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  1. just read the title. answer is simple: Limbo.
  2. well sure, because it is efficient, and you can learn it.. still it doesnt mean they all enjoy it. its like work.. just because you dont enjoy it, you can still be very good at it.. this event really is like a job.. its not really that fun or enjoyable or needs any brain activity once you got the rythm down. its a boring repetetive "gameplay" experience. BUT it is extremely rewarding right now. so just like a job you just get paid so well.. you feel like you HAVE TO do it right now or you are missing out if you want to be efficient and want to get all the stuff. I have all arcanes maxxed now, already made over a 1000 plat by selling energize and grace. so yeah. still visual wise, story wise and everythign around it is amazing.. just the gameplay I would not really describe as gameplay.. some one once said.. "if you cant fail at a game, its not really a game.." at this is exactly what is happening right here right now. ^^
  3. My opinion has changed to a more positive view too now, they refunded me the ~54k I was not getting earlier when they dropped the refund, that was nice already, now, with all the arcanes and faster reward gathering, this event is actually okay reward wise.. gameplay is still really boring tbh after you do it for the 50th time. for me I just do space, limbo stand-around-simulator.. saidly the most efficient way for me to farm this event. but I am almost done with maxing every arcane out finally
  4. titanium is Scarlet Spear railjack reward pool in the same tier as dirac pretty please!
  5. I really really REALLY LOVE the changes..it gives so much new use to not only some underused weapons but also for new warframes and/or mods.. and if you would get staggered now you should be HAPPY, because otherwise you would have been DEAD boi.. so I dont get the complains AT all. learn to use the weapons for what they are, RANGED AOE weapons.. further more you can recover ffrom stagger, so no issue either. Although I agree that could need some work to triggered it more easy and less cluncky. and to be fair not all weapons deserved what they got.. I do think sime weapons like the staticor would have been good with no, or WAY less stagger. or we need a stagger recovery button aswell. also the damage fall of is stupid and scales really badly in our favor..
  6. well, thanks for your services and good luck! Im glad you get your enjoyment as I said 🙂
  7. whaaaaaaat? you dont enjoy standing around simulator? how dare you!
  8. many people are just now getting in, and many people dont play meta builds for this event or are still figuring it out, but I get your point. just wait a bit
  9. why do you think I was asking genuinely? I am curious. I wrote it in a non offensive way in the hopes that people who like to get angry about people that are angry, like you, wont missunderstand. nowhere did I say he is not allowed to enjoy it.. and thats why I am asking for general feedback after he played as much as I have, because I did enjoy the first 2-3 runs aswell, but I noticed only then all the flaws and how *beep* *beep* beep* this event really is.. so Iam REALLY am interessted if he still enjoys it after farming it.. (which this event is about. if you just do it to do it once or twice, thats not generally the point of the event, and yes again, warframe is about making your own game and if <you only do it twice thats okay.. still it is geared towards people who like to farm) hope you understand now 🙂
  10. (NON SALTY, GENUINE COMMENT!) please do me a favor and come back after you farmed both the bps and the 1 or 2 arcanes you want, I am really serious about this, please come back and tell me if you enjoyed your experience doing that. I am genuinely curious. EDIT: also I am glad that it worked out for you and you got the 10k bonus. many of us, me included are still waiting for any response.. since we did not get any or missed SEVERAL bonuses we should have gotten, further reducing our enjoyment.
  11. how many times did you play it yet? 🙂
  12. well learn to read I guess ^^ it just previous them at rank 5 now ( I know its STUPID) but it says in game right below it, "arcanes will be unranked"
  13. well I had 5k+ two times, 3k one time, several times 1000, and all I ever got was 2x 2000 credits ever, and I have reached to 10000 event goal two and did get (nothing?) or was one of the 2000 for that??? anyway.. rewards are messed up and I am angry about that
  14. I tell you, this is FAR worse...
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