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  1. I personally think the silhouette is not a frame but rather someone a bit more human... at least they used to be anyway. Quite possibly an origin story for someone we hear multiple times a day.
  2. Whatever the problem was I'm sure we all appreciate the issue being fixed. Thanks.
  3. I love how pc players are complaining because they've gotten 60+ drops when console players have only received 8 or less.
  4. People seem to be worried more that the loot you get is garbage, but at least you guys are getting something. I'm up to somewhere around 36 hours of veiwing and have 6 drops, others are getting something EVERY HOUR. How is this even justified as being a remotely fair event? You mean to tell me that some people are getting a 100% loot chance, while others are getting less than a 5% drop rate. I don't want to be handed Nidus and Khora after they realize this whole thing is a giant flop, I as well as many others just want these to work right. I must say it took me over 50 runs to get just the Nidus systems, and yet that still seems to be a more effective way to farm Nidus than this...
  5. Hey guys, we obviously are all having issues with these so instead of writing in the forums just email Twitch. There is nothing that says you have a CHANCE to get a drop every hour, but more that you are guaranteed a drop every consecutive hour. This can only be 1 of 2 things. 1.) There are major technical difficulties that to our knowledge are not being resolved... Or 2) This entire event is an rng based event (Which is NOT stated btw) being used to make their game appear much more popular than it is while being able to screw over its loyal players. You guys can decide which one of those it is, but myself and plenty others are making Twitch aware of this.
  6. So you guys must see the 12 pages of comments about this. Is something going to be done about this or is it just going in the enormous sized back burner folder?
  7. It seems to be screwing console players. Please fix this considering you know that twitch won't do anything about it. You contact Twitch and they refer you to Warframe, contact Warframe and they say its run through twitch... Wtf
  8. I've watched nearly 18 hours of streaming and have received a whopping 3 drops. #Brokendropsasalways
  9. Can you guys please put a better detailed description at the beginning of the post? A lot of us are asking the same things and can't find the answers within 20 minutes of reading 40 pages of posts.
  10. Like all these contests, if your on anything besides pc... Good Luck! We have to go through hoops to even think about entering.
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