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  1. I didnt like how the catchmoon shot stops when it hits something, but i was really good damage. Maybe I can use the parts with another launcher. Thanks for the ideas
  2. I prefer high damage in a single shot and a fast reload, but when fighting against grinner stompers mechas, I had a hard time killing them with euphona. I may try one of these kitguns, but I prefered single shot weapons. I guess fire rate is better than pure damage. Thanks
  3. As the title says, im looking for a good secondary weapon. I have catchmoon, but im not quite comfortable with it. I have an AOE weapon as my primary, so I want a high damage secondary. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks a lot for all the support about this issue. I should have been more careful, but it never happened before, now i'll be more careful. I didnt sent a ticket because I thought the developers would adress to this ass my own problem, but I'll try sending one.
  5. "Do you want to disolve these 103204 mods?" And a a list of 100 mods appear in the screen. Should look at every mod that im disolving everytime when I espècificaly select only "duplicates"? Are you telling me that after 5000 hours you still check what are you disolving in that unfriendly list? If you say yes, you have a problem
  6. Exactly But this would be a better idea, there are even some comon mods that they doesnt let you sell all of them
  7. Today I just dissolved my Primed Fulmination while I was trying to rank it up, I didnt have enough, so I disolved some mods, but forgot to unchek the primed one Its the 1st time I make this mistake, but its really painful. Since you have to CONFIRM to subsume warframes, cant we have a similar safety for disolving primed mods¿ Edit: I was on Duplicates tab, thats why I didnt see the primed one
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