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  1. Me and a buddy tossed this idea for the cgi trailer around and I decided to post it here. So here it is. You play as the ethereal operator in a dreamlike state, wandering up towards the abandoned orokin temple pursued by Grineer. When the dormant warframes are found, time slows to a halt and you are given a choice. As the operator, you have a choice of three offerings. An offering to swordsmanship (Excalibur), an offering to the elements (Volt), or an offering to technology (Mag). Depending on which offering you give, you can see what the warframe does and how it functions via an interactable flashback to the old war. Excalibur going up against a small Grineer camp, Volt going against a crowd of Dax, and Mag against yet more Grineer. Once each flashback is complete, you can finalize your choice and awaken a warframe. You fight your way out of the temple and find your orbiter and loyal cephalon, who have been dormant for centuries. Wakey wakey, Tenno. Wake up and smell the ashes.
  2. The two that immediately stick out for me are the Lesion and the Cassowar. Both status oriented, slash based, and extremely powerful.
  3. Answer a newbie’s question to the best of your ability. One day it’ll be them passing on that knowledge. It’s a general rule of thumb to have some idea of what your team is. Be sure to look at it and ask specific members to coordinate if needed. Be mindful of reviving yourself. Yes, I see you bleeding out. I’m getting to you. If you have a Nidus or Harrow on your team, or any other frame that requires getting their own kills to activate their team abilities, let them get kills. They’re typically happier by doing so and a lot more cooperative and less desperate for resources. A happy Nidus is an effective one. If two or more people are going to extraction or have chosen ‘No relic’, then you should go as well. If a player needs help on a quest, help them out if you can. They’ll thank you later. Never invest in the riven market. That’s a dark hole you don’t want to dive into. And that about wraps it up on my end.
  4. While I appreciate your opinion, I’m going to have to refute that. Gauss’ abilities do require active play, but the reward for such is less than you put in. Take kinetic plating for example. To make use of the ability and gain energy, you need to take damage. To take damage, you need to stand still and get hit. If you stand still, your boost goes down while the ability is active. If the boost goes down, you lose damage resist. If you lose damage resist, you die. As for redline, No. Just no. It’s not worth trying to use it. The attack speed buff is insignificant at worst and outclassed at best. Hell, the maximum reload bonus is 48% on an average build. That’s just the Quickdraw mod. It’s literally just putting on Quickdraw. Let’s talk about the cost of these abilities. They have a DUAL COST. They both have an energy drain, AND a constant drain on the boost meter unaffected by mods or efficiency. If you’re going to spend resources to use buffs or passive things, don’t you think you should be able to keep them up or sustain them? Well guess what, Redline resets the buffs upon the ability duration expiring. Guess I need to start it back up again and run around like a maniac instead of helping my team with someone who could do Gauss’ job infinitely better. Look, the point here is that Gauss is fun, but ultimately doesn’t have a clear position on a team when there are clearly better options that are much more fun.
  5. I have him. Can confirm. Bunch of other issues regarding sustaining his speed gauge. The effectiveness of his kinetic plating and redline revolve around a high boost gauge, but both of those abilities simultaneously drain it. Don’t even get me started on the ‘armor strip’ he’s capable of. For one, you have to be in redline to do that. Second, it costs 2 uses of thermal sunder to remove a tiny bit of armor. I could just shoot someone with corrosive for free. All in all, Gauss is fun because of speed, but DE put too much effort into theme and not enough functionality. PAAAABLO! WE GOT ANOTHER FRAME FOR YA TO FIX!
  6. Nice. Take your time with whatever you do next. You’re doin’ good, lad.
  7. Can we get wisp as Phoenix? I feel like she’d fit.
  8. Ey yo, can we get some torches and pitchforks on this man here?
  9. You know, when I first joined the game, I thought it was an actual weapon. Then I confused the lecta with it. Then I was sad.
  10. I’m sorry, are you trying to get the community to raise their collective pitchforks?
  11. Make Nidus into either Venom or Carnage.
  12. Funny story about that. I invited one of my newbie buddies to play Frame Fighter for gits and shiggles, and I decided to try Wukong. I used his ult, and the game CRASHED ENTIRELY. The next five minutes were spent with us losing our Sh*t laughing.
  13. Anything about valkyr's hysterical assault? Melee changes for phase one broke its functionality.
  14. Personally, I like the nyx changes, but I do have some issues. 1. Mind control targets, even with upgraded pathing and A.I, are not very smart. With enemies everywhere, it’s unlikely that enemies will target the MC victim instead of anything else. Considering that they will have new “follow the player” behavior, that paints an even bigger bullseye on your back. I suggest making her target run around and attack, and even force aggro if it is a “strong” unit like an eximus unit. So, have it run around on its own in combat, and then follow nyx outside of it, so you have an opportunity to work from outside the line of fire. 2. You might want to put a bigger damage multiplier. 1.5x damage ain’t gonna cut it for long. Enemies have armor along with increased damage the higher the level goes, but when that damage from enemies is pit against itself, nothing really happens. I know the new debuff is going to decrease armor and shields, and that’s great and all, but if your minion can’t kill the enemies it’s been turned against, then it becomes useless. I would also suggest that if you implement drawing aggro, that enemies contribute to your minion’s damage. While nyx wouldn’t be able to increase its damage anymore, the minion just doing its job would. Or, to put that all simply: Minion gets mind controlled -> Minion attacks things -> Minion draws attention -> Minion takes more damage -> Minion damage increases -> Minion kills everything -> Duration ends and minion dies because of the massive amount of damage it had stored -> Rinse and repeat -> Grofit
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