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  1. i imagine it registering as v.2 instead of .1 is causing the issue. at least your game boots up. mine doesn't make it past the initial title screen.
  2. already downloaded the update. went to start the game and it closes out and says "update needed. you need this update but we cant get it right now". nothing shows up in the update tab and I've already done a hard reboot.
  3. anytime i complete a mission or log-in to the game it keeps popping up a "bad request" notification.
  4. health and shield increases are calculated off of the warframes unranked value, not rank 30 value. any gain in shield/health from leveling is added to the total after health/shield mods.
  5. ivara prime access item details page doesn't load. makes me unabke to purchase it because it constantly says please wait while trying to load it
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