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  1. 350 Let me know if you're interested. I'll be playing all night. Please contact in-game if possible. Let's trade! 😉
  2. It was just one step forward, two steps back for some of us. The instant switching is nice, but the only real benefit if you were already into melee was how well it synergized with CO. The thing is, CO was already strong enough with just using quick melee. So in a sense, many of us always had instant switching. The new changes just meant we couldn't block when we wanted, sometimes we would block when we didn't want, and it was really hard to just play melee only when you had other weapons equipped. Basically it was a bit worse than it was before the changes for some players. I think the new update will be a good compromise for both types of players. I can't wait!
  3. You can already do that with any squishy. Blocking + Arcane Guardian is already strong enough. Vazarin's Protective Dash is still the best way to build resistances with Adaptation tho. Protective Dash Allies hit by Void Dash are granted immunity from damage for 2s / 3s / 4s / 5s and healed 25% / 35% / 45% / 60% over 5s.
  4. It's not something I would normally do, but it's literally my favorite thing to see as a challenge because it's pretty fun IMO and a nice change of pace. I think DE did a good job with it, but it's just not my normal cup of tea. Anyways, just do what you want. You don't need to do everything.
  5. Gauss is just kinda confusing for people to talk about because of how his abilities are explained by DE. Most people are probably saying the same thing. Just stay above redline. I believe that's what RX-3DR was saying. You just don't need the counter to be at 100%. You obviously need Redline, but I'm not sure why anyone would ever use Gauss without Redline active.
  6. Because the controls/physics make zero sense. Why would rolling back be the way to do a fast stop? It's still not a very fast stop anyways. Why can I fly at full boost perfectly circling a tree? The reason Archwing controls are bad is because moving fast gives you the best control. We know what Archwings are capable of, so why isn't it just easier to use those capabilities? My Itzal can stop on a dime if I use my 2nd ability. I honestly just wish it worked more like Wukong's Cloud Walker. I just don't like moving at such a high speed when I'm not using any controls. It just doesn't feel right. It doesn't fit the style of how Archwings work or anything else in Warframe for that matter. You can do stuff that doesn't make any sense if you aim and boost, but if you let off the controls you just keep going and going. I would love an experimental flight mode where you instantly stop when you're not using any movement controls.
  7. The only problem I have with Riven dispo changes is actual business behind doing so. I don't think it actually balances the game in any way, but I do think it benefits DE to create new potential God Tier Rivens. For example, once you get the Rivens for your favorite weapons or the weapons you think would be the best with Rivens because of their dispo, why would you care about investing in new Rivens? Well, if new weapons are already powerful weapons and they automatically get a neutral dispo, they instantly create a reason for people to spend tons of plat on a Riven. The same thing happens when DE changes Riven dispos. It doesn't matter at all if DE nerfs a weapon's dispo, because it will eventually get buffed at some point. The idea is for us to constantly care about the new high dispo Rivens. I just think it's less about balance and more about controlling supply and demand. I believe DE wants us to constantly go after new Rivens instead of being comfortable with what we already have.
  8. I like that new Amalgam Javlok mod, but it made me notice something about the deflect mechanic in Warframe. Damage only deflects directly back to the attacker. I think it would feel so much nicer if it was cone based like Genji's deflect in Overwatch. Then you could focus projectiles within your block radius towards the direction you're aiming. It's constantly draining energy fast when you channel block, so I think it would be a better trade-off if you could actually aim the damage where you want(within reason). @[DE]Pablo Would this be possible in Warframe? 😉
  9. Gauss is probably the tankiest frame in this game when built right and he's also the fastest or at least one of the fastest. It's just so strange seeing people talk so negatively about a frame so fast and tanky at the same time. It's one of the best combinations in this game for fun and practicality. All you ever need is his 2. If you build for that, you won't die. His other abilities can compliment whatever playstyle you like. CC is good for you and your team, and multiple guaranteed status procs is also great for CO builds. He can nuke T3 rooms if you wanna use him that way. He's just an all around good frame. Sometimes it's nice to get a frame like that. Fun to use, insane survivability, and great CC. Yeah, he doesn't have some insane damage ability that just works off a single button press, but he does increase attack speed/fire rate, increases melee damage with his buff and status procs, and can close the distance super fast and precise with his 1. He's perfect. 😍 Edit: I forgot to mention he can strip armor and get free energy. Definitely one of the better designed frames. He's just different, but that's also one of his strengths.
  10. When you actually work, you think about how precious your time is. You're much more concerned with how much you make for that time. When you don't work, you're happy to get a few dollars. I get annoyed selling stuff too. That's why I don't waste my time selling stuff too cheap. I'm not leaving my orbiter to sell an item lower than what I think my time is worth. I definitely don't want DE to take that aspect away.
  11. And an explanation isn't a justification. I agree with you, but we already know what K-Drive is. We can equip up to 4 weapons and we have 4 abilities. DE decided to make K-Drives slower than Archwings and disallow us to use weapons and abilities. It is what it is unless they change their philosophy on what K-Drives should be. Right now they are literally just for fun. I can bullet jump faster than K-Drives. Too many things in this game could be considered impractical if we're only talking about how it helps us do other stuff in this game, but Frame Fighter, Shawzin, and Pedestal Prime all exist. Warframe is weird and many think Fashion Frame is endgame. Simple fun is a huge part of this game. I honestly wish everything was practical but even this mod still exists... and this...
  12. I think they're just for fun. I'm down for more speed, but I don't think they're supposed to ever be faster than an Archwing, in the same way a land vehicle IRL is not faster than an aircraft. This is especially true for any land vehicle used for tricks. The trick version is typically the slowest version. For K-Drives to be faster, I think we should lose the ability to do tricks as easily. Maybe slower spins and/or less tricks in general. Just have different types of K-Drives. A trick version and a speed version.
  13. He's currently my favorite melee frame and he fixes the problem I had with Zephyr. I always wanted a frame who could close the distance quickly and then instantly melee attack. He also has great CC, damage reduction, multiple elements he can proc on enemies for CO, and the ability to easily strip armor. I honestly don't understand why people have a problem with a super fast frame who can do so much.
  14. I think it's more of a player problem. People will choose annoying looking colors anyways. It's a goal for some people. This is nothing new. DE could tone it down a bit, but players will be players. Terrible music, terrible effect colors, terrible pet and weapon names, etc. People like trolling.
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