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  1. Naelrung

    Catchmoon + punch through bugs

    I have Catchmoon with +2.5 punch through. Nothing bad, nothing unusual. Until i shoot an enemy that too close to me, they dont receive any damage at all. This happen a few times. Then i decided to test it on Simulacrum. I shot them from 1m-2m range and they received no damage at all, but more than that, they got hit. But sometime, this bug still exist even if the enemy is more than 2m, not too far tho, but more than 2m. I remember this because i had to shot Nox but he got no damage at all. I tested Tomfinger with punch through mod, it doesnt have this bug.
  2. Naelrung

    Log in Error. Check your info

    Ok here it is. I have this problem a few times (it fixed and re-appear). i used my mobile data as an hotspot (dont have wifi) with 2 different ISP. But what weird is that yesterday my first ISP wont work and my second ones can. The problem is, today my second ones wont work and my first ones can. And now im in my usual Wifi hotspot, i cant play, but usually i can play here. Well i did use VPN in my phone, but if that the reason i cant login, then why my friends and other player NEED to use VPN to play.