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  1. No, it was given as a thank you for "playing raids despite them being a buggy mess" to the raid community. It should stay that way.
  2. Why don't you teach us those methods then?
  3. A) The outcry is mostly because its content shown on livestreams that people thought they would be able to buy with plat. If we can buy with plat, DE failed by not giving info. B) Support packs are a niche. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a low sale target for them. But people are still gonna throw money at the packs(can't resist, not informed, don't care, whiteknight etc). I'm willing to bet many of the pissed players have bought platinum, prime access, prime vault but never bought the support pack. C) People are pissed at the Helminth changes. And then DE came and announced sup
  4. It was a joke. Look at the quoted comment for clarification
  5. Maybe, but the changes on protea's and nidus's abilities don't make sense
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