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  1. But who told you this? The next prime frame is male, so nezha is the next one and Chinese new year is about Feb 2021, at that time it'll be Octavia Prime/Gara Prime. The prime variant frames release in male-male female-female pattern.
  2. To buy something I want, such as deluxe skins etc.
  3. Can't wait to buy the next PA to get that sweet amount of platinum🥳
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. I have a omega sunika kubrow, but after I apply the [Tang prime kubrow skin], it get smaller and kept the smaller size, and this bug can reoccur to other kubrows, it's too weird, pls fix this!
  6. It's been three months since the last unvaulting, so what's next?
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