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  1. Umbra rhino quest will continue the story of the rhino that's being told in the codex.
  2. Anything with increase to ANY part of % would cause even more powercreep that we have now. So my vote is for primed vitality ...[DE] likes to make fights that only tank frames can survive, so this would come in handy if you hadn't to do profit taker as any other frame besides Chroma or Inaros
  3. Someone wants to be inside a petite shiny female
  4. Weapons that get discovered when a new frame launches. Are always surrounded by a mist of mystery. Orokin defense systems use energy, mostly with rad procs, so this one could be reminiscent of that. I like the chance of channeling our void energy, that would open up for more energy weapons and maybe someday a primed one.
  5. It could be, they're a bit chunky for my taste but I can put a skin on it ...more lighting is always a good thing
  6. Boss fight should never be about equipment... They should be about coordination, awareness and execution
  7. I farmed for Chroma prime the week it came out and got all parts the first day...on the other hand couldn't get Scindo prime until today
  8. I got all BP's and 3 war bps(even tho I bought the package with it in it) on my first year of playing. But couldnt get scindo prime blade WHILE it was unvaulted...RNG sucks, mate. Sacrifice a virgin or something.
  9. I think these "play an emote", "jump 150 times", "complete a mission" are troll challenges by [DE] because all the forum childish complains about harder elite challenges
  10. i hate ignis so much that never pay attention to the prices or anything... i got one and melted for endo, got another one a time after that and sold it for 70p....the other day was trying to sell something on trade chat and the overpriced requests to buy for the noobflamer were like a cold shower
  11. World of warcraft mythic dungeons use had something like this if i remember correctly: a key awarded at the end of a dungeon enable a higher difficulty version of a random dungeon with mutators enemy damage increase, enemy hp increase, etc. It could be fun to see an adapted version of this, especially for endless mission that for endurance runs you have to sit through 1hr+ of low level enemies
  12. I don't use cyphers but I have something like a million Spore on inventory. Never thought to be a problem I farm a lot of derelict for mutagen sample and get a lot of spores...that hema research is a *@##$ if you're doing it alone
  13. Is nanospore farming a meme, otherwise I dont get it
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