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  1. If I had to take a guess, based on past updates announced at TennoCon, I would say mid October, but if somehow the update needs to be DElayed, then mid November...
  2. As much as for the new Diablo mobile game!! 👎👎
  3. Ah, Red Alert 2. One of my favorites ever. Played the crap out of it...
  4. Well, that is a big assumption. Unless you work for those people and are on a need-to-know upper-management level, you can't possibly know. This is a good example of how misinformation spreads... Destiny 2 was released for free until Nov. 18 because of its first anniversary, at least that is the official reason. Coinciding with Fortuna's release? Yes. Doing it on purpose to attract new players? Absolutely. Doing it so they can "hit DE" or because a "giant" being "afraid" of Warframe? I seriously doubt that one. (For the record, I have never played any Destiny game, nor interested to.)
  5. Click on the "Insert other media" button on the bottom right corner...
  6. Are you hungry? I'm all Fortuna sandwiches!
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