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  1. Personally I think the game is awesome. I have been playing for over 7 years, over 5000+ hours, and STILL its the ONLY game I play consistently and log into every day. DE have made a fantastic game, I can wait for content, Greatness takes time and they make greatness all the time! I simply love and adore this game DE is awesome! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don't get bought out by EA, that's when the game and yourself will go down the toilet. Just keep doing what your doing, the game, the updates, the twitch thing, simply love it all, so seamless, fast paced, graphically pleasing, love the grind..... I'm just in love! The ONLY thing I don't like is its not in the UK! LOL! I so wish I was Canadian! LOL!
  2. Thank you for the constructive comments, they were a good read and good to know where the community stands. Some good perspectives I didn't consider.
  3. So I was watching a Warframe documentary. There was this bit where Sheldon Carter is discussing the balance between profit and what the studio was trying to achieve. He Goes to on describe the initial design of how to get new colours for Kubrows, where there was essentially a lever you could pull (A Button really) where if you paid a certain amount of plat you could get a different colour, you could then take a imprint of it and give it to friends. Sheldon later says he regrets this because he noticed that one guy pressed the button like 200 times in one day saying " you could pull it constantly saying oh god! i got the gold one! how much can i selling this for?, yeah we can't do that" and while it was great revenue, it didn't represent what the studio was trying to achieve so eventually after a couple of days it was removed. My question is this. If this is not the avenue DE wants to take, then could RIVEN's be construed as the same dynamic as this? I realise you don't pay real money for the riven's but the way they are sold now is totally unregulated, players posting 10-20,000 plat for a single riven mod, with upon further study I have found the average price for a single mod is about 1.5 - 2.5k. It feels like, especially to me, that due to the lack of regulation, riven's have become it's own mini economy within the game. People are feeling pressured to stop playing the game and just sit there for hours on end selling riven's to make 1000's of plat. People who want to play the game and have jobs, a family life or other personal commitments often have to buy plat because they don't have the time to grind Kuva or enough Kuva to produce a decent Riven let alone spend time unveiling it, while people who play this game 6-10 a day have the ability to do invest this time to get and produce these cool riven's, sell them for thousands of plat!, essentially playing the game for free, forever while buying all the premium stuff that comes on to the market for free. This seems to me a little unfair in my opinion, it's creating a distinct class between hardcore players and casual players. Upon Looking at trade chat, the chat is filled with nothing but riven sellers or buyers, it seems very much that riven's has become the new currency in Warframe, Is this what DE really wants, or do we think some cap on prices needs to be implemented I think this sets or has the beginnings of setting a bad precedence and would recommend DE at least look at this and review it. It Seems very much that riven's have evolved into something Sheldon Cater was hoping to avoid. PLEASE NOTE: If you want to comment, please be polite, constructive and courteous. Please no Trolling, Flaming, Insulting, abusive, name calling or Mocking. I know this will be a touchy subject for some people and I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but it would be nice to hear what others have to say on the subject, am I right? or just on my own on this one. Many Thanks in advance.
  4. Just noticed when building these that these only build one now and not 50 like it used too? was this intentional or is it a bug? I'm lucky I have about 3000 of these but eventually they are going to run out pretty quick if I can only build one at a time for the materials needed?
  5. I don't see a problem with the new event, even on the 4th mission I have the top kills with a avg of between 40-60. I would like to see 1 pearl per kill tho otherwise I will have to run this about 100 times to get all the stuff.
  6. It would be nice not to just get ONE from night-wave as this is the ONLY place to get them. Can you make them farm-able in other multiple loot tables on different missions please. Or put them in the market so I can buy them for PLAT please. Many Thanks.
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