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  1. Preface: Lavos is a rather interesting Warframe, with one of the most peculiar and interesting kits so far! His abilities are fully functional with little to no bugs or technical issues. I enjoy how he functions, but he is not without gameplay issues. This summary hopes to highlight his strengths and weaknesses before attempting to address them. The Idea: Lavos is themed around Alchemy, and his kit revolves around combining elemental damage types to create something new to unleash onto the battlefield. This makes him rather diverse and able to have an effect on any faction he is pitted again
  2. Season's greetings Tenno! If anyone can gift something on the wishlist, I'd be a very grateful Tenno. Swing by later, we'll chat and shoot some people in the face together. My Wishlist: Caballero Railjack Skin Khora Urushu bundle The Sacrifice Collection Kuva Lich Hunter Collection (The BIG one) Oscira weapon skins
  3. The Bubonico is cool and all, but it's way too big. Especially around the shoulder area, I can't see crap. My suggestion is to trim this little bit off the top.
  4. Well, it mostly depends on two things. One: a player’s skill in terms of pressing buttons and aiming semi-decently. Two: A ridiculous mod setup. So Yeah, there’s plenty of cheese. Want some wine to go with that?
  5. Your dedication is admirable. May you one day be reworked to greatness, o primal warrior.
  6. So you ARE one of the seven wukong mains. Has anyone challenged you for your title yet?
  7. Nah, it's fine. Perfectly understandable. Wasn't really thinking too hard about this. Just wanted to throw something out, ya know?
  8. A third, neutral faction has been slowly creeping around. The Benefactors. These Tenno fight for anyone, and are generally up for whatever. They frequent supportive frames like Trinity, Equinox, Octavia, and Harrow. Be warned: Pissing off a Benefactor Is the worst thing you could do today. A pissed off Benefactor will try their hardest to bring your team down. So stay on their good side, help them, and they'll make sure you don't keel over. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1496450949
  9. Hey, not bad for low-poly! Even got the roar in, too! Nicely done! (And now to wait for the other variants. Have fun with that I guess.)
  10. If at all possible, can we get some in-game movement footage?
  11. Well, the reason I suggested having to switch to melee is because quick melee for operators isn’t a thing. Void blast is bound to quick melee, and that can’t just be discarded. Sure, there would probably be a faster switch time since there’s no sheath or holster to pull the weapon from. Think of it like Excalibur’s exalted blade. As for survivability, maybe an innate armor bonus or aura while using your melee? Idk, might work.
  12. I was thinking more along the lines of standard weapon switching. Just hold F to retract your amp and summon your focus weapon. Press it again to return to amp mode.
  13. I chose a rapier because of the attitude of Zenurik's operator animation set. Gave off a sophisticated or snobbish vibe. Hope that clarifies my thought process a bit.
  14. Here I begin with a disclaimer. I by no means intend to make people angry/salty with this thread. This thread is purely just throwing out a concept and seeing if people will like it. No, this is not a complete idea and not all topics are covered, so don’t be that guy who nitpicks absolutely everything. Last, convey your criticism, feedback, and your own ideas for the subject in a calm and collected manner. If you b!tch and whine, I will laugh mercilessly at you. Also I don’t account for waybound unlocks in this. Alright, let’s go. Back when the plains were first announced, and I me
  15. GUESS WHO?! anyway, nice job on this!
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