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  1. Your first example is both a speedrunner and an experienced Warframe player. You wouldn't want to design the NPE around them. They also didn't specify what frame they started with, or what they used, or whether they are using plat to speed up the experience. (They talk about Mag at the end; if she is the one she used, her 2 is decent as specters so I can understand why they didn't have trouble. But she's also far and away the least recommended for new players.) Compare real new-player experiences like these: [X] [X] [X] These are just ones that express frustration with Valkyr specifically; I found a bunch others that expressed frustration with the other stuff I mentioned (like being unable to access crafting materials or being stuck early game) that could be related to Valkyr, but were not provably so. As for Valkyr, Excal is good like that. But I started with Volt, because he's Dojo-only and his passive can compensate for weak weapons. It's difficult to rely on abilities anywhere outside of junctions because you don't have energy regeneration there. And when I considered that I could use Mag's Magnetise, or Excal's blind, to open up a window of opportunity - you can get their parts before Ceres, after all - I literally couldn't craft either of them because they both required neural sensors, which the Valkyr spectre was gate-keeping. Volt can also hide and charge his 4 to stun her as well, but it takes a lot of time waiting. Regardless, being able to defeat something doesn't mean that the scaling isn't still really mis-representative. Games are designed to be challenging but satisfying to defeat. Part of that design is a relatively smooth learning curve.
  2. She is pretty good at that, yeah. But most guides for new players will recommend Volt, because he can be hard to acquire, or Excal, because he scales well to end-game, over Mag. Mag is weak against infested and doesn't have a strong end-game niche. She also requires Neural Sensors to craft, which means that (without a login reward), you're not able to craft her until after you pass Valkyr. You start with 50p which can be spent in the market only. I ended up using it for warframe slots because you only start with two. It's not uncommon for people to spent money on a game certainly but I don't think it would be wise to assume that is the norm, especially just starting out. One of the reasons f2p models work is that they allow for income disparity by letting those who cannot pay for games still add to the community enjoyed by those who can (and do). This includes people with tight restrictive budgets (such as students or parents) or without access to purchasing plat (like not owning credit/debit,eg if they are underage). I am not against using plat to buy stuff if I need to. But because I am only ever earning it in-game from paltry Lith relics (plus the amount that I start with), I'm being much more selective about where I use it. When I first played, I spent so much on neurodes, even the neurode blueprint eventually. In hindsight that wasn't a wise purchase, it only seemed so because mat availability was skewed so awkwardly for new players. And I think if I spent plat on buying spores just so I could craft a key and farm yet more spores, it would feel like I was paying to shortcut the 'intended' progression, so even with plat, I'm hesitant to do that. The self-imposed restrictions are in place specifically because I want to show friends that it is possible to play and enjoy the game without spending anything on it. Mods were largely not my problem (beyond missing a couple element types). I was more restricted by capacity on weapons that often didn't even have any polarised slots. And by resource-gating, I mean not being able to craft the blueprints I am given as a guaranteed quest reward, or the frames that drop from my first bosses, until I have reached halfway through the map. Previously this wasn't really felt so much because even though you couldn't farm the stuff, you could still get scraps of it from things like alerts. This is no longer the case, it is a hard cut-off. This is correct; I've since realised I was thinking of the Stalker and brought the wrong damage type. I was using mods that were dropped and available to me though, I wasn't able to build Corrosive on a firing weapon yet as only my melee had a toxin mod. There were plenty of missions I was doing over and over, mostly more common nodes like Earth excav or Seimeni to get squadmates (I end up solo on other nodes due to my location). Plenty of Spy to get dual-stats, that kind of thing. And I was unlocking the star map fully the way through, so I wasn't trying to speedrun ahead through junctions. Yes and no, you're right that most players probably wouldn't be doing exclusively fishing/mining, the reason its faster for me on my main is that I can get higher-value fish, and I already had the foresight to get a Fortuna drill to get epic gems. Part of it is that, as an Oceania player, I am usually solo even when queuing on public, so it can actually be simpler and more satisfying to just get Mortus Lungfish or Nyth/Thyst than it is to solo a single low-reward bounty over and over. But I would still expect them to get stuck in a loop on the plains for sure; we frequently have to remind new players that the Plains are not the game. Once they reach it some of them tend to get stuck there for a while. The harassment is also a special case; while a new player probably wouldn't stay long in a single session if they couldn't manage, my main is still