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  1. Because it is not season 2 but somethink betwen s1 and s2 to give players possibility to get wf helmets and nitain
  2. In full screen borderless mode options show 1920x1080 but in reality nothing change. Only full screen mode was fixed other resolution problems are still there .
  3. I mean when shield is down and you need to shoot the legs. Fluctus has real problem with it. Even when you are shooting in the right place you deal 0. Rarely your 1 or 2 hits will deal dmg. I wanted to take another archgun but reserch in dojo for gravimag will take months to be compleated (almost all of my clan isn't interested in farming systems . I cant even lower my dojo lvl because i need to cancel all decoration. There are hundreds of them ;-;
  4. Fluctus is useless against profit-taker. Most of the time it hits for 0
  5. Still i want to see garuda blood sigil on my warframe in missions
  6. Still i want to see garuda pack blood sigil on my warframe in missions.
  7. Make bloodshed sigil visible in normal missions.
  8. I still can't see Bloodshed Sigil on my warframe. Even if i have low hp
  9. Yes, but thanks to 3 skill passing damage you can use other mechanics such as arcane guardian. If you do that will not feel taking these 10% damage. By the way now you can heal yourself and use for example simaris mod to get a lot of armor when you pick up hp. This is actually a buff. And now nezha is not a second rhino with worse shield
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