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  1. 15 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    The RESEARCH console in your Dry Dock allows access to different ARMAMENTS and COMPONENTS towards your Railjack in your Clan. The Research will be Clan-wide, and players will be able to Fabricate the completed Research for their respective Railjack.

    *Further clarification: Fabrication requirements are per player, Research requirements are per Clan.

    What are the minimum requirements for clan members to contribute resources to Railjack-related research? Do they need to have their own Railjack?

  2. 24 minutes ago, -GrT-kostasp99 said:

    the only thing to consider is that a so called huge company like blizz activision gives destiny for free at the same time the fortuna release comes so they can hit DE and gain some players , it says a lot for the so called small company and how huge warframe really is and the drive it has and the momentum and everything. if a giant afraid of a small person it says a lot . end of story.

    Well, that is a big assumption. Unless you work for those people and are on a need-to-know upper-management level, you can't possibly know. This is a good example of how misinformation spreads...

    Destiny 2 was released for free until Nov. 18 because of its first anniversary, at least that is the official reason. Coinciding with Fortuna's release? Yes. Doing it on purpose to attract new players? Absolutely. Doing it so they can "hit DE" or because a "giant" being "afraid" of Warframe? I seriously doubt that one. (For the record, I have never played any Destiny game, nor interested to.)

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Fiendir said:

    I've had both of these primes for a pretty long while now (and the sugatra since I got that one already with the Trinity Prime offer) so I'm curious what would happen if I were to redeem this? Would I recieve two new copies of each + the accompanying weapon slots or just have nothing happen at all?

    Yes, you will get two new copies and their slots...

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