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  1. It's all about personal preference and ease of use. If I'm doing a grineer steel path extermine, I'm not going to choose a weapon that i have to aim 1 enemy at a time, I'm going to choose my 9 Forma sporelacer that can erase 20 enemies at a time from existence while yeeting them into the Tenno space program. Also it can pop nullifier and eximuxs bubbles in one shot. Clear choice for me.
  2. So still a terrible drop chance, how about garunteed 5 keys after completing void storm missions, plus the mission drops?
  3. So if I use both my Oull in the 1st and 2nd slots, those would just be revealed? and I would just have to unlock the 3rd?
  4. You're not wrong, I gotta constantly remind myself not everyone has a 5-6 forma Nezha/Inaros that can stand in front for walls of SP enemies and laugh. I'll just continue the patented leave squad method after mission.
  5. I always leave squads anyways after missions due to not know what others are going to do.
  6. Ultimately I can't control other players of course, I just don't understand the reasoning behind not wanting to level it up if you're playing public anyways.
  7. But if you're running with 3 other players it goes down very quickly, The slowest I've seen my only sister that got to level 5 go down with a squad of myself and 3 others is 15 secs.
  8. Since the update came out, about every 3 missions I get into a squad where 1 person doesn't even try to stab their Sister/Lich.When either myself or the other 2 players say to stab it the response is always "I don't know the order/mods". I really don't get why people aren't just trying them, at the very least your giving yourself and everyone progress to find an unknown mod. Also, you can guess an unknown mod/ order of the mods. I've guess at least 1-2 mods on multiple occasions just by trying. For example: You now 2 of the mods are Lohk and Ris, but you don't know the third. you can put Lohk at the 1st slot. even if you're wrong you know the Lohk isn't the 1st one, and you;ve gained progress to the 3rd one. or maybe Lohk was right but Ris isn't the 2nd one, you now now the Lohk is 1st and Ris is 3rd. Now all you have to do is get the 3rd one known and you know the exact order already. At least if your not going to try say something and help keep downing quickly so you don't stop others from spawning. You'll even get some progress from the other people trying to down theirs.
  9. So, I guess I'll start with the primary/secondary parts. They all seem pretty good. The arcane slots being added to the weapons with the one going into them are very welcoming.{please just unlock them and don't make us pay to unlock them, please please please.). But for sanity sake, just make the drop from steel path eximus units instead, or make it so we can buy them from Teshin with steel essence, or both like you guys did with the Necramech mods from the latest event, both would be preferred, The galvanized mods seem pretty good idea with a few things that would be nice. Galvanized mods would feel better if all the "on kill" and "on headshot" was changed was replaced with "on hit" or "while aiming" instead, the secondary effect seems just fine. Maybe adding another galvanized mod that's %120 damage on hit, then $30 crit chance on kill stacking 4 time for all classes(primary, shotgun, secondary) The Melee part is a little more bleak, as it seems the the changes discussed aren't really helping the imbalance. ATTACK SPEED ISN'T THE PROBLEM. I could care less about fancy animations, i don't even use anything past spamming E(via a manually recorded macro where i press E as much as i could in 1 sec) If you insist in nerfing berserker maybe just make it use the base attack speed of the weapon and keep the on crit part. All the big swords and hammer really need fury to feel good unless you have a riven with attack speed{which we should need to one to make it feel good). Melee is just fine as is, the primary's need help is all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave melee alone. Also, why do anything with the Nukor, it was just fine as is, no complaints, it was one the few secondary's that could do anything in the steel path. just don't touch it.
  10. A radnom Buff to random Frames doesnt seem good. Nezha due to warding is just better in most cases due to status immunity Inaros is justa meat bag that doesnt care about enemies Wuknog is great for quick mission(and REALLY good for spy) Limbo is great for High level Non-corpus mobile defense and high level rescues. those above examples would be what i would noramlly take to missions, so a %100 abiltiy to lets say Atlas, wouldn't get me to take atlas to a catpure lets say, because Wukong is faster for it. I wouldn't take Titania to a survival because I could take Nezha(status immunity and DR) or take Inaros(Health bag, dont have to care about enemies). It would be much better to let us pick the frames the buffs go to then make it random.
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