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  1. To the staff at DE, I like this idea for the Wukong rework, this could potentially bring in some new variety to how he could be played. However, I feel like something is missing in regards to the core idea of Wukong as a Warframe. As someone who grew up on stories of the Monkey King in Journey to the West, I would love to see him portrayed properly in a western game. The following changes are merely my personal suggestions for a Wukong rework, I have no experience in game design, so please take it with a grain of salt. I understand that you guys at DE have been trying to make Wukong fun to play, and also keep him balanced with respect to the game as a whole. So, in regards to that, I would suggest giving him a mechanic similar to Nidus' mutation stacks (I know it sounds crazy, taking ideas from another existing Warframe, but hear me out). Passive Ferocity: Wukong's thirst for battle escalates as he decimates hoards of enemies with his trusty signature weapon. Ferocity is a resource unique to Wukong, which increases in magnitude from Wukong's Primal Fury staff kills. Ferocity stacks provide Wukong with health, armor, and melee damage bonuses, along with health regen. (I'll leave the percentage values up to DE as they understand the game better than I do. For the maximum stack number, if any arbitrary value will do, I highly suggest the number 72, as its a reference to the Monkey King's famous 72 transformations.) A fixed amount of Ferocity stacks will be consumed if Wukong takes fatal damage, granting him temporary invulnerability and restoring him to 50% health. (Keeping the idea of the undying Wukong, but players will have to actively work for it, just like Nidus.) Stack value decreases over time if there are no Primal Fury staff kills over a period of time. (Similar to Naramon combo counter.) When the Ferocity stacks reach certain values, Wukong's clone limit increases. (By how many is up to DE, as I don't know how powerful a clone is going to be. This is really just for the cool factor, as multiple clones is a very iconic part of the Monkey King's arsenal. If this introduces too much complications then this part can be ignored.) This passive ensures that Wukong still has the element of "undying" as part of his toolset without it being the only thing players ever use him for. This also allows Wukong to dive in head first into melee and thrive in it so to speak, which is very much in line with the Monkey King's lore in Chinese mythology. (I can't deny that this has some similarities with Excalibur's playstyle with the melee, and Nidus with the undying aspect, but one thing I can be sure about is that many Chinese players will absolutely frikkin' love this.) Statistic Changes Change Wukong into a health only frame. (In Chinese lore, the Monkey King is known for his nigh indestructible body, which allows none but the most deadly weapons to harm him. My reasoning here, is with that description, the closest thing I can think of in the game would be Inaros, and having no shields really just fits more with Wukong's lore in my honest opinion. The new health and armor values is up to DE.) I don't have anything against the rest of his ability reworks, they all seem pretty cool. Just that the idea for the passive 5 Levels of Immortality might seem interesting, but I feel like it doesn't quite bring the essence of the Monkey King to his portrayal as a Warframe. In short, this new idea for his passive would basically give players the ability to become hard to kill like old Wukong, but to do so, they have to work for it. (Want to feel invincible? Then fight like the legendary Monkey King!) To put it in a relatable perspective (since not everyone grew up with Journey To The West), this how I see the Monkey King: He's not a god of war, he's the one you send to beat up the God of War, along with any other gods that stand in his way. If you've read everything so far, thank you. English isn't my first language, I apologize if I made any grammar mistakes. I don't know how to bring this to DE's attention, so feel free to spread this idea if you liked it.
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