dealing with the effects as it interrupts tracking, too. It's not difficult or game-breaking, but it is annoying and demands attention (esp the Thumpers, chasing my invisible Loki). Even doing the bounties, or gathering resources needed just for ranking up, my alt will be chased down on the open fields. Of course not. That's why I'm not suggesting that all affinity be replaced with a flat cap, that would be silly. I'm saying that the disparity between many hours, and many minutes, is way too great. Most games start you off fast to get you invested into your character and then slowly ramp you down. Warframe does the opposite, but it doesn't tell or show you that. It makes the game seem much longer and more unreasonable than it really is. You'll spent weeks in the first third of the star map and just a day in the last. I suppose I'm disadvantaged in that I already know what the game could be, and is, and can feel how terrible the experience is for a new player in comparison. I agree with this in essence but not in execution. Nano spores in particular are used for so much: sentinels, incubator cores, frames, spectres. I was more limited by the junctions blocking off Saturn - in particular the Valkyr junction - rather than the expectation I get them all immediately. But one cannot get spores at all until one has advanced through half the map. DE recognised this problem when they added a single incubator core as a junction reward because crafting it was so far off, that players were feeling pressured to purchase it. Even if ultimately plenty of players choose to do that, it doesn't reflect well on Warframe's f2p market. I encourage friends wary of f2p to pick it up by telling them the scale is reasonable, and not holding them hostage. Yet I still have to compensate by skipping them ahead to get materials. This didn't used to be a problem with alerts could trickle this stuff in, but now that they're removed, most of the blueprints that I am given - directly, I'm not purchasing them - aren't craftable, and won't be for quite a long time. If they don't want to reintroduce a form of 'trickle' - not to replace farms, but their guided progression to actually progress - they could try shuffling around drop locations so you'd have access to everything once you'd hit Ceres, even if the rates aren't great. That's the point the star map moves from T1 to T2.
  3. "My alt is trying to do everything independently, to represent a typical new player - only trades for plat, never buys it. Never asks people to taxi, carry, and boost it. It interacts with the market like a free player does, and it interacts with the game as the game is designed to allow it, without shortcuts." I know this is something that I as an individual can do (I could also just gift it a bunch of things from my main. or beg in chat). But I'm playing the game as it is designed to be played. As many players would play it. Expecting other bored/helpful players to carry you, take you places, etc is just the community compensating for the NPE. It's a workaround, it is not the ideal. It would be like somebody saying 'the potholes on this street are large and many, and should be fixed' and having somebody respond 'get better suspension or drive around them, problem solved'. I have an additional self-imposed challenge of creating and decorating my own solo clan, anyway. All progression is being deliberately earned off of my own back. It's currently stalled by every room requiring spores to craft. The only positive of this design is that, because it is so needlessly punishing and counter-intuitive, it encourages players to take the steps to engage with each other and participate in the community. The negative of this design is the incredibly high turnover of new players that give up on Warframe entirely before getting very far.
  4. Hey, recently decided to make an alt account so I could re-experience stuff like the storyline, and Star Map progression, now that I've completed pretty much everything in the game with my main one. But it has been incredibly difficult, exhausting, and miserable, even though I already know most everything about the game and what to target to efficiency's sake (which is unreasonable to expect of a new player). My alt is trying to do everything independently, to represent a typical new player - only trades for plat, never buys it. Never asks people to taxi, carry, and boost it. It interacts with the market like a free player does, and it interacts with the game as the game is designed to allow it, without shortcuts. Here are the things that are most problematic. Resource-gating The biggest one, and one of the most popular requests new players make of older ones. You gave me Rhino blueprint from my first boss, and a Heat Sword blueprint from a quest reward, but I can't get Neural Sensors until Jupiter. I'm blockaded by a massive difficulty spike in the form of a Valkyr Spectre, and can't get nano-spores to craft most of the things that would help me until Saturn (the ninth area). The only other spore source would be Ayatan Treasure Hunt, if it rolls derelict, which can only be done once every seven days. Even the derelict itself, as a spore farm, requires spores to craft access keys. This used to be addressed through random resource alerts, but these are no longer available, and Nightwave does not plug this gap. Currently players 'taxi' each other to other planets and carry them there to compensate. Suggestion: Reintroduce alerts that reward small amounts of random resources in addition to about 5k credits - a neurode here, 2k spores there. Or if you want