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  1. 1. Turrets sometimes get stuck like this and can't be used again. 2. Crewships jammed into drydock walls after completing a mission. Still shooting at the railjack. 3. Half the ship becomes transparent in some pubs. 4. Avionic descriptions being oddly specific. 5. Ruptured Hull parts sometimes lose their textures. 6. Last but not least, the one, the only, the big kavat.
  2. The other bugs are not that bad now considering the most ESENTIAL part of the new mission is failing so badly.
  3. This is the second failure to do the sentient mission today.. I tried hosting, I tried joining a random squad, other people also tried multiple times. The mission never loads. This is very bad! Today was a very bad day for people trying to do that mission.
  4. Me and many other people from alliance chat could not get the sentient ship to spawn on a blinking node. No "investigate anomaly" and no ship. After a few attempts at starting the mission again to see if it appears the node stopped blinking. I am so close to uninstalling this game.. This ship is essential to completing the new mission.
  5. I'm happy to see some positivity here. It's like people don't understand that this new ship we were given and these few missions we have now exist for the sake of us upgrading our ship until it's time for it to be taking us to actual missions, related to the "core experience". It must be tough to be DE with such negativity in the forums. The bugs are one thing, which I also don't like, but people failing to understand where this game is heading and posting their disappointment in the forum for all people to see is a bad look for the game.
  6. If you happen to join a random railjack squad, two things might happen. Your mission could go well with a few fun bugs like having your kuva ayanga equipped instead of the omni tool or walking around in the kneeling position, or your host might disconnect somehow and you get sent to the worst hell you've ever witnessed. You could just be lucky enough to see the following: Transparent ship, missing UI, the last crewship you need to complete the mission being stuck inside an asteroid, the railjack itself being stuck in the liset skybox with the mission complete but still in progress, distorted and mangled grineer tilesets, random pieces of metal sticking out infrond of the console hacking circle UI blocking your view, being locked inside the slingshot or turret for the whole mission, the ship being stuck in one place and can't move, grineer boarding squads glitching in the walls of the railjack, bleeding out kavats of your squad mates the size of a mobile defence console, and possible other things which I might have not experienced yet... Most of which lead to mission failure. I'm not trying to be mean. But the content is unplayable. I have wasted hours in missions that resulted in losses, not because of my skill level or the squad's performance but because of host issues..
  7. If someone boards a crewship when the mission is completed, the ship unspawns and the player is thrown out of the map in an endless freefall that sometimes even prevents the use of the omni tool or chat.
  8. The console behind the navigation takes you down to the frontal artillery. It is a big charge attack laser that oneshots crewships and has 4 charges, consuming "dome charges" from the forge. There is a random chance of the Galleon tileset to spawn in any mission that has a node that looks like a grineer ship (not asteroid).
  9. I was in a railjack mission during the latest hotfix and I chose to stay and gather resources while it was being deployed. When hotfix was done I went to navigation to exit the mission and receive the update. Clicking on the drydock node gave me a message about an updated version of Warframe being available and that missions cannot be entered until it is installed. I had no choice but to scrap the mission and lose all resources gained.
  10. Nope i use forward artillery to take down crewships. And seeking volley to eliminate fighters. The ship barely gets a scratch. I can solo Saturn by being a decent pilot/gunner.
  11. How are you saving materials of your ship is constantly breaching? If you just shoot everything in time the enemy won't get past the ship's shields.
  12. I never specified my views on the "correct" way to play. I only said that good players play as intended. But you literally have a weapon that oneshots the crewships and you chose to fly from one ship to the other and respawn 4 times to fight the core?
  13. No, by that logic good players play the game as it was intended to be played.
  14. When I drop out of an airlock during a railjack mission the HUD disappears and I can't see crosshairs, squad avatars, mission progress, turret target indicators ship's HP or ammo. Basically unarmed and clueless. The bug only goes away if I land the ship, exit the dojo and then come back. Otherwise it persists in the next mission.
  15. If the team and pilot is good the ship survives with almost no breach because all fighters are under control and all crewships are beamed down. If the team is bad they look for meta ways to do it. I'm sorry.
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