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  1. Ivara navigator + Lanka = Bullet of doom
  2. Depends on what you mean by expert. As a student in game development, my lecturers constantly drill into me that the worst possible judge for your game is yourself.
  3. Yea, but even with the old alerts it was incredibly hard to get potatoes anyway. In fact, I don't remember getting a catalyst or reactor from an alert that isn't gift of the lotus. On the other hand you still have the occasional invasion that gives potatoes, which is pretty rare too. But at least I remember getting potatoes from them.
  4. Finally, a post that makes sense instead of mindlessly bashing NW. I agree with the post in general, however I'm not sure about you, but back in the day when I was struggling to get blue potatoes, I'd farm plat to buy them. So far I've heard this is pretty common practice, so maybe you should try that.
  5. The wiki doesn't say anything about this, but you could go and do your own testing in the simulacrum. Load up a few rows of level 1 butchers and see 😉 Already sold my drakgoon so I can't test for you, sorry!
  6. Again, according to the wiki, uncharged shots have 1.5m punch through while charged shots have 2.0m punch through.
  7. you mean the hills of grineer.
  8. Yes actually. According to the wiki, uncharged shots deal 40 impact, 40 puncture, 320 slash. On the other hand charged shots deal 70 impact, 70 puncture, 560 slash. Edit: It also has increased status chance from 10% to 23% in total (to find status chance per pellet, divide by number of pellets) Source: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Drakgoon
  9. Ash has about the same problem as oberon, stalker, G3, zanuka and wolf. It's almost unavoidable in the long run but incredibly frustrating if you try to hard farm them.
  10. Note that not once did I dismiss your opinion.
  11. Well at least that's what I recall, which according to you I'm clearly wrong. But for example, observe this post. All subsequent comments handle this debate.
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