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  1. ....what the Unum wants us to see... ...preying onthe weak... SO MANY SPECULATIONS ARE NOW IN MY HEAD! I am prepared for this amazing warframe!
  2. I'm glad you've decided to remove the plan of making the daily items tradeable. Also the way the days work seems quite reasonable. I'd really like to see a test foorage or somethig just to be sure how exactly we would go about choosin the rewards itself.
  3. This is my very first meme and I'm glad Ihad the opportunity to make my first one for Warframe. I got the notion from Infinity wars (so 2 spoilers) but I hope you like it or find it humorous, or whatever makes you sleep at night 😉 https://www.deviantart.com/ephime/art/Ballas-Thanos-meme-752457372
  4. This is beautiful, just to think, what had happened to him...what was stuckwith him. I think this is very well done.
  5. Thank you for making sure it is perfect ir close to perfect, which ever is to come 🙂
  6. This does simplify Limbo, for we can now simply use stasis without thought. Whereas before there was times where you would have to decide when and where to use it and also when to undo stasis. But I for one will be anticipating more changes/tweaks to Limbo as time goes on 😉 Asurely this change does indeed seem more prudent.
  7. This is fantastic! And not releasing all 131 themes and once (whether it be intentional or not) is also a good thing, since it will be greatly overwhelming. I remember starting the game, and completing the Second Dream (which was recently) there were so many things to choose from.
  8. May I ask, why was Saryn the chosen Warframe for a rework and not other Warframes that is paramount to be reworked? Is it simply because Saryn, at the present time, is a lot more prominent than the other Warframes, thus making it evident that it be better to cause a large if not all of the community to be nore content with her. Or is it due to certain recourse limitations that makes it impracticable to rework other Warframes that require a more complex change? Edit: Also I actually want to thabk you for actually going the exstra mile to still make the game more balanced and bring us newer content, while still working on all the other stuff such as the new quest and open world map.
  9. I hope Lotus and Ordis get some great puns as well😉
  10. http://seriouslynotpaul.tumblr.com/post/171164209398/the-limbo-main-but-im-actually-quite-happy-i I found this image on tumblr and was assured by the creator, seriouslynotpaul, that I am allowed to post this to be showed on prime time. The image features the creatures operator along with his Limbo, titled as Limbo main.
  11. I amxso glad it is only temporarily, I suppose the most profound way to ameliorate something is to work with it when it is not active. Also since there is being discussed of bew content (or old) such as the Dark Sector content, how will this effect factions and enemies? Will there be new areas released?
  12. Interesting, I can't wait to test the changes and apply suitable feedback. I am sure Zephyr must be overjoyed, it's good to welcome ger back into the club😉.
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