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  1. Just like DannyGre said, the xoris really does make this a lot easier. Though if I can add my two cents, I'd mod the Xoris with Amalgam Organ Shatter and Killing Blow to make the wind up quite a bit faster, and also Volatile Quick Return to increase the blast radius when you detonate the Xoris. I was really annoyed with the Granum Void as well, until a clanmate told me to use the Xoris. With those three mods it makes it a cakewalk that you can do with any frame. Just focus on releasing the three captives quickly, then you'll have plenty of time. I'm pretty sure I've gotten all 75 kills on every Granum Void I've done since my clanmate recommended this Xoris setup.
  2. I just spent about 5 or 6 hours running those stupid excavation missions in the Cambian Drift and I didn't get a single drop of Saxum Spittle. This is absurd how low the drop chance is. Now I have more ayatan stars than I know what to do with and more mother tokens than I'll ever need, but no Saxum Spittle. Please DE, change these drop rates because I'm sick of running the stupid excavation missions.
  3. I love the design of the Diplos and their overall feel, except when aiming down sights. This auto-lock on when ADS is driving me crazy. Why can't the Diplos just have an alt-fire similar to the Sepulcrum?? Let me control when I want to use the lock on feature without having to sacrifice accuracy.
  4. Maybe for his passive, his cloak could be increased by 1 or 0.5 seconds for every enemy killed while cloaked? His invisibility is already getting outclassed by quite a few other frames so this could help bring his cloak back into style?
  5. Sorry, should have been a bit more specific. What I meant was that Loki's radial Disarm would remain unchanged, but if you have the decoy out, the decoy would cast another radial disarm alongside Loki, but the decoy's radial disarm would have a shorter range. Basically just some added synergy between decoy and radial disarm, since you could use decoy as a way to distantly cast radial disarm.
  6. Yeah, on xbox I'm still decent at getting headshots, but it's nowhere near as easy as with a keyboard and mouse, especially in stuff like the steel path where everything gets pretty hectic.
  7. I made a post awhile ago about a "Retooling" of Loki's abilities, since I used to main Loki all the time until the past couple of years. I love Loki and still love parts of his kit, but they really do need a tweak. What I suggested was: 1. Just make his decoy invincible. Or make it a LOT more tanky than it is currently, and make it scale. 2. Invisibility is still pretty good, but considering how outclassed he is by other frames in the invis department, maybe just give it a little buff to duration or cast on the move like ash. 3. His Switch teleport should function as normal, but allow us to hold to immediately switch with our decoy and give us a small radial blind upon completing the teleport. 4. Radial disarm would be unchanged, but if your decoy is out, allow it to cast a smaller (maybe 50% range) radial disarm as well. I feel like these small changes would add a lot of variation and variety to his playstyle and keep him competitive with other frames. The switch teleport with decoy could allow for basically fast travel between objectives. And the radial disarm change would incentivize you to keep your decoy out, plus it would add some interesting combinations with attracting enemies into melee range, then switch teleporting with it after they bunch up around the decoy. As for his passive.... Wow I completely forgot it even existed..... I don't even know what to do with his passive.
  8. So I may be in the minority, but I still love my daikyu and using all the other bows. But the new arcanes seriously feel like they were only designed for fast firing, high damage weapons. 4 seconds to get kills with bows (especially daikyu even with increased fire rate) feels awful. Other weapons like the bramma or other AoE weapons can stack this buff insanely fast, even rifles with fast fire rates can get huge benefits from this buff, but bows feel like they're falling further and further behind. I guess a bug reason they don't want to have a buff for these on bows is that the Lenz and the Bramma would become even more meta. So I'm not exactly sure how to address this.
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