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  1. I'm saying that you should stop talking about your opinion like fact, because it is not. Also, if you like less than 60% content of Warframe, you might want to consider leaving. I've always thought nightwave was to make us do things we dont normally do, make us leave our usual schedule of sorties then AFK in orbiter and do something we may or may not have done before, that we may or may not like. Like as if Nightwave exists, like it matters. Not like something you have just passively giving you rewards for going about your day.
  2. While I agree that there could be better ways to lock Umbra Forma without a time gate, iirc Steve did say that it would be recurring and possibly obtainable through other means. My point still stands that every game will always have rewards locked behind actions you may or may not want to do, (despite having multiple ways to acquire them) Changes will only come through when the general community consensus is "This is bad and nobody wants to do it" than "This is bad and I don't want to do it". Because I for one, prefer nightwave over old alerts any time. That doesn't mean nightwave is flawless; it means nightwave is better.
  3. For clarification, was talking about the part blueprints as well.
  4. So far the only things you have managed to tell me is, I don't like this so I won't do it, and I should get the rewards anyway, nothing to do with the community consensus as a whole. Why should the game cater to you only? What if I don't like Assassination missions? Should I get Warframe blueprints anyway and basically piss on everyone else's efforts? Whether you like it or not, Warframe is a game built on exclusivity. DE wants to make a way to appreciate certain players, and they should not be punished for it. There are many things that cannot be obtained by trade. Certain primed mods, Excal Prime, Zenistar, Azima, Zenith, Excal Umbra, every unprimed Warframe, and so on. They are the icons of effort and age in the game. To everyone else, obtaining these rewards is a strict option. Warframe has no end goal, hence you need none of these to progress. You still have your Serration, your 8 forma Mesa Prime, your 100 Anasa Sculptures sitting in your orbiter.
  5. Conclave - Exclusive skins Archwing - Razorback Events - Exclusive event items Alerts - Nitain Relics - Prime items Missions - Resources and mods Scanning - Simaris standing Etc You telling me, that if someone doesn't want to do any of the above, he should not miss the rewards? Rewards for actions, regardless of individual player opinion, has been the very foundation of video games ever!
  6. It was the developer's fault to let the older players keep these bps. They should just remove them from everyone's inventories, IMO. That way, it makes it clear that the devs do not want the bps to be part of the game anymore.
  7. I guess the devs wanted people to gain rep mainly from bounties and not fishing? Idk.
  8. On a side note, this may also be one of the less invasive solutions by the devs to people going "professional fishing" to farm rep in ridiculous amounts.
  9. MATHS I will only be using baited fish species as our base since non-baited species can...well they can be caught without needing bait. Let's do some calculations. For the benefit of the doubt I'll say you catch exclusively Small Sharrac (of course in reality you would be getting medium and big ones as well) The old blueprints for baits required 20 fish meat to craft (along with some other materials, Glappid bait being the exception with 10 fish meat). Again, I give you the benefit of the doubt and say that the fish meat is the only required resource, just to simplify our calculations. Old Crafting System Small Sharrac gives 2 fish meat per catch. Meaning you will need 20 / 2 = 10 Small Sharrac to be able to craft 20 bait This is about 2 bait per Small Sharrac. New Purchase System The twilight bait required to catch Small Sharrac costs 100 rep for 1 bait. Small Sharrac gives 100 rep per catch. This is about 1 bait per Small Sharrac. That means I'm getting half the amount of bait with the new purchase system, right? Nope. Things are more complicated than that. Take note that with the old crafting system, you do have other crafting requirements so fish meat is far from the only stuff you need. The argument is, whether the tradeoff for being more flexible (rep comes from different sources) beats out the time you take to farm those additional resources. On a side note, this may also be one of the less invasive solutions by the devs to people going "professional fishing" to farm rep in ridiculous amounts. Edit 15.4.2019
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