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  1. No synergy, no fun. The only reason we use Yareli is for that 200% pistol crit passive. Other frames can CC better. A full mechanical rework is the only way Yareli will be able to get much traction. Also WHY is her exalted K-Drive not moddable? It levels separately from her, so it's an exalted thing. But it doesn't scale off its own mods so it's part of Yareli. But if it's part of yareli and not an exalted thing, it shouldn't have its own slot or level separately. Addendum as of....roughly two hours later: Yareli's situation isn't exactly helped very much either with the existence of Helminth invigorations. I mean, think about it. Why would I play a broken and badly designed frame when I could just slap on 250% critical chance with whatever to whichever frame is up to bat? For all intents and purposes, Yareli IS her passive. But when that bonus is put on someone else, what does she have left? A funny gimmick of K-drive indoors? Cuteness? Kawaii anime charm? Yes, yes, and yes. Gimmicks like Yareli don't get results. Gimmick frames that get results are those like Gauss. He's a gimmick frame done right. He does the funny haha run across the plains at mach speed, but the speed also ties into the rest of his kit and is a core mechanic. He has CC, he has DR, he has a niche form of nuke damage, and massive performance boosting. He's funny, but for all the right reasons. Yareli is not. I hate to be a pessimist, but Yareli is by far the worst frame I've seen.
  2. TYPE: In-Game, animation DESCRIPTION: Enemy disruption animations such as panicking while on fire, Electrocution, and impact stagger prevent Mercy kills from being prompted. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Apply stun-type status effects such as Heat, Electric, Impact, and certain warframe abilities such as blinding. EXPECTED RESULT: Mercy kill prompt should be displayed, Mercy executed, enemy dies. OBSERVED RESULT: Enemy suffers from dozens of status effects while I just menacingly stand in front of it. Enemy in image is well below mercy threshold. REPRODUCTION RATE: Reproducible 100% of the time.
  3. Because I would totally love to have a glyph of snoop dog wearing 3D glasses and a KFC bucket on his head.
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