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  1. ephemeras, syandanas and other effects are still broken
  2. before update : an epic syandana with nice effects after update : no words in the last screenshot the operator have Vengeful Flame ephemera, wukong have Vengeful Charge ephemera 🙂
  3. so we have now 2 options: play it full dark, or use sunglasses because hesus.... those lights burn my eyes hardo
  4. @moondog548 i think you dont get the fact im not complaining about new things, im complaining about they changed it in worst, before i had the option of play a pretty much balanced graphics, very nice colors and smooth game. from now or i play it full dark, or i have to play with sunglasses because the brightness in some rooms really hurt my eyes.... sometimes is better to do a step back and understand that "new" is not always "better"
  5. my game become dark and i cannot see the effects/energy anymore
  6. delete
  7. 2+1- must have : +Status Duration +Status Chance -harmless negative -------------------------------- 3+1- must have : +Status Duration +Status Chance +Multishot -harmless negative IGN : Xnidior
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