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  1. So basically what you are asking for is a huge nerf to damage across the board which would also require a complete rework of content as well due to the lower damage output. Also several warframes/weapons that depend on those mods will also suffer tremendously unless a content rework is done.
  2. Athem is really bad. But if Rail Jack fails then alot of people will be looking towards destiny 2, especially since Warframe is in a extreme content drought.
  3. Trinity. Since there are no more raids she is kinda meh. Loki for sure since he is outdated. And Nekros needs a look at.
  4. Limbos theorem was a terrible questline. But I think its really the opening questline and how there is really no sense of direction.
  5. Probably because Destiny 2 going f2p and the current content drought. Yea there is nightwave but its the intermission until the next season and even then nightwave isnt really content, its just filler for the lack of content.
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