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  1. As the title says. at alert level 3 on the orb valis limbo is pretty much screwed, he's already squishy as is and i do think nullie bubbles should still counter him but they shouldn't completely shut him down nullies have always been oppressive to limbo because they collapse his bubble the second theirs touches it. This should not be the case, what if they could create a "safe zone" in his cataclysm where enemies inside the nullifier bubble while they are inside the rift act like they are not in the rift. Limbo is my favorite frame but i don't usually like to take him on corpus missions because one enemy unit type shuts him down so badly, especially if there are several of them. Nullifiers have been the subject of debate in the community since they were released and i hope DE plans to tune them back as they add more types of enemies to provide new kinds of challenge.
  2. BrochBlack

    Vauban isn’t bad.

    you provide no evidence to prove me wrong, k. I'm not going to continue replying to you because you're obviously just trying to fulfill your dream of being a $&*^ on the internet, but i'll leave you with this; Warframe is not a hard game, if a frame does not have the ability to deal damage on it's own it can enable the weapons you use to be more effective, the better frames can do both these things and often much more. as of making this comment there are no frames that are worse than "not good", that's not to say some frames don't have 1 or 2 bad abilities, but each individual frame is useful.
  3. BrochBlack

    Vauban isn’t bad.

    um, no? all the frames can kill enemies even to late game, there are frames that are far better than others but every frame can handle late game content
  4. BrochBlack

    Vauban isn’t bad.

    There aren't really any frames that can be considered "Bad" but Vauban is one of the worst frames on the roster, no question
  5. BrochBlack

    Frame rate drop then crash

    I queued up and took down my first hydrolyst today, as a grabbed the last sentient shards, my framerate dropped immediately and the game crashed before i could re-enter cetus. i lost everything i got. i alt tabbed when my framerate wouldn't rise to see if it was my computer or wifi, it wasn't. this is extremely vexing fix it