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  1. So I'm assuming there is no way to fix the loading error while using dx10?
  2. Ok so I researched a bit and I think my card cannot support dx11 so is there any way to make my dx10 work?
  3. WTF now when I logged in today I can't tick dx10 too Edit: Now it seems I can tick it
  4. Yes I have always ticked it
  5. I did everything but no luck 😞
  6. So I just need to go to the intel websites driver support and download the program? Is it free?
  7. Ah lemme check real quick
  8. I don't have a graphics card :P
  9. Is that the reason why I can't play?
  10. Where can I get those
  11. Where will I get those
  12. Are u referring to dedicated video memory? If so, no
  13. VGA? I don't quite follow
  14. 64 bit i3 processor 6gb ram
  15. For some reason I cant use dx11 even though mine supports till dx12