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  1. 1. when i play solo my crew should inherit my plexus so they get buffs for turrets, also they should be able to use RJ skills like void hole, maybe depending on their role and level in it, dunno, but they should 2. while doing solo grinner mission with exposing radiators, they should be able to destroy the radiators, for now i have to expose first, go back to RJ, shoot it, go back to base, expose 2nd... it's not supposed to work that way i guess 3. liches are useless as crew if they can't be trained in pilot/gunnery/repair, since these 3 skills are essential, defender and endurance a
  2. Since I updated my GeForce drivers to version 461.40 Warframe randomly turns off showing me error that my graphics driver stopped working. Doesn't happen in any other game. Happens usually on launching game when login screen is about to show or while leaving mission. GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Windows 7 x64
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