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  1. This was an issue when i played years ago, and it is still exactly the same. Mobs dont spawn in some missions, and if the missions are timed then they fail. Im guessing its because of the stupid way mobs spawn, where if one wave/group isnt completely defeated, the next wont spawn. I dont know if its just buggy code or if sometimes something spawns under the map, but it happens pretty often. Ive noticed this when playing solo in PoE and Orb Vallis. I havent tried much of Cambion yet.
  2. I know this has been talked about a lot but as a mainly solo player the barrier to start eidolon hunting is insane. I have watched probably a dozen guides, I have an upgraded amp, I have weapons and builds set up just for eidolon hunting, and it still takes me 30 minutes just to destroy the 4 teralyst joints. And after all that, it goes into its regen phase and despite there being no vomvalysts present it still regens. What am i doing wrong? How does it regen shields even if I kill all the vomvalysts? I just want some arcanes so I can try some end game builds but every time it try to get into
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