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  1. Huh. Just built/levelled/stored the Scourge a few days ago, but holy poop you're right, AoE but no punch through. I guess you could sub Firestorm for that amazing extra ONE METER of AoE, but mmmeeeeeeeehhh no, never mind. Anyhoo, sorry about your Tysis and good luck in your hunt for alternatives. Edit:. I just took my 100% C/R/V Scourge into Elite Sanctuary Onslaught with a Max range Saryn and it was pretty devastating. If you were super invested in the Tysis, give this a shot. Pair it with a strong secondary and melee, obviously. I liked it. Consistent, full-auto application of all 3 statuses and lots of goodness in crowds when I chucked it at their feet with the alt fire.
  2. Sounds like you're looking for a Scourge.
  3. I was a little bummed to be called a Dreamer. I wanna be a BOPPER!
  4. 1. I enjoyed the stream.😊 2. I did not get a riven. 😕
  5. Chiming in 77 pages later, because why not... AWESOME STREAM! I almost cried, true story. My girlfriend is going to finally become a Tenno when the Switch build goes live. She will finally understand what I keep babbling about. ...and I didn't get Ash Prime. Just so you know. I know that you guys are great at sorting these things out though. Congrats on all the great stuff coming soon!
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