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  1. We need INFESTED weapons and cosmetics!!! I miss this forgotten faction's things... so much.
  2. I'd like you guys to release more infested weapons, there is only one(Pupacyst) released since the Nidus bundle... I don't like the infested zaw, and I don't count them as pure infested weapons. I like the ones look more organic, not the ones with metallic bits. And do you have some plan of release some new infested themed armors and syandanas?
  3. More Mandala please! I can only get one, how about add multiple Mandalas in the future? It's really cool imo😘
  4. Nah, the Umbra not the Prime, they're two different type of frames
  5. Then the founders will complain about the Excalibro Prime's skin too. Ah yes and his alt helm also need to be released at the same time.
  6. That's it, ppl were mad in my clan to complain with this, still no infos about the Prime Mortos Binds, why did the Valkyr Prime one become a thing? @[DE]Rebecca
  7. You made ma day mate, lol🤩
  8. There are no plats for the PC version.
  9. I think those accessories are lacking of something... I am not going to buy the full set this time. Can you please reconsider the accessories? Please add something which is worth it DE!
  10. WOW that's it! It should be called Nacre materials, I've bought all your works and perform like an infested operator lol.
  11. Today I got the Equinox's skin, too many metals on the edge, I hope next skin you made don't have any metallic edges...
  12. Wish I could get the new Nidus' helmet tomorrow🤣 Ty for the hotfix!
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