to avoid random access, introduce an alternative source, such as a merchant on PoE/SU that will sell them in return for randomised local resources (think Ticker), or an NPC with quest-key system that will give players access to 'levelled down' nodes (think Clem's missions). Imbalanced Junctions The hardest junction by far is Ceres-Jupiter, entirely because it is guarded by Valkyr, who has massive armour. She does not remotely represent the difficulty of the planets following her. If you can defeat her (at all, let alone in a timely fashion), the following planets are pointlessly easy in comparison. It took my alt ~15min of taking potshots behind a pillar and using small squad ammo restores. New players do not know about small squad ammo restores. I was also able to use Rhino, because I was lucky enough to get Neural Sensors from a login. That's entirely random, and most players would be forced to do that with their starter Volt, Mag, or Excal, because of afore-mentioned resource-gating. I was also using Radiation damage, which has a +75% multiplier on Tenno amour, as well as ignoring 75% of the armour's damage reduction, and it still wasn't enough (corrosion is ideal for Tenno spectres, not radiation). Currently players cannot help each other directly in any way. Suggestion: Move Valkyr to a much later junction. Perhaps swap her with Uranus-Neptune's Loki, as he is probably the easiest spectre in the game (and misrepresents difficulty in the opposite direction). Open World Harassment Since the weapons available at my low MR are mediocre, and I need something with grunt now that SUDDENLY VALKYR SPECTRE, I'm trying to fish and mine for PoE/SU standingfor Zaws and Kitguns, since they have decent stats even with weak, unspecialised parts. But it's hard to fish or mine when unaware enemies are being deliberately spawned just to converge on me, even when hiding in caves. They haven't detected me, they just 'conveniently' want to hang out at my location. My Paris, which its travel time, simply can't hit flying Dargyns, but neither can I ignore them. With other, faster weapons, their speed and health still makes them a problem. And upon felling them (I end up with like three at once!) I get about one uninterrupted minute at best before it spawns more. It reached the point I only farmed at night, because it was far easier to just stand next to a lure and ignore lysts than it was to deal with the daytime harassment. This is ironic given that in-game dialogue keeps reminding players to avoid moving around at night if they are new, but the Eidolon is incredibly easy to avoid (to the point it can be hard to even find). The Dargyns are not. Orb Vallis also has this problem, especially with small raknoids, though it is less pronounced. Coming across enemies is good for world flavour, but please stop making them converge deliberately on players they haven't even noticed. Also, I'm an MR4 player, in a solo mission, with level 15 enemies. Please do not spawn Thumpers, and then make them converge on me, too (if I leave the area to mine/fish somewhere else, they should not cross the plains to harass me there). This problem actually affects my main, also - trying to track animals is constantly interrupted with attacks from random groups designed to harass me, requiring me to swap to a weapon to deal with them. Upon finishing them off, the track is lost, and I have to start back at the beginning. Then I will frequently have yet another new spawn before I've finished that track. Suggestion: Reduce the rate at which Dargyns/hunter squads spawn or increase the range they can spawn within and reduce detection radius or remove their player-seeking entirely. Affinity scaling Since MR is a requirement for progression - better gear, queuing for nodes, so on - the early game is more about levelling gear than it is about the narrative or the star map. But I can do a mission over and over and not gain a single level on the rank 20 weapon I'm using, because the returns are just so small. This is especially bad for firing weapons, because one cannot stack the affinity bonus from stealth kills with them (which again, I doubt most new players know about). Comparing my now MR5 alt to my MR26 main, my main levels a weapon in 20 minutes without boosters. My MR5 spends hours in on mission over and over and still is using the same one. Despite affinity from hacking, loot, and ability use, by far the majority comes from enemies. Suggestion: Reduce scaling of affinity based on levelling slightly, add a chunk of additional base affinity to enemies of all levels. The Loss of Alerts Nightwave was largely inaccessible to my alt while it was running. Most challenges were difficult, or even impossible, requiring resources or tools I didn't have. It was also several weeks worth of Nightwave before I would have been rewarded any creds to get a single aura, compared to the drops from alerts. I made my alt when Nightwave still had about two weeks left on it, but couldn't rank up in it even once - let alone the several times needed to get a single cred. (Speaking of Nightwave, even when scaled low and solo, assassins were instant-loss situations due to their armour and damage. The Wolf required outright aborting, because some missions could not be advanced until he was killed, yet he was functionally unkillable.) Suggestion: You're already doing stuff with Nightwave and I haven't seen what that is yet. But more regular creds is a must, even if in smaller amounts. Faster rate of rewards is a must. Reintroduction of random alerts, or a reasonable alternative, is a must!
