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  1. Thanks for the fix! The observatory is still missing form the dojo though, I'd really like to see it.
  2. The observatory is missing from the dojo build menu, but everything else seems to be there. I really want to see what space looks like :O
  3. Is there any way to craft this Dragon Nikana? It is the same price as the nikana and it's 100x better... who would pay plat for the regular nikana?
  5. How about you go choke on rhino's cod piece? I want DE to make everyone miserable and be as unfair as possible. I want pure, unadulterated chaos. And they are doing just that :D
  6. Getting really tried of this... Not impressed in the slightest. What about those of us who ran 100 missions for the Brakk? If someone can get it in 10 or 20 that's beyond unfair, the numbers better be about the same. And if you're gonna re-release the Brakk, how about re-releasing everything else that was ever introduced to the game? I'm sure many players would love to add vandal and wraith weapons to their collection. What about founders items, why keep them exclusive to founders? Just make everything available for plat in the market, every single item that was ever added to this game. That's what you want right? Who cares if the players are enraged with your decisions, screw the players they are only there to give you money. Nothing more than money dispensers. Forget their concerns, what you need to focus on is getting as much money as possible out of them before they realize how badly they are getting boned.
  7. Any hope for the codex getting some attention? https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/177747-de-please-fix-the-under-loved-codex/#entry2072776
  8. I am still missing many mods, is there anything I should to do to help with the fix?
  9. Will this new resource be required to build these things/will we be able to farm them after the event? Or will they be able to be used in place of like alloy plates or orokin cells or something? I really hope this isn't going to become an exclusive resource where those who didn't farm enough are left out, in which case we should get a definitive number of how much we would need to farm in advance. That would be the junkiest junk punch of them all. Please advise.
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