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  1. I still take heavy issues with Xaku's defensive system and how anti synergystic it is.. first of all you need to use 3 specific mods and a specific melee weapon set up to stay safe, which on its own would be kinda cool and interesting BUT since you are in melee range to do heavy attack you are very likely to get melee'd yourself, killing you in one hit most of the time (in endgame content), and when you combine that with her 2 to DISARM enemys the situation gets even worse with enemys swarming you to melee atack.. so if you want to stay safe you want to cast 2 once to get the weapon
  2. I really can accept all changes done to marked for death, BUT this... you already now almost killed the skill in what it is suppose to do from a palyers perspective. WHY would you additionally ALSO remove the only other cool part about it? this skill finally gave some MUCH NEEDED defenses for squishy frames.. but now, they not only deal WAY less impressive damage, but also die quicker again because arcane trickery is REALLY hard to safely proc yourself... why when you kill something you always have to double triple kill it?
  3. Hey DE! With the introduction of the new Helminth system, which gave me so much fun on frames I rarely used before, and more warframes coming out, I REALLY want more loadout slots! Why wont you let me give you my money DE? I am right now sitting at 34 Slots 31 of those are warframes I love, 2 are for openworld bosses and 1 is for leveling up stuff.. and I can't get any more.. why can I only buy 20? why not 40? I want a loadout slot for every frame, so which each release there should also be a new loadout slot! and I want some to have duplicates or specific setups. right now
  4. while I agree that removing aegis is A solution, and I have done so myself on 2 loadouts (having fun trying all the new stuff), I WANT aegis storm to be good, and I LOVE how it palyes, it makes you feel like a litteral valkyr coming down on earth slaughtering mortal foes and devastate them. and I dont even think it needs that much of a nerf to be honest, hildryn WAS DESIGNED to be that powerful, by the time she released there was NO enemy that stood a chance against balefire, even in orb valis she destroys everything. so I dont think they are scared of her powerlevel at all.. balefire was
  5. how are you not getting this? are you playing the game? have you ever done a steelpath mission vs grineer or any high level content? (I really dont want to be rude, and I dont mean it that way honestly, but your reasoning sounds so much on paper and not like actual gameplay experience.. I am frustrated that you dont understand what I am trying to say here) if you deal 50k damage to a level 1 enemy, yes it will deal ~49,999k damage probalby.. if you deal 50k damage vs a level 400 enemy it will deal ~500 damage. (numbers are 100% totally made up.. but you know you get the idea)
  6. ah I see I didnt read that part sorry! 😄 (would still be okay though, a trade I would take any day! and thats talking about one of my 3 main frames right now ^^)
  7. This. In my heart I am a true Nyx main, even when I played a lot of rhino in the early years, but nyx was actually my first warframe I got, even before rhino, and I played her from the beginning, loving her with a passion, even when for 7 years everybody was trashtalking her, yet I always cleared the highest level of content solo, clan mates crying begging me to tell them how to do it.. 7 years later people still cry nyx is bad. to people where I read this: you. are. doing. it. wrong. I never say that ever, but here it is true. In an optimal build you
  8. so than you need a system in place where "if you bought the frame already with plat" THEN you get to rebuy it for 100plat
  9. lolw xD I actually weirdly enough would agree to this! its sounds like a really good idea (besides a mesa rework, never get rid of auto aim in any of your suggestions). it would nerf baruuk, since desert wind is the best melee weapon in the game, BUT that would be fair to bring all other exalted user on par! and baruuk is mostly overkill anyway even in steelpath mot. (please dont just nerf this DE!) its an upvote from me!
  10. you know DE makes money by people actually just buying frames from the store right? if you dont like to spend plat, farm the frame and play the game. we know prizes are high, thats why we wait for a -75% deal to show up
  11. yes I agree, thats why I also said turning it into a 2 hit kill... ofcourse one stack would be enough, and thats all I can get.. AND care about, but I want that for sure! (past the 1-2 extra segments I might get within a shot) but only having a maybe 50-50 chance to maybe even apply ONE proc? with a 2 second base charge each time (which I use lethal torrent and even anemic agility(or gunslinger) to counteract) its just SO low.. why even argue against this? would that be JUST good to have?
  12. for only 50% extra damage (1.5 multiplier) effectively adding about ~22% damage to an unarmored target. sacrificing a huge survivability arcane what are you even trying to say here, it has innate elemental damage yes, that does not give it any free status?? which again is unusable in her 4. but I want to bother THATS THE POINT of this thread xD otherwise I wouldn't have to use balefire in the first place with how underwhelming it is. isn't even really THAT good, yes it increases your damage, but it only adds additivly more damage to y
  13. geez dude, I really get the feeling you haven't played the game in a long long time with all the stuff you say. ^^ Viral stacks now, and you want many viral procs ideally.
  14. we dont, we cant use it during her 4.. how? because, with lets say 50% base status, I can easily achieve 125% status, which in return with a viral proc and maybe a heat proc, would turn a 4 shot kill into a two shot kill instead, and I say that is really helpful. but ofcourse I agree with this 100%.but bandaid is the subtitle of warframe right?
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