  5. The fight feels so awful. So awful. I think failing to get a Wisp chassis after running it for the dozenth time is literally the first and only time I've ever - ever - just Alt-F4'd out of Warframe. I've now attempted it over 20 times, many of which had to be aborted because of gamebreaking bugs that prevented progress. Random nullifying effects. From what? Not the boss, it isn't looking at me, its over by a battery where my teammates are doing the mechanics as normal. Not other mobs, there aren't any. They died immediately a while ago. Nope, just nullified. And it isn't a standard null because you lose everything. *Even your Operator*. I can't even Void Dash. I can't even transfer back. I literally can't do anything. There is no telegraph for how and why this is. It just happens. There's nothing to learn here, just accept that fate hates you. Insane damage, literally a 1hk on Iron Skin Rhino, Inaros, and Chroma. The many, many, many bugs: - enemy can start cast 1hk missiles while you are in the landing cutscene, so as soon as scene finishes, you are already dead - enemy can get confused and never laser the battery, just flying around (can kinda reset if the entire team goes back to centre so it resets its pathing, but then the same bug triggered again) - enemy synoid can reset HP instead of progressing fight when destroyed, stuck in infinite loop (have to abort) - falling into the map can reset you back to spawn (any time) - falling into the map can trap you in a reset-cycle (boss or extraction) - occasionally reset while dashing as operator even while within map bounds (any time) - destroying a synoid as it picks up a player will trap that player, I couldn't even talk in /team to let my team know. even position resetting from cutscene/progression, could only spin in place - prompt for grabbing zipline/cable fails (or can be overwritten by nearby Rope, even when not in range), thus causing a fall and potentially triggering earlier bugs The positive is that I really like the flavour of the mechanics that actually advance the fight. Falling into massive holes in the map over and over is irritating, but they really sell the idea of a giant flying beast, having massive areas of destruction like that. I liked the in-game 'cinematic' of the laser on the walkway. It supports the sense of scale. The use of the giant batteries is good, controlling the Rope is interesting (though I wish there was a stronger indicator, because not an insignificant number of deaths have been trying to respond to a Grab prompt on a Rope that was already grabbed, and getting punted into the void). The phases are communicated reasonably well, some lines don't tell you much but if you're lucky to get the more specific ones that's good. There's some exploration to be done there but between the map, and transmissions, it isn't unreasonable to expect a player to try these things. Well I mean, except for the massive damage, because if they don't know what they need to do, they'll die before trying to find out. And even if they do know, they'll all compete to do it, confuse the AI, break the boss, and those trying to grab the already-grabbed Rope will be stuck with a reset bug and have to abort.
  6. Yes, I'm aware. But normally even Gifts are capped 10min long. This one being 15min is a new change, and feels experimental, or at least an attempt to imply some level of prestige on it. As a change, I'm providing feedback based on my own experience. Since getting a single reward for a endless mission of X rounds is basically assigning real-life time value to an item, how much time anybody is willing to spend is entirely personal.
  7. Yeah I like this, this is good too (technically I was suggesting bringing back the 'filler' alerts, so if all alerts are returned, better and better!). So long as people with inflexible schedules still have access to reward from Nightwave and aren't pressured to camp timers, that's good, since that's the reason DE wanted alerts gone in the first place. And honestly? I'd still rather get my Nitain from alerts than buying it. It's way more interesting (esp when it rolls archwing missions, since without them, the only time I've done those in the last year was levelling Larkspur or carrying others through Golem). Even more so since - for Saturn Six anyway - the return on creds is really weak. Despite completing all the challenges each week, I'm still get far less return on creds than I was from alerts simply because of the price scaling*. And while, to be fair, NW is rewarding other stuff alerts don't like mods/cosmetics - that still trips the scale the other way where people with outright limited time still can't get those things. Plus, sidenote: aura prices have climbed rapidly since the NW changes because they've become so much less accessible. That's a bad sign. Having alerts and NW simultaneously would allow players to choose what suits them and their schedules the best. *(and also because of that time I accidentally bought the wrong helmet bp - confirmed I didn't own the Nezha helment, ranked for creds, bought the Nezha helmet, on snap wait he has two helmets both featured this week and I bought the one I already crafted, aaaaa it can't be refunded aaahhh, that was rank 24 and the last creds offering until prestige aaaaa)
  8. I really like the neckscarf and am ok with the armour on the elbows, but that rubbery strip down the chest? Oof. I'd be willing to sacrifice the neckscarf to get rid of it (even if I'd prefer being able to have the neckscarf itself on).
