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  1. I'd be more than happy to give my 2 cents on this matter... I can only say this.... Patience... True it seems impossible, trust me I KNOW!... was soooooooo Frustrated and angry, couldn't see how to do it. I used several frames, went through loads of forma's repsecing but this community really helped. I used Mesa and Rpsec'd peacekeeper making it high crit chance and crit damage and didn't use Hornet strike.. I learned where all the life support spawned in each wave to I was near it once every boss was killed.... DEFINATELY kill the nullifier first, use Kuva for that, Keep on the
  2. oh right.. easy tiger.... i was frustrated....😁 as you said... the build and my skills were the true problem.
  3. Mesa, I didn't even use a rifle, one of the boss's took a little time to take down with PM, that must of been the Nox but didn't realise it.
  4. I DID IT!!!!!!! I DID IT!!! first time today! I was actually still shooting people and didn't realise I killed all the bosses!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS AND GALS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP!!! THIS WIN GOES OUT TO YOU!!!!
  5. Thanks buddy, Maybe something will change and they add a "Baby mode" for us old farts that are utterly useless! LOL!! Its not like its going to change so I'll do other things in Warframe and the test will just have to wait. I love this game but clearly im not TRUE MASTER material at the moment. Still have a Mech, a frame and a couple of weapons still to do... so i'll do that...
  6. I have given up for the time being, Playing Fallout 76 for a bit, at least im winning on that. I just Can't do the test, I'm utterly useless and tbh honest, 50+ fails really does bash your confidence and makes you a bit depressed so I'm off to blast some super mutants for a bit, Don't worry I'll be back to fail some more and further prove how utterly terrible and S**t I am at this game. I'm just not True master material.
  7. SO you have been bought by a Chinese Firm.... I won't hold my breath but I can see Loot boxes, Platinum price rises and market price hikes in the future... I hope not but this is what Chinese firm do.... Player Focus goes out the window and profit profit profit becomes number one.
  8. its also confidence, you have completed it many many MANY times, I get anxiety over it. I have no faith since I've fail so much.... but we will see.... its only a game at the end of the day.
  9. okay, I have changed my build on mesa AND regulator to what people have recommended... I will try a few practice runs later.
  10. I wouldn't call that a BASIC knowledge..... but ok....
  11. Really? drop hornet strike? that kills my damage surely?
  12. seriously dude im trying! Give me a chance! LOL!!
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