a "floating" room, connected to nothing. It's doable for sure (assuming there's nothing else "special" about that default clan hall) and it would be great. Guess there's a demand aspect to consider in terms of if/when it will ever happen. Not something I'm personally that worried about. Hopefully some other Tenno will back your cause and create the demand. I can imagine a lot of people would like to redesign.
  14. As far as I know, dojo rooms work on a parent-child relationship. So you build room A and branch room B from it, room B is a "child" of room A and room A cannot be removed unless room B is removed. I don't think there is any way round this unless we got the ability to modify this parent/child tree, which I can only imagine would lead to all sorts of issues. Has me thinking though. That first hall that appears when you create a dojo must be completely fixed. Have I got this wrong?
  15. I see where you're coming from, but... Regarding point 1 - Obtaining archwing isn't that big of a wall. I only have vague memories of my time starting out, but this is a nice threshold at the very least to have a good try of the non-empyrean content. Regarding point 2 - I'm wavering. I can see how it would work, but I can also see many people just not volunterring for the support experience. I love helping new players, but at least for the start, I don't see many volunteering to do so. Either until they've gotten to grips with it or until they've obtained what they need. I can also see how it would help the more experience players, it would save some (few to be fari) of them having to type rage comments in chat.
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