  9. Of course it's almost nothing to end-game. That's the point, you spectral sausage. You don't want meaningful rewards there, that's why they were removed. Sure I can get ~500-800 endo from a Vodyanoi endo farm (or just farm sculptures in Hive), and obv anybody with access to Index will farm high risk. But those alerts weren't for MR26 players, they were for newbies. I suggest those rewards because that's actually about what alerts already rewarded before NW (yes you're right, absolutely terrible once you've got access to better, but that's DE's decision, not mine). They still helped low MR players without access to anything better, and most importantly, they still provide interesting mission variety by encouraging bored players to congregate on specific nodes and fill a squad. You actually don't want the payout to be too large because then you're back to why they were removed in the first place - FOMO. Those alert rewards weren't for us, you desiccated coconut. They were for newer players, or for social players. And since for some reason you want to get personal and patronise a complete stranger on the internet, if MR26, doing 20-round arbitration, hour-long kuva survival, tridolon speedruns, killing Jordas Golem in less than three seconds, or max standing with all factions/syndicates doesn't qualify as reaching 'end-game', I dunno what you think does.
  10. I'm with you; I miss having the random node alerts because now that I'm end-game they were the only way I ever went back to some planets. I hadn't seen Zanuka spawn for about a year despite being marked, and then realised it was because I was hardly ever doing standard Corpus missions anymore (the only reason I was even getting Gurstag3 was leveling on Hydron). Alerts not only gave me a reason to go back to those places, but because they were featured, they also frequently filled a squad, which never happens trying to queue them directly as these days most become obsolete as soon as you unlock the star map. But... I understand why they added the Nightwave. Camping alerts for specific rare rewards was not ideal and it unfairly punished people with time commitments that only had narrow windows available. You need Vauban chassis? Too bad, you're working then. Try again in a week... or a month. So if the reason OP (and me) misses alerts is the gameplay, and the reason they were removed was the reward... what if alerts were back, but only rewarded credits/endo? Something like 5k/200. Any of the meaningful rewards, like auras and such, can stay in the NW system, but it's a way to find a squad and 'reconnect' with some of the nodes from memory, and those modest rewards still help new players, who don't have access to get those from farming sites yet.
  11. Endless invasions were already shortened down to one round because of people skipping them. I've come to accept that most alerts will still be two rounds (10min), because the discrepancy between that and Capture (30-60sec) is largely in gear. (That said: there's no doubt in my mind a new player can still complete a capture faster than a single round of Defense/Survival, no matter their kit. And I still skip 2-round endless syndicate missions.) But the new Gift survival being 15 minutes felt really awful. There wasn't anything else from all the time spent in there, like relics and such, it just took a really long time. Without any mechanics for variety's sake (like assassins, or maniac spawns, what have you) it basically felt like the same ten seconds looping ninety times. Considering the fracture 'burp' changes were to avoid that, I hope this doesn't set a precedent for future endless alerts. I suppose its up to DE what the appropriate action would take if any; I would suggest adding some variety in endless missions to make them more flavourful for long periods if possible (like has been done for Lua Defense's floor crashing through, and Sealab Excavation defense having you move between points). If you can't adjust endless missions for variety due to technical limitations, then please do not make 15min minimums are regular thing.
  12. Agreed! Came here to say the same. There is a difference between hints, and audio cues. Low life support, finished timers, etc - those transmission are the only audio cues for those needing attention. When you're swinging around clearing out rooms with your atterax, you're not looking at the little timer. Most of the time, transmissions or not, you're not looking at it. You only look every now and then. And *that* is why audio cues are important - to draw your attention when it matters. They don't have to make them exceptions to hint transmissions if the majority are ok with their removal, BUT they need to add some other kind of cue to indicate it! Like when an extractor is destroyed and you get the text box in the middle of the screen, add a CONSOLE HACKED or whatever. Add a CRITICAL LIFE SUPPORT box for a while. Add audio cues like alarms. You know that computer shutdown sounds as enemies recover consoles in Interception? Play that when a console is successfully hacked in a Mobile Defense. It is not the transmissions themselves I miss, but the cues. Cues play a *big* role in games - they're so intuitive and useful you don't even consider them important until you're forced to live without them. I really benefit from cues, and I really benefit from not have to hREACTANTear most of the otheREACTANTr hint transmisREACTIANTsions, so right now it fREACTANTeels like trying to chooREACTANTse between two evils.
  13. Previous member of Syndicate Synergy, returning. IGN: Snackrat MR: 24 Hours: 722 TWW+Sacrifice completed
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