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  1. As someone who uses glaive+gun a good bit, being able to use weapon stance is really exciting for me. GG on these changes DE.
  2. Xbox and PS both have m+kb compatibility, Switch does as well. Thats not a good reason not to include it.
  3. We've got a whole row of number keys we aren't using, why not? It would feel far better than cycling through.
  4. If only there was some way to TEST the changes to MFD/the Helminth system, some kind of CLUSTER possibly? Also, isnt making it rely on slash procs/finishers RESTRICTIVE on PLAYER CHOICE? I thought DE didn't like that?
  5. I havent been able to get it to do so, perhaps my aim is off then. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. While Xaku feels much better with the initial changes, I believe they're stolen guns absolutely need to have a longer reach. It feels really bad having to hug enemies to get the stolen guns to shoot. I immediately replaced Xatas Whisper because of Void's status effect and the low overall dmg that it added, in a world where I can just put Roar on I dont see a need to use this ability especially when it limits my ability to get headshots. If it didnt do that I would consider using it. Gaze should not require 200% power strength to strip defenses, like other armor strips,
  7. This is a bad take on a gimmick ability that really only worked on underused, finisher focused frames like Ash and will only further hurt usage rates of those frames.
  8. These look promising, but Xata's Whisper still looks too weak. A 26% dmg buff is basically a free Helminth slot. Smite Infusion gets 100%, why not the same for Xata's Whisper. I don't see how this could be an issue when we can't use it on Eidolons.
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