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  1. would be nice if console patch notes included the actual fixes/updates for console and not just a copy/paste of all the pc updates/hotfixes
  2. so...repair kit isn't showing up at all in the codex and isn't linkable in chat. hoping you didn't miss this one...
  3. hostile mergers doesnt start til 2pm est (so in 3 minutes)
  4. this i could get behind 100%. (roll back to pre april 1 stats is a bit out of the ? though. this would be great for all future riven dispo changes though.) also, since riven changes are going to be rolled out once every 3-4 months, then the amount of kuva we gain from missions needs to be looked at again (may be a bit biased given how nice it was during double resource weekend). if you're going to keep hitting weapons with back to backback disposition nerfs (lookin at you snipers), then we need either a return on invested kuva (option to pick kuva instead of endo on mod recycle) or an increase in base amounts from siphons/floods/survival.
  5. this is what worries me with this. why give us a change every 3 months, just put the dispositions where you want them and leave em be. the only people praising these changes are the people who wanted prices to drop for rivens they wanted to buy.
  6. a lot of the "too long" complaints would go down if we could do more than 1 fracture at a time.
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