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  1. This image evokes sensations of fear.
  2. Orokin scientist 1: What is this ‘Hip Hop’? Orokin scientist 2: Apparently it was an old world music style that was accompanied by dance. Orokin scientist 1: It sounds awful. Let’s make a Warframe out of it. Orokin scientist 2: You know it.
  3. This is the first time I’ve seen someone actually make their operator into an anime styled sweetheart. However... That face and the red veil insignia in the same picture is quite off-putting. Some guy: Hey there kiddo, what’s your favorite thing to do? Operator: MuRDeR
  4. Yep. Blood rush is a must on this weapon. Berserker as well.
  6. V. Only V. If you go for bloodrush, you’ll have space to put on drifting contact for a wee extra status.
  7. Paracecis is like a crit only Galatine. All Madurai polarities, as those are the most accommodating with any build. I only actually put in 3 polarities and had room for the umbral mods. Go nuts, man. Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Paracecis is not better or worse than the gram and Galatine primes. It’s a sidegrade really.
  8. Okay, I’m gonna say this right now. As a side Harrow main, no. He does not need to be fixed at all. YOU however need to be more aware of your team. Yes, it’s annoying for me when people steal my kills. It’s frustrating, I understand that. I main Nidus too, so I get double that frustration. But you know what? It’s fine because team communication exists. If you need health or energy from Harrow, just stay near him and watch his back! Not only will you get the health and energy you need, but giving your support some cover will ensure THEY stay alive too! Like someone said earlier, Harrow is a vanguard support. He’s out there, doing stuff, kicking ass, taking names. If you’re afraid you won’t get energy, don’t be. The thurible buff shows up on his hud and yours as well. Chances are that if he has it even active in the first place, he knows you all need energy. Just stick near him, and stop shooting for a bit. Hell, maybe even buff your Harrow to say ‘thanks for keeping my S#&$ together’. I really don’t think you know how much we do to keep your asses alive, so a thank you is always appreciated.
  9. Slams table THANK YOU! I really want this! Otherwise, I don’t see a point to using this thing unless you’re indecisive as hell. I have a bunch of stances that i’d Love to switch back and forth wit, but stances are a thing and are pretty limiting with their base polarity. (Sparring, I’m looking at you.)
  10. In the words of omnivoice in his newest video: ”There hasn’t been an enemy in these parts for over forty years! YEEEEEEEEE!!”
  11. Actually...That’s not a bad idea. You trade a turret aimbot playstyle for a more rootin’ tootin’ cowboy shootin’ mobile playstyle.
  12. I both love and hate this idea. One, I love the idea of exalted dual pistols, and they could keep that unique effect of firing faster and faster if the same enemy is shot over and over. Could be fun. Two, I absolutely hate this idea because aimbot is fun and Mesa’s damage is reliable already. I’d rather not miss, thank you very much. You’re essentially screaming “Nerf Mesa” and you’ve already earned the hatred of all the Mesa mains, I’m not one of them, but they hate you already.
  13. I highly recommend going full efficiency if you’re going solo Excalibur. Exalted blade is stupidly powerful, and can have a bit of survivability. You’ll need a rank 0 mod called “life strike”. It was relatively rare, but with the fortuna update it became stupidly common. So, for your actual blade, you might want corrosive since it works against literally every faction. Get chromatic blade for your Excalibur. (Someone might be willing to give a spare if they have one. Possibly. Don’t bet on it though.) That will bump up your EB’s damage through the roof on its own. Get yourself condition overload if you can. If not, ignore it. Life strike will work on exalted blade. All you need to do is activate channeling and swing at things with EB and you’ll heal from a percent of damage you do. Keep an eye on your energy consumption though, as channeling uses 5 energy per hit, and with life strike unranked, it bumps it up to 7. Exalted blade itself uses energy too, so keep your eyes peeled. That’s about as helpful as I can be without going into builds. You’re a new player, so you probably won’t have access to those mods that make Excalibur extremely effective.
  14. Difficulty I guess? Discouraging cheesy gameplay? I know ancient healers can be pretty good, even though I don’t use em.
  15. Ah. Yes. That guy. I know the man which you speak of.
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